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  1. Hi Folks, You have gathered by my paucity of input that I try not to comment too often, due to the trolls around. However, we have had an excellent experience with an architect in Ruffec. We had explained to several companies (English & French) that we wanted a 40 sq m Abri attached to our house (larger than 170 sq m); their quotes ranged from €900 thru €2000! (Guess which end was the Brit quote). We met him last Thursday, he arrived last Friday to take measurements and photos, discussed by e-mail minor details then presented us with complete dossier (4 x plans & application) yesterday. He had quoted around €400 and presented us with a factor for €300. Quietly spoken gentleman who delivers! I imagine Forum rules would stop mentioning him by name but feel free to e-mail me if you would like his details. Vern
  2. I have had ADAC + cover for some 11 years, they even take payment over the phone now. Very helpful company with contact numbers for all countries plus they will all have an English speaking individual available. Cover is for the individual(s) not the vehicle which I find flexible. I have not needed them but I was with a friend in Naples when her car broke down ... easy call, because road intersections are difficult to name they talked the recovery unit in whilst talking to us :) I was impressed.
  3. Mike J, Thank you for PM & personal, positive review of Ambiance Pools. Oracle, I have watched your posts, some are very informative but many just seem to be referrals. Are you a company over here building, designing or repairing swimming pools and spas? Are you paid for referrals? are you based in France or UK? I ask these questions because, as a private individual, I am intriqued when somebody is labelled "Oracle" ... Vern
  4. Thank you, I will bear him in mind. In 20 years I haven't paid for a site visit or devis (it is normally buried in their costs). Vern
  5. Hi Folks, Due to an unexpected loosening of purse strings, we are looking to install an in-ground pool (as opposed to original Hors Sol). We have have looked at Ambiance pools (thanks Mikej) and like the concept. The only thing nagging at the back of my mind is that we could, in 2013, do better reference insulation, extended season and efficiency. We are not convinced by 10 x 5 or 12 x 6, since it is for swimming, so are considering 12 x 4. Within 5m of the "signed off" site are a raised cellar with 3 phase electric and water, also a fosse septique tank (which didn't get the Maire upset or the permis to be rejected). So, I would be grateful if professional, insured installers contact us by PM to discuss the project, obviously I don't want to waste your time if your proposed budgets (before site visit) are more exotic than our piggy bank will support. After near 20 years collecting devis in France, please do not be upset if we wish to visit previous examples of your work. Vern Located near Chef-Boutonne.
  6. Val, Thank you, ours is indeed within an airing cupboard. Thankfully we have planned for an extending girth here (as well :). Vern
  7. Afternoon folks, Our chauffe-eau is on the way out. Has anybody got any recommendations for a 150L chauffe-eau? Model? Outlet? thank you, vern
  8. I look at swimming pool posts mainly cos we are changing our 7 yr old aboveground pool, at the front of the property, for an above (or in) ground pool on sloping ground at the rear. We are considering a modern dense polystyrene block pool or a Zodiac Aztec 12 x 6 pool. Both, if not "professionally" installed, are similarly priced. We are looking at efficient pumps, filters etc rather than the standard Zyke fare :) All set to start the work from September.
  9. Scooter, The reason your premiums are high will be due to the stats - you, re-born bikers and teenagers are most likely to fall off. I enjoy fully comp thru AXA of €227 for a 1200cc tourer (but then I have always had a bike & my last accident was age 19). My son has got a good deal for his scooter thru AMV.fr
  10. Being a "Boring Motorcycle Anchor" owner probably kept the premiums reasonable. I was paying, thru BMWUKs own insurance arm, just over £100 when my bike was new in '05.
  11. I bought a plate off eBay for our IWT. Plated on the body as 750 kg but I have put a 499kg plate on the arm. Our IWT P7e came with the new CoC paperwork if we ever want to sell (I have retained the old plate). We only want to move a couple of pigs twice a year plus visits to the dechetterie so this limitation suits us.
  12. Our son, who was 15 (now 16), was charged €30.80 PCM for his new Yamaha scooter. This is "tous risqué". AXA wanted over €1000 - a bit of a faff looking around but well worth it. We have 2 cars, a R1200RT & scooter - chasing decent affordable cover is a must, especially since No2 son will be taking over the scooter soon & No1 son progresses to a 125.
  13. [quote user="sid"]That sounds very reasonable for what is a high risk (for the younger riders); presuambly it's third party risks? Any questions about disqualifications when you took out the cover, or are there any conditions imposed on the drivers? I pay exactly twice that premium (EDIT ie 24€ pm) but mine is fully comp for an 800cc "sports tourer" motorcycle, but I've been riding since 1964! [;-)] [/quote] With AXA I pay €209 PA "Tous risques" for a BMW R1200RT, it is going up to €220 this year; however my insurance office is looking at that (I reduced my €540 quote for a diesel Mini Clubman to €330 after showing quote from Mutuelle Poitiers). I have been riding continuously since 1975. Vern
  14. Our total of 5 rescue dogs have allowed us to have some lovely holidays ... and still donate a couple of hundred quid each time :)
  15. Hi folks, Looking for qualified individual to survey our house with a view to installing pellet boiler & solar panels etc. This is not a devis for installation, we are inclined to source the components ourselves (the credit d'Impots is a joke). We expect to pay for the survey. Interested, qualified individuals please PM. The survey should include siting of pellet boiler (exhaust requirements), solar, heat store, pellet silo and connection to current radiator circuit plus hot water system. Required, knowledge of current French regulations that are pertinent to this project. Thank you for reading, Vernon Code Postale 79110
  16. Hi, Looking to buy curved, corrugated sheets that are suitable for pig arc etc. Anybody have a supplier in mind? Thank you, Vernon
  17. Quillan, Thank you. Seems to sum up various manufacturers sites. Didn't want to get too excited unless it was doable :) Can't wait to get stuck in ....
  18. Hi folks, Looking at installing a 24KW biomass boiler, complete with hopper and heatstore (either Log or pellet, still open minded). Sited either a. current outbuilding (5m from house) or b. new build attached to house. My question is: what is the minimum flue height for the boiler sited as above? I understand that there may be complicated formulae but a close idea would be good :) Looking to source item from Poland, Holland or Austria. They seem to have a good history with biomass, and aren't (relatively) expensive. Thank you, Vernon
  19. Good morning all, Please ignore if you do not understand the topic, this will hopefully save confusion. For those that understand the subject matter; I would be grateful for PM to discuss treatment of lump sum. Thank you :) Vern
  20. We use Free.fr. We have the 19.99 deal (free calls in Europe, free texts in FR and 3 GB data) for our iPhone5. Our other phones, that include a iPhone 3GS & SII, are tied into the 2 euro deal. So now, instead of using the landline to phone relatives in the UK, we use the mobile :)
  21. Starting to sound more & more like Poolguy, bless him, every day.
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