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  1. You could try the pan on something to isolate it from the hob.  Maybe an ally ring? Aluminium will block the passage of the induced magnetic field and eddy currents though so you would need to make it small.  Or have some feet to put the pan on.  You would only need it to be a couple of mm above the glass.
  2. Hi all. I am thinking of buying a van from Germany or Belgium and registering it here.  I understand I won't have to pay TVA in the country that I buy the van from but will I have to pay any when I come to get my quitus fiscal here?  Also.  Any one have any experience of importing from Gremany, Belgium or the Netherlands?  I have been told not to get one from Germany as it is more difficult to get the paperwork to register them.  I have looked into it a bit and Germany seems the same as any other EU country except the seller has to deregister the car and get export plates. Any help or advice would be much appreciated thanks.
  3. Thanks for the tip. Yes Julie quite likes the Californian Rosé, not quite as nice as the Zinfandel but good enough.  I think we shall have to try the other one from Aldi next time we pass a shop, the nearest one to us is in the other town to the one we normally shop at. To be fare John, I can see her point, it it a bit sour, even when cut with some lemonade.
  4. My god, that's huge.  It's even wearing boots. I new the title would get you looking Coops[:D] The poor thing got run over just after the photo was taken.  I am not joking, I have never seen a worm bleed before.
  5. Worm that is.  And no, that's not a toy hammer [IMG]http://i170.photobucket.com/albums/u263/crossy67/IMG00070-20120419-0902.jpg[/IMG]
  6. Our house in the UK was quite well insulated, not silly but cavity wall, good windows and not too much in the loft that had been converted into a room.  We found leaving the heating on as low as it would go all through the winter had no significant effect on our heating bills.
  7. Thanks a lot Pip, good name by the way[;-)]
  8. Has anyone ever seen a seedless grape vine for sale in France?  I love grapes and would gladly eat my own weight in them if I could find them sans pépins. 
  9. You would probably find it easier and a lot cheaper to buy a good used rad.  The likes of Emmaus (large charitable junk shop/brocante) in Angouleme has loads of them sitting outside, they never seem to sell so possible they are not in that much call so they would be cheap.
  10. They have a really nice French Bordeaux at the moment, it's called Les Gravettes.  It's a little too nice if you know what I mean, open it and before you know it it's gone.  They stock a nice Rioja to called Cepa Lebbrel but obviously that's Spanish not French.
  11. Lidle have stopped selling Julie's favourite Californian Zinfandel by the looks of things so we are trying to find a French equivalent.  We are buying a couple of different bottles to try every time we go shopping but they end up in the sink.  Any one know of a sweet and fruity rosé similar to the white Zinfandel please?
  12. Oh I am aware it could be done but would you want to spend time and a fair chunk of money flying to the UK to look at a car that might well be a rough old lash up.  I have no problem at all with repairable cars, most of Julie's cars were bought and repaired by me.  I think it's best left there on balance.
  13. I saw it coming but I believe you need to keep an open mind if you want to get anywhere in life[;-)]  I believe if something seems too good to be true then it probably is, there is nothing to say the car isn't registered somewhere but the other scenario is much more plausible.  I emailed the seller my findings a while ago and haven't hear anything back. The Gendarme we spoke to was great, really helpful.  We have had a good day all together, just got back from the Marie's house after repairing his wife's windscreen and having some pinot.  Top day[:D]
  14. [quote user="just john "][quote user="crossy67"]I seem to be loosing a few posts, I replied this morning but it's vanished!  Strange.  [/quote] Are you using the bottom post button?, the top one doesn't work on my log-in since the so called experts have had a play . . . [/quote] Might well explain it. 
  15. Update. Popped into the local Gendarmerie as I couldn't get anywhere with the details on the carte grise.  Turns out the car had been written off in 2011 and sold to a garage in Toulouse.  From there the trail goes cold unless we phone them, I'm not going to bother, the seller has a history of buying used car parts off Ebay so I think we can draw our conclusions from there.  I have no problem with damaged and repaired cars but when the seller has no paperwork and lies about it, well that's just a bit too much.  I understand the car would need all sorts of paperwork and inspections before a new carte grise could be issued, just not worth the hasstle and risk. Thanks for every ones input, much appreciated.
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