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Food Processor - any opinions ?

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 I'm thinking of buying a food processor, but some have pretty mixed reviews (on Amazon) I'm thinking of a Magimix, Kitchen Aid, Duallit or Cuisinart...

 I'd want it to make pastry as well as cakes, plus chop veg etc.....

Anyone got any experience of these please?

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I have a Magimix and a KitchenAid and use them both.

I like the Magimix mainly for grating, chopping and slicing veggies. I also find it handy for pastry.

I use the KitchenAid a lot for cake-making. My favourite accessory for that is a beater blade with silicone edges which make scrapping the bowl a thing of the past. I had to order it from Ebay US (€) but it's one I use all the time.

Since buying the food mincer accessory (€€), I also use the KitchenAid to prepare minced meat dishes in large batches.

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those silicon blades sound good... I wonder if you can get them for a Kenwood Chef? Ours is sheduled to come out of its box and into the new kitchen in a few months time. It hasn't seen the L of D for 6 years!

Mrs R51 - you mean plain flour, surely?



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Magimix for me too, I have had mine for about 10 years and it is the best food processor I have had so far! I have made pastry, cakes and chopped everything I can in it also it grates very well although I find the cheese tends to clump together a bit.

I bought mine from Amazon and was extremely pleased it is a 5000 in satin steel. Very easy to clean and look after too.
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