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Seedless grapes


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Hi Crossy

               I have never looked for a seedless vine over in France but feel sure there will be some. I used to grow a white seedless in my greenhouse in the U.K. It Think it was a Thompson. The grapes were large medium sized sweet and soft skinned.

I don't have the greenhouse any more, I gave the vine away. But if you come across one of this variety any time ask the owner for a few cuttings, they root quite well in a peat/sand mixture then over winter in a greenhouse to establish.

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When we went to the best plant nursery here to buy 2 vines (to cover the end of the barn) we got the impression that the choice was limited. Partly because of suitability for the land and climate, and partly because certain types are only grown by commercial vineyards.  Could be wrong.

We bought Amandin and Candin, both do well and produce white grapes, but with seeds. They are supposed to be resistant to disease.

If you do buy vines, protect them from deer - we nearly lost ours 1st. year.

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[quote user="crossy67"]Has anyone ever seen a seedless grape vine for sale in France?  I love grapes and would gladly eat my own weight in them if I could find them sans pépins. 

I have never seen them for sale as fruit in retail outlets but have never really serched thoroughly.

However googling "vigne sans pépins" gives ostensibly over 200,000 results.


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I had been looking for the same thing Crossy67. I found these guys, who sell them online.


Sorry I can't work out how to do a link now, but if you copy and paste into your address bar it should work.

They look like a good variety, but I haven't ordered them yet, so couldn't vouch for the company or the quality.

However, I will be ordering them next week, so can let you know if they are ok if you're not in a rush.

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