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  1. Hi NormanH, nice to see you are still around! have been locked out of this forum and have just managed to get back on. Applied for and received my Titre de Sejour last year, my brother treated me to a trip back to Berlin this year, had always intended to go back with OH but didn't manage it before he passed away, didn't think to take my passport (D'oh!) but had no problem using the TdS instead.
  2. Unfortunately I sold in July 2015 when it was 1.47 euros to the pound! Oh happy days!!
  3. Don't forget too that things can change. My OH and I bought in splendid isolation as he wanted a small holding and to keep livestock, bought an old farmhouse just surrounded by derelict barns, a sheep farmer lived down the lane. We were quite happy by ourselves, not ones to go out either. Rural bliss! Until people bought the barn opposite, turned the place into a complete mess, had a pack of uncontrollable dogs, peace and quiet shattered, the sheep farmer decided to sell the sheep and go into buying tractor parts instead, which necessitated large lorries coming up the track to deliver/collect the various vehicles, and I mean BIG lorries. My OH passed away unexpectedly, having never been ill in his life, thankfully before the worst of the changes, so suddenly it was a whole new ball game. Go for isolation by all means we really, really enjoyed the peace and quiet, the beautiful night skies with no light pollution and I still miss it, but be aware that things can change.
  4. I agree nomoss, had I wanted to move back to the UK it would have been a completely different story! ?
  5. I have sold my house in the process of downsizing, I couldn't afford to stay there on a reduced income, so needed to sell. I was fortunate in that I knew the price of the smaller house I wanted so could afford to price accordingly. I bought it in 2006 for 150,000, put in new bathroom, new roof on both the house and the seven outbuildings, new floors downstairs and painted the outside and the shutters. Plus decoration on the inside. I advertised it for 160,000 plus fees and sold it for 150,000. I'm probably out of pocket by about 30,000 but it sold in 7 months to the fifth couple who viewed. I do think if it is priced right it will sell. ( by the way, it was a four bedroomed three reception roomed farmhouse with outbuildings and an acre of land near I.e. 4kms of a village with all amenities.)
  6. So the fact that I also pay 8% of income in social charges might be enough?? The link parsnips supplied did mention private income and annuities being exempt as well as retirement pensions. Oh 'eck! It is complicated!!
  7. [quote user="parsnips"][quote user="Jo"]My S1 was withdrawn on the death of my husband as I am not of retirement age. My health cover is now provided by France, for which I contribute 8% of my income. This will cease when I hit retirement age and will then be covered by an S1 from uk again......HA!! ...if they still exist!! It was relatively easy to do and I hadn't been here the magical five years when he died.[/quote] Hi, I understand that since Jan. 2016 the only income counted towards french health care under PUMA (which replaces CMU) is investment or rental income - ALL pension income is disregarded.* Have you checked on this with your CPAM? *http://www.leparticulier.fr/jcms/c_57158/couverture-maladie-universelle-cmu-protection-maladie-de-base [/quote] Very interesting parsnips, since puma took over, in January 2016, I have had a notification of how much I am due to pay, but no effort has been made to collect despite repeated phone calls. This year, not even a notification, maybe, just maybe, they have decided I'm not liable!! All I need now is the same to apply to the social charges!!
  8. My S1 was withdrawn on the death of my husband as I am not of retirement age. My health cover is now provided by France, for which I contribute 8% of my income. This will cease when I hit retirement age and will then be covered by an S1 from uk again......HA!! ...if they still exist!! It was relatively easy to do and I hadn't been here the magical five years when he died.
  9. Nice to be back, don't know how long it will last this time!!
  10. Many thanks mint! Yes, survived, downsized, and am now in the village itself, walking distance to everything if I want to! Hope you are keeping well!
  11. No, not moved back, starved to death or gone bankrupt! Just get regularly logged out, and for whatever reason it's the devil's own job to get back in! Probably because the email I registered with is different to the one I use now! First time I've been able to log in in three years!!
  12. Jo


    Just been to the vet and have found out my cat doesn't need the rabies vaccine if I don't intend to take her back to the UK, I thought it was obligatory, also they now do the same rabies vaccine as the UK, i.e. valid for 3 years not just one.
  13. I changed my gate which used to have the letter box built in, I put the new one on the wall next to the gate and didn't need a "Demande de Raccordement", my postie just asked that I keep it at the same height. ( I seem to remember there was a paper inside the new box which told you how high it has to be.)
  14. Jo


    When we lived in Hong Kong you were banned from travelling on the underground if you had a durian fruit, the smell used to get in the air con!!!!
  15. That's the stuff, though not where I saw it advertised. Am I right in thinking it says you can't use it on double glazing???
  16. My thinking entirely Daft Doctor, and since she had incurred not inconsiderable costs sending her horses back to the uk, she had initially considered moving back, I am surprised she hasn't pursued it.
  17. If I can find where I saw it advertised I'll post it on here, it was one of the DIY stores here, or it might have been those mobile shops.
  18. Hadn't thought about that Euortrash! D'oh! Good idea, that would give me a bit of protection. idun, after my last lot of dealings with the notaire after my husband's death, I share your opinion! Will be trying a different one for this sale.
  19. I am in the process of selling my house with the intention of moving to another property here in France. I thought that once the CDV was signed and the 7 day cooling off period over, providing there were no clauses inserted, the sale should proceed and should the purchasers pull out, they would lose their deposit. However, a lady who came to view mine said her sale had fallen through long after the CDV was signed, the couple had decided to fund the purchase with a mortgage, AFTER they had signed the CDV, so there was no clause around failure to obtain a mortgage, the mortgage offer was withdrawn, the sale fell through, but she was informed by the notaire as the sale had failed due to lack of finance the couple would not lose their deposit. Since I was hoping to be able to start the purchase of my new house without having to wait for my sale to complete entirely, but can not afford to lose my deposit if my prospective purchasers don't lose theirs, I'm a bit confused and worried! Sorry to ramble a bit, but has anyone had a similar experience?
  20. Did anyone try that film that I saw advertised, I think in Mr Bricolage, that you put on the window, you can see out as clearly as if it wasn't there but looking from the outside it appeared to be a mirror.
  21. Shortly after moving here full time I had a book of raffle tickets returned to me by the British Legion explaining as I lived in France I can no longer gamble or bet or buy lottery/raffle tickets in the UK. I have a VPN UK account that gives me a UK based computer address so I can use iPlayer, presumably you could use that to place bets in UK, it costs me £5 a month. Make sure you get it right though, nothing worse than hitting the jackpot and being unable to collect.....!!!!!!
  22. Never had a problem living next door to a working farm idun, I do accept they have to make a living. It's just that had I know it would change to a breakers yard I would have looked elsewhere. On the plus side it would appear that there is another house the other side of his new barns and that person has complained, he came round tonight to apologise about the noise and is going to take the noisy work into the barn and work with the doors closed to reduce the noise, as I say, he is a very considerate neighbour. Thank you so much for your link NormanH it makes very interesting reading, and is added info should it continue, hope you're keeping well.
  23. He is a very considerate neighbour, and if I could see a way to reduce the noise I would suggest it, and he would do his best to help, but I can't. I'm looking more for something that would help a prospective purchaser if it would be a problem for them.
  24. Rather than trays of salt, how about the things you use to suck up moisture in the house? I used those when the house was left unoccupied and had no problems with mould or damp.
  25. I am certainly less than 100 m from the barns as they used to belong to this house, eek! does that mean I need to leave?? Only joking! Thanks for your good wishes sweet 17 and NormanH, hanging on in there but it's been a challenging year. Not looking forward to the winter as that's when it all went wrong last year. Half of me wants to hang on here as I love the house, the other half says sell up now as I know I will have to eventually as it's too much for me to cope with long term. The noise from next door makes me think do it sooner rather than later, but as I say, I love the place and he did too.
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