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Way to go Catherine, Ingrid and Catherine.


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'Dans une tribune au « Monde », un collectif de 100 femmes, dont

Catherine Millet, Ingrid Caven et Catherine Deneuve, affirme son rejet

d’un certain féminisme qui exprime une « haine des hommes »'.


'Catherine Deneuve joined more than 100 other Frenchwomen in

entertainment, publishing and academic fields Tuesday in the pages of

the newspaper Le Monde and on its website in arguing that the two

movements, in which women and men have used social media as a forum to

describe sexual misconduct, have gone too far by publicly prosecuting

private experiences and have created a totalitarian climate.'

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Really Cajal, 'Way to Go'?

I am not sure who said ' that the ladies do complain too much' this being on a thread on here, about sexual harrassment.

So misognoy rules eh!!!!!

The 'game' has obviously changed somewhat, and why not, and yet, girls and boys, men and women still get together, enjoy one another's company, snog, pet and make love.

I have been thinking about C Deneuve, and why she has said this. She obviously enjoyed men's attentions, no matter what, but how far these went is quite  another thing.

And for me, it is all linked in, as, when it goes too far, and that is up to each woman to know how they feel about things that happen, things that they are very uncomfortable with...............

...........So, I ask the question, in her life, did she do one of the following three things:-  managed to avoid really unwanted attentions which is quite possible, was in her own way complicit as it could further her career, OR they happened and she prefers to just compartmentalise them and basically ignore them.

Trouble is that she is basically saying that, all women should ignore these things. And sadly many, if not most of us, did just that, because the world was run by men and no one in authority would have cared.

So I do not care what these french women say........ they can buzz off, to be polite and are encouraging behaviour that should not exist and never should have.

And yes, I reckon bises are fine, they come in many varieties all OK with me.

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Allow fanatics an audience and the masses in between are the ultimate sufferers. Of course all human behavior should  be acceptable and respectful towards others but allow the few to dictate the terms of that behaviour to the many, then society overall will sufer.

So yes-'Way to go Catherine, Ingrid and Catherine' and to the other 97 women who signed the letter.

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The 2nd I reckon Idun, if Hollywood had the same proportion of less than perfectly bodied women as the normal population then I would not be questioning just how many attractive vivacious actresses pro-actively used the situation to their advantage.


I'm far more minded to believe those who denounced him that have not had a glittering career than those who did which included being photographed draped all over the alleged abuser wearing very little clothing and not looking in the slightest bit uneasy.

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I agree that the second could be an option often taken, but for many women in ordinary jobs, that option may not be to advance their career, but just to keep their job. All very sad.

Women continue in general to be second class citizens with regards to promotions and pay, the only equality has been with british state pensions, which actually has made many women worse off too, but there you go. Misogny reigns!

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But that's exactly what has been happening. Many sleazy, over-entitled men in positions of power have been using that power to dictate that women concede to their sleaze in order to have their careers advanced/not be destroyed. Society as a whole has suffered from that.

So blind, similarly over-entitled women like Deneuve are pushing their simpering views on to women who simply want to be treated fairly and advance on their merit.

It's not really a difficult concept but I can see why a certain type of man or woman wouldn't want to see it advanced.
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And yet I have heard it said that many women go for men that make them laugh. And frankly I would rather a man that made me laugh than drop dead gorgeous and boring.

But actually I always thought that that couple were well matched on the looks scale, neither '10's' by any means!

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