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  1. Does anyone know if there is an English speaking help desk at the french tax office as have looked but cannot find one, Thanks
  2. Thanks for that as could not find it anywhere and now at least I know.
  3. Sorry if this is posted somewhere but cannot see it,we are returning to the uk and have managed to contact most companies to advise them but cannot get through to edf.All I want to know is do I need to give notice or like the others just phone on leaving day and give final meter reading.
  4. We bank with bnp and every month we pay 10.50 euros for charges we are being told this is also because we have a bank card each,does anyone know if you actually do pay each month a certain amount for each card.
  5. yes sorry mean all vaccinations are up to date its just the worm one to go back I wanted to check as it seems thats it is ok for the vaccination on Saturday and travel on Monday.
  6. I know its all on the forum but just want to check so no mistakes at the port,If I am taking two dogs back as long as I have them jabbed on a Saturday they can travel on Monday and everything is up to date as far as their passports.Just booked Brittany back from la havre and me the car two dogs in a per friendly cabin £151 did not think thats bad for them.
  7. We have friends coming to live in France and start their own business and I have advised like us go down the auto route,but having spoke to an accountant they have been told consider a ltd company as well.My view was that as they will not achieve over 35k euros a year with a fishing business an auto is a lot simpler any thoughts out there I can show them, Thanks
  8. I know we are not allowed to advertise on here but we have some friends that are moving over and need help to set up tax a business and other legal things,if anyone knows a good English speaking accountant please can you let me know by pm. Thanks
  9. Can anyone advise if its difficult to take a lh drive car back to uk and re register it for use in the uk.We want to keep the car as we will be coming back to France for holidays and we like the car anyway.
  10. Thanks for all the replies and I have now emailed the insurance company asking for an English copy if possible,so will see. Thanks for the advice about writing my own but not sure I want to take the risk of being caught committing what I expect would be fraud,but that's not to say I have not cut corners in the past.
  11. Not having had to do this before I was just surprised that it would cost so much but if that's the going rate we will have to pay,just seems strange when the document clearly says 50% no claims but they want it in English.
  12. Not sure where to post this so will try here,does anyone know and recommend somewhere to get our french no claims translated into English.We have started to look to sort things out in the uk and the insurance companies say they need our no claims notice in France officially translated .We have our « Relevé d’information”. but the English companies wanted it translated are are asking for £60 to do it.
  13. Thanks I will be there just in case my wife needs to be back in the uk we just wondered what would happen but I think we will both be there.
  14. Thanks for all the feedback and hopefully we will not need to do this but at least we know if any problems we can.
  15. We have sold our place and will be complete next February we have done the first papers with the buyers at the notaires,my question is when we go to sign completion is it possible for my wife/ me not to be here. We obviously hope to have brought a place in the uk and it may be that one of us will need to be there in uk to finalize that purchase. Thanks for any advice,
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