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  1. An Australian sportsman/sportswoman is called an "Ausi" and proud to be called it.
  2. Thanks for that info Nick . It seems like its Credit Agricole thats the problem then. I will have to try other banks.
  3. Nick I'm interested in which bank you use in the uk and which bank you draw out from in France. In the last month I have tried to use a Santander card and a Nationwide card at Credit Agricole . They wanted to charge €5 for a transaction. .
  4. pip24


    Thats a nice job Ken 2 days off to rest and some good weather and you will soon have it done.
  5. We have ours fresh. Ive just checked though and you can freeze it, it also says you can freeze it in ice cubes. Next time we have a coulis I will freeze some in the ice tray and try it with a GnT !
  6. Make raspberry coulis? A favourite with ice cream.
  7. The card i used at Credit Agricole was a UK Santander Zero debit mastercard. Usually no charges. I know from the past that Mastercards were not accepted in some supermarchés so next time we're out I will try a visa and see what happens.
  8. Thought that I would draw a bit of cash out at Credit Agricole from my UK bank account to take advantage of the exchange rate. THERE IS A CHARGE OF 5 EURO FOR THIS TRANCACTION warning came on the screen ! I've never had that one before . Its two years since we were last here and pre Brexit. Has this charge been applied because of Brexit or is it just Credit Agricole taking advantage. Does anyone know if there is a french bank that doesn't charge ?
  9. Hi Ken we've always wondered where they overnight and guessed it might be Spain.
  10. Seen the first grues flying south today . There were five flocks of them but not as bigger flocks as previous years. They still made quite a noise though
  11. So sad to loose your best buddy. Ive been there and know the hole left behind. I'm happy that you still have a another mate for companionship. You will still have someone to chunter to whilst tending the jardin. I seem to remember one of your dogs being in an rta many years ago obviously recovered nd lived a full life.
  12. What a nice looking dog. Is it the same one that you posted a few days ago ?
  13. Hi Mint sorry to hear of your problems and hope that you are picking up and getting fitter. It's sad that you missed the Arcachon holiday and walk I hope that you get there in the future. I have some understanding of how you feel as over the last 2 years have been having treatment and have been totally exhausted. The answer to your question is no we're not back in france yet but fingers crossed hope to come over at the end of the month and really looking forward to it.
  14. Another day out could be a trip to les Eyzies and the museum there. Also a visit to the new Lascaux cave (book online). It's a replica of the original and well worth a visit
  15. Arcachon is one of my favourite places. Until the last couple of years we used to have a few days there in early October every year also the la dune du pilat the highest sand dune in europe is a short drive from there at Teste du buche. Its quite spectacular. Also the sea food is excellent around there.. From Arcachon there is a ferry across to cap ferret where there is a renowned restaurant. There is an Arcachon live webcam that you can view on the web for a feel of the place.
  16. pip24

    Antigen test

    Loiseau thanks for confirming that I dont need to book a return day 2 test before leaving the UK. I had read on the .gov site that I needed to book the test before i started to travel and assumed that meant before I left the UK ! As we don't know when we will return to the UK this is better.
  17. pip24

    Antigen test

    Thats great help and information. Loiseau I have got the attestation downloaded and ready to print. Gardian thanks for the info that both pcr and laleral flow test are ok. I wasn't sure about whether the lateral flow test would be acceptable but happy to hear that it is. I've looked up nearby labs and I've found one about 20 minutes away . There is a pharmacy in the village where our house is but i can't tell if they do tests or if they are open weekends. It looks like we will have to travel later in the week. Because we dont sail untill 2300 hrs. We loose a whole day of the 72 hours in travelling through France. So to summarise. . 1 , I will need an attestation to enter France. 2, I need a pcr or lft test in France 72 hours before departure 3, And need to order a 2nd day UK arrival to my home address in the UK before leaving the UK. The last bit could be awkward as I dont know when we will return to the UK . I suppose that I could place an order for the test and then contact the provider and delay the test ? Does this sound to be workable ?
  18. pip24

    Antigen test

    Thanks for the info Woolly its nice to here from someone that has jumped through the hoops. I am hoping to get across in September with a bit of luck. I like to travel back on a Monday . I know that the pcr test to go back to the UK has to be done 72 hours before sailing. Do pharmacies or laboratories test on Saturday or Sunday ?
  19. Hi Mint . I have had the same problem. You said that you follwed a recipe and so did I and got the same problem as you . I have since learned that every time I get new flour it either needs more water or less water than the recipie says so i always go light on the water to start with. It doesnt seem to be the brand of flour because different batches of the same flour seem to require more or less water . I mix my white and brown flours to suit my taste so i am susceptible to a dodgy bake now and then but love the finished product.
  20. I was recently installing new anti virus software on an old laptop when hijacked by bing. I spent 2 days trying to work around it.I gave up in the end and restored an old back up to get to a workable laptop.
  21. How about Madeira ? If you can source it .
  22. Hi Barrie, Welcome to the Forum. I read about your problems with interest as about 16 years ago we bought a small cottage and had similar problems to you. Even internal walls with black patches and droplets of condensation on the walls. Our neighbour advised that as we were having the roof done to have a VMC ( ventilation mechanique controlee ) outlet fitted in the roof at the same time, looking towards fitting a VMC in the future. A year or two later I bought and fitted a vmc, connected the outlet to the new roof outlet and three ports to upstairs rooms and one larger port to downstairs main room/kitchen. The result was remarkable . No more black patches or drips on the walls. The unit takes 22 watts and is recomended to be left on. But we dont leave it on when away but it still seems to work. The important thing is to have it on a 2 amp trip. Hope that this is of help.
  23. There seems to be very little information on the story.. If she was living in the campervan has it been found? Someone must know where she set off from.
  24. pip24

    Covid jabs

    I will definitely get the Vacination. A member of our family died last night from this dreadful virus. He had been in hospital for 20 days, intubated in ICU for 14 days. His daughter and wife was called in yesterday to switch off the life support. What a terrible terrible thing to have to do.
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