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  1. Anyone know if there is a supermarket that sells the ready to drink cartons of Milupa baby milk? All we have been able to find is the powder stuff. Any constructive help appreciated.
  2. [quote user="Iceni"] Either way the price is irrelevant. John[/quote] What dribble! We did a cost analysis and found the Dover route with an overnight in a cheap hotel to be about 30€ cheaper than a 5 day trip Roscoff to Plymouth, so not worth the extra miles/time. Anything longer than 5 days in the UK and Dover run looks more inviting. Obviously if money were no object then there would be no competition, BF every time to get to the west country.
  3. [quote user="Anton Redman II"]Use ‘Google.fr’ and ‘pieces detachees electromenager’ I have not found any site which is as good as E-spares [/quote] Thanks for that. I was aware of  "1001pieces.com". Bit too much to hope for a French version of E-spares I suppose. I was in fact looking for a pump impeller as there is nothing wrong with the pump itself..
  4. Anyone know if there is an French online site like THIS UK site that sells cheap washing machine spares. I need a pump like the one in the link.
  5. You don't have to fly with Ryanair of course. Why not fly Airfrance, for example Poitiers to London £435 each way.
  6. [quote user="Georgina"]Well how come I can pay anything in euros in France with a sterling card? Sorry am I not understanding you here?? [/quote] Now don't answer back - don't you know No 42 knows the answer to everything!! Seriously though, you have to be ultra careful when booking with Ryanair. I would have probably been caught out by that, thanks Pickles.
  7. Jimmy

    eye test

    [quote user="Will"] If the cost of the eye test is a problem, then you can often find somebody offering free or discounted tests. Dollond & Aitchison, for example, is currently doing half price eye tests with an online voucher - http://www.danda.co.uk/promotions/ [/quote] I have a problem paying for anything I can get discounted or for free! Good link, thanks, but it would probably expire before the next time we are in the UK. We have been resident in France for 9 years and we have visited our previous GP in the UK, visited a NHS dentist (some years ago) all without any questions asked. Both our GP and dentist in the UK were interested in how we were enjoying living in France! I think I may well try to get a free over 60's eyetest using my UK passports for proof of age as the NHS site suggests.
  8. Jimmy

    eye test

    [quote user="Will"]"People like us with the carte vitale and only have the EHIC" will pay exactly the same as anybody living in UK and not entitled to free NHS eye tests, i.e. £15 to £28. [/quote] So does that imply that if you would be entitled to a free test in the UK (i.e. over 60) you are still entitled under EHIC?
  9. Jimmy

    eye test

    [quote user="Chancer"]So about 2 €uros then! How would you get the feuille de soins when buying on the net? The last pair I ordered from an American web-site were delivered from Karachi n a hand sewn coarse linen bag sealed with wax, I expect if they did do feuilles de soins they would be on papyrus or ardoise [:P] [/quote] Yeah they don't like giving you too much! Last time we got a pair of spex here we got 15€ back, that was years ago and the specs were 400€ I presume you can ask for a feuille de soins just about anywhere - chemist, dentist, doctor or perhaps HERE. If you pay for treatment in another country you have to be able to claim it back - it's just a bit of paper after all.
  10. I don't think the £ has dropped it's the € that is getting stronger again. I wonder who bought the entire European stock of cocoa (241,000 tonnes). That will make a few mars bars!
  11. Jimmy

    eye test

    We have bought specs here in France and they are not worth the money. My wife was quoted 700€ for one pair. We now get our eyes tested in the UK and buy off the net. A pair of single vision specs for my wife £35 total (and they are the expensive frames)! I was quoted 145€ per lense to replace the scratched ones in my very expensive French frames. I have a special prescription and have just bought a new pair off the net - memory metal frames, thinner lenses etc. for £125 I understand if you get your eyes tested in France and buy off the net you can claim the usual reimbursments here - just send in the receipts.
  12. [quote user="Jane and Danny"]Just to be clear, If you want to use any Orange deal which includes (by Orange VOIP) unlimited international calls and 1 hour to French mobiles then you must use a livebox. You cannot benefit from the inclusive VOIP calls without it. This can be rented (3 euros per month at the moment) or you can buy your own, 59 euros new or whatever for second hand. If you want the internet only package - 19,90 per month 'découverte internet' - then you can use any compatible modem/router (including a livebox) Danny [/quote] I thought the above post from Jane & Danny was pretty clear - or did you miss that one?
  13. [quote user="cooperlola"] I spent a lot of money on my version of Office (XP Pro) and I resent the fact that it doesn't function properly any more.[/quote] I don't understand why your version of Office doesn't work with 7. I am using my old Office suit with windows 7, no problems at all. Your address book from Outlook Express can be imported into Office Outlook which is far superior to OE anyway.
  14. moonpig.com is pretty good
  15. [quote user="Jimmy"][quote user="powerdesal"]I am running Win 7 on the new laptop, It came that way even though I would have preferred XP or even Vista. [/quote] Windows 7 is far superior to XP. If you have a Toshiba laptop the problem will be the "pinch" facility. Info on the Toshiba forum HERE [/quote] I THINK the Acer also has the same pinch facility. I suspect you will have to right-click the Synaptics Pointing Device icon and select Pointing Device Properties then disable pinch. Otherwise you will just have to learn to use the zoom facility properly. I think you will find most people using win 7 are really happy with it. XP was good but Vista should have been scrapped rather than released it had so many bugs!
  16. [quote user="powerdesal"]I am running Win 7 on the new laptop, It came that way even though I would have preferred XP or even Vista. [/quote] Windows 7 is far superior to XP. If you have a Toshiba laptop the problem will be the "pinch" facility. Info on the Toshiba forum HERE
  17. [quote user="JeanS"]Got to the chemist - I bought one for my mum, which worked better than what she had been prescribed by her UK doctor - however can't remember the name[/quote] That's not a lot of help, why bother posting! We buy Acetylcysteine powders (orange drink) which gets rid of phlegm and Hexa spray for "Mal de gorge" which soothes a sore throat.
  18. [quote user="Dog"]I have found a compromise - I give my points to charity...[/quote] Can you give me the name of that charity I have a few they can have.
  19. [quote user="Mr Coeur de Lion"]Been using it for a while, it is good. Don't get rid of your anti virus program though, it will pick stuff up MSE will miss. I use it along with avast and super antispyware. Between the 3 of them, I'm pretty well protected.[/quote] Microsoft say -" If you use more than one antivirus or antispyware program at the same time, your computer may experience decreased performance, become unstable, or restart unexpectedly. Before you install Microsoft Security Essentials, you should disable or uninstall other security-related programs." LINK
  20. The files will be in a compressed format when they are downloaded and require extra space to uncompress into a temporary folder, the executable files install the product, and then the files will be removed from the hard disk. After the files are removed only about 15Mb of disk space is used. Looking at some of your other "expert" advice posts Q I thought you would have known that.
  21. [quote user="AnOther"]I used to say that - once upon a time - before they shafted me and a great many others [:@] If you are interested to know why I am so anti Teleconnect (spit) then read here: Be warned though, the first runs to 22 pages and the second 16 [blink] http://www.completefrance.com/cs/forums/22/1653635/ShowPost.aspx#1653635 http://www.totalfrance.com/france/forum/viewtopic.php?t=62791 Somewhere in there is a post from their marketing manager Jose Caballero basically telling us to get lost, nice ! [/quote] Yeah read your posts. I could direct you to a similar number all over the net about Alice/Free, Neuf, Orange etc. Do you often spit at people? - Nice!
  22. [quote user="allanb"]  Policies are not all the same.   [/quote] Wow, probably not a lot of people know that!
  23. Teleconnect are great, got my phone line fixed very quickly and were so helpful when I had a computer problem, even to the point of ringing me back to see if everything was OK. Can't fault them.
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