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  1. The ARD site gives a reasonable guide to reception of the new transponder frequencies. http://www.ard-digital.de/ There are a useful series of Q & As for example; http://www.ard-digital.de/ARD-Digital/FAQ/Transponderwechsel/Was-muss-ich-tun-um-Das-Erste-HD-und-ARTE-HD-wieder-zu-empfangen The following sentence is particularly important:  Bitte achten Sie darauf, dass beim Sendersuchlauf die Netzwerksuche (NIT-Suchlauf) aktiviert ist – diese Funktion muss in einigen Fällen gesondert ausgewählt werden.  
  2. [quote user="AnOther"][quote user="Chezstevens"]a Devis written in English has no standing in French law.[/quote]Is that really true ? [/quote] But one spoken in Platt-Deutsch would be.[:D]
  3. On the 30th april 2012 a significant number of additional german channels increased the available HD channels on DVB-S2. Useful for Football in HD, not sure if the DS87 has DVB-S or also DVB-S2. http://www.lyngsat.com/hd/Astra-1H-1KR-1L-1M-2C.html P.S. DS87 not compatible with 3D.[6]
  4. The TNT SAT bouquet actually has a lot more channels than are available on FranSat. http://www.tntsat.tv/L-offre-TNTSAT.htm
  5. The fosse looks near to full again A fosse toutes eaux functions FULL the addition of a flow from the house causes a displacement towards the sand filter bed. The fact tha the fosse is nearly full again after being emptied in september last, frankly confuses me. If subsequent to the evacuation of the fosse by a suction pump, the leaving of the fosse empty followed by prolific rain may have raised the water table and subjected the fosse to an increasing hydrostaic pressure possibly damaging the fosse. In any event a fosse of only 1000 litres is too small allowing too short a residence time for effective treatment; the minimum fosse size is 3000 litres. But it is not clear whether you have a FOSSE SEPTIQUE or a FOSSE TOUTES EAUX.
  6. [quote user="NickP"]After the stupidity of one member of this forum I tried to keep out of this discussion, so thanks Betty for a bit of common. But as I asked the original question I feel I should offer my suggestion; and to be quite honest I'm a bit stumped, however I think that Garden Girl has it right and I would back Claire Lomas for all the reasons stated by GG. As for poor old Ano, looks like a couple of weeks purgatory for you mate, as it will be very difficult to get away from it. [:D][/quote] I can remember the Olympic Games in London in 1948, my hero of the games was Emil Zatopek who won the 10,000 metres. Frankly without using google I haven't the faintest idea who Claire Lomas is or what sport she participates in; so I must accept your opinion. Not that the choice bothers me very much.
  7. An excellent site with good quality two week forecasts. The Spanish National TV has always used professional government meteorologists for the presentation of their forecasts. Some 5 years ago a very popular weather presenter was forced to take early retirement. He immediately started a weather web site covering Spain. During the Xinthia Tempest on the cantabrian map  http://www.eltiempo.es/cantabrico/olas.html it was possible to follow the sea conditions as the tempest moved along the Cantabrian coast and into the Bay of Biscay; the flooding of La Faute sur Mer was fairly obvious going to happen on his maps, some 6-7 hours before the tragedy. An extension to france took place fairly quickly but currently forecasts are available also for Sweden, Greece, United Kingdom and the Indian sub continent. http://www.forecast.co.uk/ http://www.eltiempo.es/ http://www.okairos.gr/ http://www.klart.se/ http://www.storm.in/
  8. The internecine duel  Dati V Fillon could be interesting. If Dati gets through to the second round, then she will win, I hope for some tactical voting by the centre -left. And hey ho! The Petainist Smooothie will have to retreat with his tail between his knees to the Sarthe.[:D] http://www.lemonde.fr/election-presidentielle-2012/breve/2012/05/11/dati-si-je-me-presente-contre-fillon-il-y-a-un-risque-qu-il-soit-battu_1699845_1471069.html
  9. Free now permit a reduction on their Free Mobile subscriptions subsequent to an à posteriori contract for a Free Box. http://www.pcinpact.com/news/70779-free-mobile-forfait-reduction-freebox.htm
  10. The cheaper pit option was excavated by hand at an average rate of around 15 cms/hr including disposal of excavated material. The water table was encountered at around 90 cms depth. The final depth has been finalised on a rocky horizon at 1.46 metre depth. Intermittent baling is in progress to reduce the local water table, currently at 1.2 metre depth.
  11. [quote user="idun"] [:'(][:'(][:'(]   No option? Hit ler wanted it and apart from this island got it, the Cesars had it. and do you know what, 'we' the people did not and this 'person' does not. [/quote] Nor did I ! But by choice I live in france where the chances of sabotaging the "disunion" are greater.
  12. As an example of the use of the router, I have this morning received a call replying to a le bon coin email query in respect of the purchase of a pair of shock absorbers. The calls journal records the following: 10/05/2012 10:11 0430150220 THOMAS JEAN PAUL 24 minutes After 24 minutes all the details of the suitability of the piece and delivery together with the useful knowledge that he has a 300 M2 store full of spare parts for older vehicles. But the main point is that pertinent details of the call are noted in addition to "rogue" calls mentioned earlier.
  13. [quote user="pmn"] I would appreciate some advice on upgrading our satellite TV system which was in place when we bought the house. We have no TV aerial but 2 satellite dishes pointing ( I think) to Astra 19.2 and Atlantic Bird. The feeds enter the house and connect into a DiSEqC switch then a single connection into a now defunct analogue box. We would like to receive French channels so will need to purchase a TNT digital receiver. If I realign the second dish to Astra 28.2 to receive English TV is it necessary to have a second receiver or can I get a TNT box that will also receive input from Astra 28.2? I have asked local suppliers but received opposing views as to whether this is possible. Thanks in advance. [/quote] If you have a dish directed towards Atlantic Bird this would suggest that Terrestrial Numeric Television is of poor signal strength. There is TNT on satellite on both Astra 1 at 19.2 and on Atlantic Bird; however the dish on Astra 1 would probably be easier to redirect to Astra 2 rather than the dish directed to Atlantic Bird. In addition there are now two companies supplying SAT boxes on AB, the HD compatible boxes are more expensive but the choice would depend on if your TV is HD or not. An additional set top box will be required for the Astra 2 stuff. I would recommend that you check with your neighbours about the terrestrial possibilities as this would be a better and cheaper alternative. I used to receive analogue from AB with a dish but successfully changed to TNT with an aerial with spectacular reception.  
  14. A trick of telephone marketing; they ring to see if youn are there; later they ring again with an experienced marketeer. The number may show up in the router admistration page in section calls received since last reboot.
  15. [quote user="allanb"][quote user="AnOther"]You do write some incomprehensible sh1te PPP !  Just for the record is English your 1st language or are you trying to prove something ???[/quote]I think he's trying to impress us.  As far as I'm concerned, he's failing. [/quote] The post to which you refer contained a constructive receipt element AND an actual receipt element reflecting the two navel gazing conflicting ideologies of the thread.  
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