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  1. Hi, thanks for all your help. After phoning round I do not think the garages know the answers because when I asked the question re MOT requirements they all had different answers!! Next question is insuring a LHD. The three companies Initially contacted all came up with quotes for £700 plus. Tried Tesco and they have come up with £370. Big difference. I asked the question at least six times that they insured LHD and they said yes. However they said they covered imported cars, but of course all imports are not necessarily LHD. Anyone any knowledge of Tesco and other LHD companies. Thanks
  2. I am driving my LHD car over here and so far no problems - haven't had to do the ticket and car parking thing though. (think I will get hold of one of those rubbish picker upper sticks and get the ticket through the passenger window) !!! I have been told that for MOT I need to be able to see speed in mph which I must admit I would like to anyway - too many speed cameras. Had a quote for the lights and fog light which came to £300 each approx and then they went on to say that the speedo would be £500. That is crazy as no matter what, the speed is the same, it is just the reading. At one time you could stick a bit of paper ove the speedo so you could see the mph. I will be iinvestigating further. Will let you know what happens.
  3. I understand that to register the car in the UK it has to pass an MOT and this apparently requires the speedo to read MPH. I tried selling my car in France and with no success. They were willing to take it but not give me anything until it was sold as I didn't want to part exchange. I actually like the Megane so I was trying to work out whether or not it would be cheaper to get it fixed for a UK MOT rather than buy a second hand RHD. Needless to say my timing as usual is all wrong as it has only just passed its control technique!!
  4. The speedo thing is just to be able to tell what speed I am going in mph. The car is a Renault Megane 2004 1.6
  5. Am returning to UK and need to change my LHD car to an acceptable condition to pass MOT in UK. I know I have to change the lights and the reading on the speedo but does anyone know of any garage etc who will do this and anything else required. I live in the Home Counties. I know of the problems re car parks and barriers etc. Thanks
  6. Am returning to UK with French registered car for probably about two months. Does one have to do anything about the lights and speedo or can you drive on the French ones. Pacifica have said that it is ok to drive in the UK on their car insurance, I presume that is correct.
  7. Has anyone heard or used Anglo French Euro Removals, they are based in Ashford. Am moving back to UK and am looking for a company that does part loads. Thanks
  8. I am hoping and praying that I might have sold my house to a private buyer (friend). Can someone tell me how one goes about it. Is it up to me to find an Advocate and have the compromis drawn up or does the purchaser do this. Who is responsible for finalising everything, would that be my Advocate but at a cost to the purchaser. Having paid for everything when I purchased the house, I really do not want to start paying more when I sell it. Lets face it, I am making a fairly hefty loss on this.
  9. I am returning to UK by the end of June and am probably going to rent my house in France for about a year as I cannot sell it at the moment. The prospective tenant actually may wish to purchase the property in the long term. I pay no tax in France or UK (small income). I only receive my UK pension and a small occupational pension. How does the tax work on rental income. Do I pay it in France or do I have to declare it and pay it in the UK. I do not own a property in the UK and will probably be staying with my daughter.
  10. I hope soon to be returning to the UK and I propose taking my 2004 Renault Megane LHD and purchased here in France with me. Where can I get cheap light deflectors and also stick on mask showing mph. I had a quote from a Renault garage in UK and those 2 items came to about £1000 which I don't have. Do you have to have an MOT as soon as you arrive in UK?
  11. Have seen many adverts for the replacement of Sky cards.  I believe the guy who installed my Sky a couple of years ago has left France with no contact number and he had arranged for the Sky card.  I do not really have any contacts in UK to get a new card, do you think we will all have to get new cards?  If I don't, will I suddenly be cut off - any suggestions?
  12. Hi John, have been trying for ages to get my I Pod Touch to connect to my WiFi Mac and Livebox - nothing works.  One forum told me to put in the URL and change WPA to WEP and now cant get on line at all.  (am using my daughters old laptop).  Have tried every password I have and Orange says I have the correct one.  Any idea for: 1 How to get back on line, have spent 5 mornings at Orange - waste of time 2 Where do you get the DHCP from Am sorry to sound so ignorant but I do have blonde moments along with age moments.  I have this wonderful toy given to me as a present from my daughter and cant use it to its full ability - am so sad.  [:(] By the way I tried to get my I Pod on line at WiFi points Madrid airport and several other Spanish towns.  No joy here in France either. Carole
  13. Carole


    I am confused. I have had a Mutuelle for just over a year and at the start I seemed to get some money back. I then had to have my annual mammography due to cancer and the oncologist in Rennes confirmed I should be on 100%. When I went for the mammography I had to pay and I didn't get anything back from either CPAM or the Mutuelle. Early this year I had to go into hospital for tests and everything was 100% and I paid nothing. Then had to go to optician which I think should have been 100% as I am diabetic and the visit was diabetes related and had to pay but no refund from either Mutuelle or CPAM. Finally had to go to the cardialogist and did not have to pay anything. Since then I have to go to the doctor every other month or so for repeat prescriptions. The amount I get back from CPAM has just dropped to Euros 11.00 or thereabouts but nothing back from Mutuelle. I dont pay for any medications. I still seem to pay in full for monthly blood test and am not getting a refund on the amount I have to pay to the laboratory for the blood results. I am highly confused - anyone any ideas what is going on. I must be doing something wrong and not sending off forms to the right place. I know I should go to my local CPAM and they are very good but reckon I am going to get highly confused because my French is ok but not brilliant. Sorry if this is so confused but look forward to hearing your views. Thanks Carole
  14. I have also been looking for cheap flights to and from Spain and it is crazy, but as far as I can see it is best to via the UK, unless anyone has any other ideas. I do hope so.
  15. I do not have a reference book but checked it out on the Internet and it looked like one, probably female. It was probably under 2ft in length and a brownish colour with diamond or zigzag markings. It had a very small head. Everyone around here seems to think that all snakes in this area are adders but truthfully I cannot say. If only people would let them move away as I dont believe that there are any agressive snakes in France. Mind you, not a good idea to tread on them. I live in a very rural part of Brittany so that may be the reason we have them here. From my description does anyone know what it is likely to be. It is not the first one they have had in their garden. Also what doe a female look like if she is pregnant, is she all lumpy!! Carole
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