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  1. Now that we've finally broken through from the house to the barn, the difference between the floor level of the 2 is more pronounced than I had expected, the drop is fully 40 cms*, and the room area is 40 sqm.

    I'd really prefer a solid floor - apart from anything else I want to put in u/floor heating - as opposed to a suspended wood one, but the questions is: what is the cheapest material to fill up a volume of 16 cu metres ?

    * elderly knees dictate that a step down is not an option, apparently !



  2. Linseed oil will give them a super finish and make it slightly darker.


  3. Has anyone installed a Trigano 9.15 x 4.60 x 1.30 metal-sided above ground oval pool? If so, do you still have the installation instructions? Mine seem to have vanished into the packing in the barn somewhere, and will only reappear when the construction is finished.

    Trigano has a website, but I can't find installation manuals on it anywhere.

    A 'borrow' to photocopy would get me out of a b-i-g hole (yes, I know... this model doesn't need a hole !).

    what I particularly need to know is the total footprint including the side supports brackets, and the details of the trenching under the bottom.



  4. [quote user="AnOther"]It looks like FT have got you on a max 1mb package as 602kbps is faster than a 512kbps connection could run but the critical number to see the real situation is the actual attenuation reported by your Livebox so what is that ?

    Interestingly my own (totally incorrect) numbers are not dissimilar to yours, slightly worse in fact, yet although Degrouptest says 512kbps max, even for FT, when I did switch to them from Teleconnect (spit) they were actually able to give me 1mb, you can draw your own conclusions as to why that might be !

    Just to prove my point about estimations BTW, 5620m x 10.3dB/km (for 0.6mm cable) = 57.886dB !


    Mine's actually a freebox; that being the case, how do I get it to report the actual line attenuation?


  5. ...... and I got this :

    Technical information

    Characteristics of the line :

    Line status : ACTIVE
    Local Switch Code : 23015AZE [ Detailed ]
    Local Switch Name : THE BROOM
    Line length : 5620 meters:

    6 / 10 to 5620 meters
    Attenuation theoretical 57,886 dB
    [Estimate] Downstream ADSL : 1390 kbps ( 174 KB / s )
    [Estimate] Downstream ADSL 2 + : 1348 kbps (169 KB / s)

    Characteristics of central France Telecom :

    Plate DSL: LI1
    Dense area (> 20,000 lines): Not
    Approximate Number of subscribers : 1000
    NRA ADSL compatible FT: Yes
    NRA compatible ADSL Max FT : Yes
    NRA consistent ADSL2 + FT : Yes
    NRA compatible READSL FT : Yes

    FT Offers Internet IP / DSL:

    IP ADSL 512 ( 512/128 kbps) Possible
    1024 IP ADSL R ( 1024 Kbps/128 Kbps) Impossible
    IP ADSL 1024 Pro ( 1024 Kbps/256 Kbps) Impossible
    IP ADSL 2048/256 ( 2048 Kbps/256 Kbps ) Impossible
    IP ADSL Max (Up to 8 Mégas/800kbps ) Impossible
    IP ADSL Max 2 + (Up to 18 Mégas/1Mbps ) Impossible

    ADSL Orange (Cf. IP ADSL ) Possible
    Naked DSL ( without subscription FT ) Possible
    + Orange TV ( Bouquet Orange TV ) Possible ( )
    + Orange HDTV Impossible
    Canal + (Canal + and CanalSat) Impossible

    All ISPs on this network

    ADSL Max 2+ (Jusqu'à 18 mégas) Free
    ADSL Max (Jusqu'à 8 mégas) Alice
    Budget Telecom
    [ + ] view

    ISPs using the network are exclusively Nordnet and Orange.

    Type of connection proposed Option 3
    Unbundling to 6.4 Mbps/640k Impossible
    Unbundling up to 16 Mbps/800k Impossible

    Naked DSL ( without subscription FT ) Possible
    + Telephony over ADSL (VoIP) Possible
    ADSL + TV : TV, Canal + , CanalSat Impossible

    Estimated download speed possible 533 kbps
    Estimated amount of flow possible 133 kbps

    Average time of activation of a line N / C

    The SFR network is used by SFR , Nerim and Magic Online.

    Type of connection proposed No

    Naked DSL ( without subscription FT ) Impossible
    + Telephony over ADSL ( VoIP) Impossible
    ADSL + TV : TV, Canal +, CanalSat Impossible

    Estimated download speed possible -
    Estimated amount of flow possible -

    Network is used by Numericable Completel and DartyBox .

    Type of connection proposed Option 5

    Naked ADSL ( without subscription FT ) Possible
    + Telephony over ADSL (VoIP) Impossible
    ADSL + TV : TV, Canal + , CanalSat Impossible

    Estimated download speed possible 512kbps
    Estimated amount of flow possible 128kbps

    Bouygues Telecom 's network is only used by Bouygues Telecom .


    as you can see, all the offers are for 512.

    Am I confused ? - that's my default position !


  6. [quote user="AnOther"]No, not at all.

    Admittedly calculating adaptive ADSL which is not common in France according to this calculator for that line length and attenuation 6mb+ is theoretically possible.

    Also here, here and here, or just about any other calculator you care to use, all give similar predictions for 39dB attenuation, and all come up with around 2800m which is well within the ball park.

    JohnRoss, what debit speed does Degrouptest actually say for your line ?

    PS: Have a read here too


    Those links seem to be all referring to ADSL 2 or ADSL 2+. Out here in the boonies with over 5 kms of wind-blown copper between me and the nearest FT cabinet, vanilla ADSL is as much as we can hope for. 602 is what degrouptest estimates, and 602 is roughly what I get.


  7. No, I fell into that trap when the plasterer asked me to get him some Lutice 2000C plaster.

    it's not Leroy Merlin, - there's no 'r' - it's a proper builder's merchants (like -say- Point P). Have a look here for you local.




    EDIT: Teapot - you beat me to it!

  8. [quote user="AnOther"]I had a similar problem a couple of years ago which only really manifested itself fairly briefly after rain so had cleared by the time FT got round to checking but after about the 3rd time of reporting via the 1013.fr website they acknowledged a fault and found and fixed it promptly.

    By the way your download speed is very poor considering your line stats. At 2600m and 39db attenuation I'd expect to be getting around 4 or 5mb


    I think you're a bit optomistic, AnOther, my stats are:

    longueur de ligne : 5620 mètres
    affaiblissement théorique : 57.886 dB

    and I get 602 max download, so - yes - the OP should be getting better than I have, but 4 or 5mb? shume mishtake, shurely?


  9. [quote user="Chancer"]

    I have only found solvent fittings but wherever I use them buried I dont glue the joints, it makes it easier for future mods, allows some degree of expansion and contraction and any water that seeps out is effectively micro-filtered.

    For a slip joint I use a manchon and cut out the centre locating nibs, I then file what remains so that it can be slid over the joint, in this case I do use solvent but have to move quick.

    They do sell something called a manchon de dilatation which has a rubber seal, I use them on 40 and 50mm where for instance the waste pipe from a meuble salle de bain passes through to the floor underneath and has to be removable in order to remove the meuble.

    I dont know if you can get them in 100 or 125 but they would be hors de prix for me.


    Actually the manchons are available without the central nibs, and - no - I've never seen the rubber colar ones in anything bigger than 50mm. Stupid really.

    And  - yes - you do have to be bloody quick after applying the glue to the last surface to fit them all together and to orient it all properly.  I recommend a couple of dry runs and lots of unique location marks with the old felt tip magic marker. Also be very certain the existing pipe is dry before glueing (is there really an 'e' in glueing?).. if all else fails use a wodge of paper towel as a mini dam to hold back/mop up the dribbles. At least you don't have to worry about it blocking up the pipe, unlike the screw of paper hankie I neglected to retrieve from a 14mm copper I soldered yesterday: most of it ended up in the nozzle of the kitchen sink mixer, but the rest had to persuaded back out with the garden hoze. Such larks, eh, Pip ?


  10. Just out of interest, Andrew, what sort of Zeolite is it you're talking about ?


  11. The only possible time the sand could move is during a backwash, when the reverse flow is lifting it rather than compacting it, as it would in normal use. As TP said, the sand itself is millions of years old, and I can't imagine the swirling during a backwash is going to effect more polishing than a million years or so of tidal sweep has done.


  12. [quote user="Martin963"]http://www.wallaceit.co.uk/sky---sky----sky-hd/engineers-menu-on-all-sky---sky----sky-hd-digiboxes/117/article.aspx

    I don't have a Sky + box to confirm if it works or not though....

    Be interesting to know.

    Or borrow an FTA box with Classic FM already in the channel list and use that.....?  (which you've already thought of else you wouldn't be asking!)

    Thanks Martin,


    I can confirm that for Sky+ it's



    01 then select

    and you are now in the engineer menu.

    And when changing the transponder setting, one must press select after each line (frequency, polarization, symbol rate, FEC) then store settings, or it reverts to the original.

    Doesn't seem to have made a ha'porth of difference.. still shows about 60 - 80 % on both and no Classic FM !




  13. [quote user="AnOther"]Huh......[8-)]

    A satellite 'F' connector going O/C on it's own overnight......................................[blink]


    You've clearly lead a sheltered life !

    Have you never heard of  "the innate cussidness of inanimate objects" ?


    All right.. to be pedantic and absolutely accurate I imagine it's the  F-socket which is causing the problem. On cheap kit they are hardly more than a tiny sleeve of folded metal embedded in polythene. Easy enough to deform over time and make a poor, intermittent connection.

    There. Happy now ? [:P]


  14. That would mean unhitching the temperimental FTA box which is sitting on a suspended shelf above the computer in the loft. the RF feed droops down, flexing the F-connector rather too much and so it periodically goes open circuit thus killing the R4 fm feed (usually during the night when it would have been nice if the clock radio had actually woken me up!) so I disturb it at my peril. Life without R4 freely available in this house is not worth living.

    Thanks Martin. I'll give the link a try



  15. Could someone please remind me how to get into the engineering menu on a sky + box please.. I'm about to resite a dish and have decided to use Classic FM as the guide frequency to line it up, since this seems to be the most problematic to receive here in Central France, so need to change the default transponder.




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