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  1. I tried our apples here (south Charente Maritime) on Monday and they are lovely. Made some apple sauce and puddings etc., etc., Hopefully will take some back to the UK when we go back in two weeks time.
  2. Our lovely neighbour has just brought round a LARGE tray of cherries for us!!!! They have been having some work done to their house wall which is in our garden and he wanted to thank us for being so good about it :O

    More Cherry Brandy coming up methinks!!
  3. Just making the Cherry Vodka recipe today, it is lovely, we made it last year too. Also made Cherry Brandy and boy was that potent by Christmas (Hic)

    One tree down and 4 to go!!
  4. I managed to get my husband to stone all our cherries (well one tree - the rest have to ripen) and I made Cherries Jubilee. I will eat some and then freeze the rest in portions. Not sure if I could bottle them but they do have pineau in instead of kirsch. They taste fantastic so not sure if any will be left after tonight
  5. goose

    Old Photos

    There was a BBC family history forum but not sure if it is still going and they had photos on there.
  6. We have a black poplar that sends out hundreds of fluffy cotton like seeds. In fact our garden is covered in them at the moment. Do you have any trees around you, perhaps one of these?
  7. I have to say my dog is less of a problem in restaurants than my two grandsons!!!!! I would take the dog into one any day with no problems, but not the grandsons after the last time!!!!!!
  8. We always stay at the Campanile with our dog and people do take their dogs into the restaurant although we don't!

    Lots of the Relais accept pets too, we have stayed in a few but prefer the Campanile chain now.
  9. Have you tried english-country-cottages.co.uk or iknow-yorkshire.co.uk/west_yorks/hebden_bridge?

    I have stayed near York (Market Weighton) in dog friendly places but not Hebden Bridge but I am sure there are lots out there. Good luck.
  10. If I want a slow cooked leg of lamb I use the Good Food recipe for Slow-cooked lamb with onions & thyme it takes 3.5 hours and is delicious. http://www.bbcgoodfood.com/recipes/1826/slowcooked-lamb-with-onions-and-thyme
  11. If I need a recipe I usually check out the website www.diabetes.org.uk/ they have loads of recipes suitable for diabetics.
  12. My daughter and family (2 under 5s and 2 adults) are travelling from Northampton to Bangor in Wales on Tuesday evening. The next day they have to catch the ferry to Ireland to spend time with the in-laws for Christmas. I am praying that the snow goes before then as I will be so worried until I hear they get to Limerick on Wednesday night!!
  13. There is a photo of the cat on the Daily mail website. He looks like a beautiful cat too. Hope he finds his owners soon.
  14. Check out this website http://www.carbu.fr/stationsvides_v2.html?dep=02 it shows which petrol stations are empty!
  15. According to the Connexions Newspaper :-"Demonstrations will be planned in towns and cities around France on the Saturday, October 2.

    The unions want Tuesday, October 12, to be "a massive day of strike action".
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