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  1. [quote user="Stan Streason"]  Point 2  Negative goodwill in accounts is actually the opposite of what was posted earlier.  [/quote] Sorry I meant 'less' and thought I'd typed 'less' - just shows I should reread before I hit post! [:)] Mrs R51
  2. In the banking sector there are a couple of key factors that are critical to marketing decisions to change pricing structures and product ranges: Churn v Customer lethargy - this is the number of customer who will always move to a better deal v those who will stay even if the price increases.  This churn / lethargy factor depends on a number of things including the complexity involved in switching product (current accounts will always have a lower churn than a credit card for example), the increase in price, age of customer.  In the above, Britline offers a current account (perceived as more difficult to switch), customers are largely older (retirees) who tend to be more lethargic (resistant to change) and they have the additional 'stickiness' of the language barrier. LTV (Life Time Value) - LTV is the money that can be made from a customer over the customer's lifetime.  Younger (preferably potential professional i.e. high earning customers) are preferable to older customers.  The younger group, particularly university students, will usually be offered better deals than the older age group.  Again, retirees in France would be perceived to be a lower value customer base using LTV measures than young customers. (Re negative goodwill - this arises on a business acquisition when the amount paid for the business is *less* than the fair value of it's aggregate net assets.  It can arise from brand perception but there are other reasons why negative goodwill arises.) Mrs R51 Edited to correct typo - thanks to Stan for pointing it out :)
  3. [quote user="Cerise"] Here in the SW there has always been a largish NF following but the endemic racism seems to be getting worse and worse. Yesterday in my stint at the library I sat through and anti-immigrant rant by several of the good ladies of our village and when I tried to protest was given to understand that it was the likes of me and my wishy washy anglo saxon ideas that was causing the country to fall apart. I was informed that the majority of immigrants were such that they could NEVER be assimilated. The violence and unpleasantness of it by a bunch of middle aged middle class elderly ladies really took me aback![/quote] I've recently heard similar, Cerise - viz why don't the immigrants (in this case Brits) sod off back to the UK and buy a house in Wales instead.  That they are all here to avoid NHS waiting lists, they push up house prices, trade only with English, don't learn the language, don't pay taxes but are a drain on the French, don't mix other than a "'Bonjour' and a stupid grin'"....  It was pretty vitriolic stuff.  The swing to the extreme right across Western Europe is pretty worrying - and I think France is no exception - particularly as the economic climate worsens and people look for scape goats.... Mrs R51
  4. Val - that is exactly what I was meaning [:)].  @Nick 'Ex-pat' or immigrant? [;-)] Mrs R51
  5. We opened our account with BP before we got to France.  In fact before we bought our house as we arranged our mortgage through them.  We find it very convenient to call into our local branch and speak face to face and the staff are all very pleasant and helpful.  We have our buildings insurance with BP and the staff were very courteous and efficient on the two occasions when we had to claim - providing us with the claim forms, detailed explanations and then checking our completed forms to ensure we hadn't missed anything. Mrs R51
  6. Usually French banks charge extra for internet / phone banking - not less.  Maybe we just don't understand what all big fuss is about because we change our bank regularly.  It isn't as difficult as it used to be as all direct debits etc are transferred automatically at the expense of the new bank.  We have switched current account three times in the last four years - the last time we changed was just a month ago. Mrs R51
  7. Sid - unless I read the fees incorrectly, CA Britline customer fees are lower than those charged by BP - so presumably the additional costs are being picked up by other Credit Agricole customers? Regardless of fee structure, I do find it a little surprising that several people here have been in France for ten years plus but still feel they need an English speaking bank service.  If they didn't need the service - they'd just switch bank.  That's being blunt not sniffy [;-)] Mrs R51
  8. I don't think it's 'sniffy' - CA have a separate telephone number and staff to handle enquiries and accounts in English.  Presumably this has to come out of the profits of the bank from all it's other customers - regardless of how long the service has been running? Market forces dictate that if you want a 'special' service then you will have to pay for it.  Banking in France is expensive even if you have a standard French account so CA Britline account holders are not unique in having to pay fees. http://www.britline.com/pdf/principal_banking_fees_january_2012.pdf http://www.sud.banquepopulaire.fr/magazine/Tarifs/documents/tarifs-part-actuels.pdf
  9. Exactly, Frederick - it wasn't 'A land without a people for a people without a land'.  The land was occupied, quite peacefully, then the ethnic cleansing,  forced evacuation and land grab started...with the explicit support of the West Returning to the topic of the thread, the current wave of organised Islamophobia across the US and the EU is very reminiscent of 1930s anti-Semitism.  Personally, I find the parallels very disturbing. Mrs R51
  10. Why shouldn't they charge extra??  Presumably they need to employ extra staff, have a separate phone line etc....  Everyone in the UK seems to complain about the cost of providing translation services for 'foreigners' who 'refuse to learn English' but then when they move to France they expect to get the service provided to them (as foreigners) for free?  I don't get it? Mrs R51
  11. [quote user="just john "] Doesn't Israel have reason for its stance? [/quote] Greed for more and more land???
  12. [quote user="woolybanana"]Had they been members of the national Socialst party, preaching anti-Jewish propaganda, then we would all immediately have wished them removed. [/quote] Exactly - if anyone says anything that even hints at criticism of Jews / Israel, then there is righteous outrage and indignation - even though we have Israel committing serial war crimes with blatant disregard for human rights.  It seems that Muslims are the 21st century's 1930s Jewry.  Islamophobia and hatred in Europe has become 'de rigueur'. Mrs R51
  13. Carrefour isn't renowned for it's ethics: http://www.just-food.com/news/carrefour-denies-abusive-supplier-contracts_id118572.aspx - Guilty of oppressive contracts with suppliers http://www.inminds.com/boycott-delta-galil.html - Along with the French supermarket, Auchan, it trades with businesses operating in the illegal settlements in the occupied West Bank (businesses which also exploit local workers.) Mrs R51
  14. If you already have your two singles then this might be of use: http://www.outofeden.co.uk/.Quick-Link~2999.htm.  I think they also sell the bedlinens etc that fit the linked beds. Mrs R51
  15. EmilyA  - I wish there was a 'like' button on here :o).  I totally agree.  The one thing I hate is the 'I'm all right Jack attitude'....viz if you have MS, RA or are poor - tough sh1t. Mrs R51
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