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  1. Rouen and Chatres I find is the best route to go South. Rouen can be a bit of a nightmare but only when the Le Mans 24hr is on. Otherwise a nice relaxing route. Have a good journey ![8-|]
  2.     I do wish that people would not insinuate that the Police get the money from Cameras. I wish. The money goes straight to the Government via the 'Central Ticket Office'. As a now retired Police Officer and Grade 1 Driver (allowed to go faster than 30mph) I was always taught to be more less always looking for exits if confronted with an idiot. If it meant go through a hedge, someones drive etc. then so be it. Just make sure there is no tree in the way. Best way of getting killed. This all applies to bikes as well. Hedge and all. Might hurt but it it slows you down.
  3.     I understand that Brittany has a lot of Cycle routes that I would like to use when we are in France next. We can have a leisurely look for possible purchases. Where can I obtain details of the routes, is there a map that can be bought? David
  4.     The last time I was in France everywhere I used my Sainsbury's Credit Card allowed its use with the PIN. Petrol Stations and Supermarkets and every shop I went to. I did'nt use it  in Restaurants though just in case they took it out of my sight.
  5.     I'm on my way to Carcassone this Saturday from Boulogne. Route A16 to A28 )Rouen) then Le Man and A28 still to Tours. A10 to Poitiers E62 to Limoges. Then A20 to Toulouse the A62/A61 to Carcassone. After which we turn off but just follow the Autoroute through to A9 and turn off right to Perpignan. A synopsis of our route. Hope that helps. I have a complete route typed up for us for my wife to follow (Ha Ha). I can e-mail same to you if you want but make it quick as I wont have access to a computor after Friday night. David
  6. As a Non Believer and devout Athiest (if you can say that), I believe that anyone has the right to believe as they see/feel if that belief assists them in their Loss or otherwise. So long as whatever Religion does'nt think they are 'g..d's gift 'so to speak to the rest of  the world then that's fine by me. Trouble is religion is Trouble do on the whole. My opinion, so don't castigate me. David
  7. Technically this not THEFT but a Debt. If, however, the Credit Card/s were obtained Fraudulently and then the Goods were obtained using that/those Cards, then that would Constitute Theft under the Fraud Act, not under the Theft Act. Just by clearing off to another Country does not mean that the Debt will be absolved. Most Countries have cross border agreements whereby Debtors can and will be pursued. A few countries do not but unless you want to live in North Korea or similar you will/can be arrested and dealt with accordingly. Basically, it is just not worth it. Better approach the Banks concerned, own up to your problems and it can be sorted. Otherwise you  will NEVER be able to obtain Credit/Morgage etc. in the future. David
  8. BB, I think you will need to have both your computors networked together. This way each can use whatever facilities each computor has. If you have a Wireless link, Netgear or similar you would have to be certain that it is secured. Otherwise anyone nearby could access both computers. Also, don't forget that the main Computor (Attached to the printer ) would have to be permanently on, as would the printer. I have a wifi laptop and my son has the main teminal but the printer is in our lounge. I just plug the USB link in when I need the printer. My son e-mails me a download and I print it out for him. Perhaps you can do the same. David
  9. As and Ex, well Retired Copper, if I was honest, I could'nt wait to retire. Our hands are tied to what we can and cannot do, paperwork is more not less and we have 'targets' to achieve. What a load of ' B..l...cks. We can stop people but cannot ask them who they are or where they live, unless they have committed an offence. Although there are ways round it using what is called PACE. Luckily when I joined I was 26 and had seen life. So when they told me I had to do this and that, I told them where to go. Did'nt go down to well mind but for some reason I never got told off. Not only that, the Coppers joining now have to work for 35yrs and only get a maximum of half pension. Admittedly they pay less into it, only 8% I think not the 11% I had to. But then the MP's dont pay anything, Civil Servants only pay something like 3%, it's all for those in the know and none for those they care nothing about. Well, that's my rant over. Have a nice day everyone. David
  10.     Insure and Go suck. Try Moneysupermarket.com if you can sort it from France. Insured my lad to go to NewZealand which through various reasons fell through so I thought I would try and amend the Policy (Alternative Country and dates) like you can with most. Does'nt say you can't in the Policy Book. Did'nt want to know. Wont answer letters or reply to phone calls. It's not as though the policy had even got close to starting. Checked out the Money site and got what I wanted for half the price (well I will have when I book it, if Insure and Go don't get their act together). It's all with the Financial Ombudsman now. David
  11. It's been a while since I drove any distance in France so just a query about availability of Petrol. I seem to remember that most Petrol Stations were closed on a Sunday apart from those on the Autoroutes. Is this still the situation? I will be driving down to near Carcassonne leaving Boulogne on Saturday arriving Sunday. One of my longer routes probably, avoiding Paris and half of the Autoroute network going via Rouen to Le Man then Tours. Poitiers, Limoges then Toulouse and on to Carcassonne. All worked out and sorted but just need to know about Fuel stops really. I shall be stopping overnight somewhere after about 4/5 hrs driving so will need to refuel then. probably Poitiers or Limoges. David
  12. Still very slow, takes ages to load up. I can go and make a Coffee and it is still churning its cogs. Is anyone listening?  Well, at least reading this? David
  13. It's his Wife I'm glad to get rid of. Loud/ Wide mouthed sponger that's as much use as a Bag of Rubbish collected every fortnight. Hate to imagine what she is like as a Judge. Heaven help anyone (usually the Government at the moment) that comes before her. Greeny to the core. David
  14. They have average speed cameras on the M6 about junction 30 onwards I think but as I never use that hell hole of a road I acnnot be certain exactly where they are. As an Ex Copper, to say I have never been guilty of speeding would be a lie. As would every one else. I do speed but appropriately. Never in 30 or 40 but 50 onwards I do take liberties. However, I do have the availability of more than 2 eyes. Police training I'm afraid, look in all mirrors every few seconds, look out for Fluoro Jkts and cars with excess ariels teh list goes on. As yet, not a point or even a 'Stop' who goes there in 35 yrs. How long that will stay is another matter as I'm getting older by the minute. David
  15.  Same here. Must have been a server down somewhere I suppose. The same goes for the weather forecast page. That is still down. Have'nt had access for days. Only want to know how the weather is near Carcassonne as we are coming down 2nd June. David
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