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  1. I had been looking for the same thing Crossy67. I found these guys, who sell them online. http://www.vigne.eu/Flamme-sans-pepins---Flame-seedless-cbdaaaaja.asp Sorry I can't work out how to do a link now, but if you copy and paste into your address bar it should work. They look like a good variety, but I haven't ordered them yet, so couldn't vouch for the company or the quality. However, I will be ordering them next week, so can let you know if they are ok if you're not in a rush.
  2. We had a new telephone line installed and internet. We organised it at the Orange shop.... told them we wanted their internet deal, and would need a telephone line installed, as there was not one currently to the old farm we had bought. They set it all up on the computer and said they would contact France Telecom for a visit. Engineer duly arrived 2 weeks later, but said the overhead telephone cables only went to the crossroads opposite to the chemin we live on. France Telecom then had to check with Maire that the chemin was a public one, and then France Telecom had to agree to pay for the install as it is a public road (all overhead cables). We then decided to lay underground cable from the edge of the chemin to our house (our choice). We had to dig the trench and lay the green gaine for the cable at our own cost. All the rest of the cost was borne by France Telecom. It took 6 months from first request to final install, but the total cost to us was only 100e for gaine and 60e cost for France Telecom visit (we have our own JCB). We did need to keep going back to the Orange shop regularly though, to check on progress, as France Telecom weren't great at communicating why there were delays. It all seemed to be about budgets and internal sign-offs. Would have been much more difficult if we hadn't spoken french, as we had to explain the situation to new members of staff each time at the Orange shop - although they were all very helpful when they understood.
  3. Thanks guys, yes the architect has confirmed that the barn with a pool in it, is classed as habitable space - strange as a barn with hay in it (which if I were pushed to sleep in, would seem far more comfortable than the bottom of a pool!) is not included. Not sure I will ever understand the logic to this planning system. We will try to investigate if this latest bill can be paid in parts, as the renovation is to be completed in parts - does anyone know if this will in turn, cause us more problems?
  4. We have emailed the architect to ask why the SHON is so high, thus making the taxes so high. He has included a barn with an indoor swimming pool as habitable space - is that right? No-one can live there as it will be a barn still - it will just have a heated indoor pool in it, for gite guests to use in the winter. Has anyone else got this?
  5. Not sure we will ever get that far 602. If you were aware of all these taxes, did that include the Redevance d'acheologie préventive? Do you know if there are any other taxes still to come...? I don't think the budget can withstand any other surprises...
  6. If anything will curb the enthusiasm of those looking to buy an old property in France to turn into gites, as per Househunting in the Sun programmes.... then this will. We bought an old farm for just under 200k; five old rundown buildings - no fosse septique, but running water and electricity to one house. Plan was to live in one house, renovate the other, and turn two barns into gites. The other larger barn would stay as a barn, but have an internal pool for gite guests. All this was to be completed on a small budget and be done over 5-10 years, with the income from each gite when completed, contributing to renovating the next one. We thought we had done all our homework, spent months on forums; checking costs, asking all the right questions to the immobiliers. We knew that we would have to pay higher than UK immobilier fees (€15.000) and we had accounted for the notaires fees including taxes (€14.000). We had also budgeted for the architects fees which were also steep at €11.000. We also knew that we would have tax d'habitation and tax fonciers to pay - but as the habitable part of the farm was so small, these taxes would be minimal initially. We also enquired whether there were any costs associated with planning permission and were told no, this would be free - there would be a cost for the SPANC man to design a solution for the fosse septique system, but this would be c€150. Well - how far away from the truth, could that advice have been. First we were hit with the Tax Local d'équipement, which was a staggering €7700. It is a tax payable when your receive your planning permission, based on the value of the additional habitable space you are requesting... which is calculated on a % of the value of the additional space - anything over 170m2 being valued at €711 per m2! Obviously big old barns have a lot of m2 and at €711 per m2, tot up to a massive amount. It was payable in two parts €5300 payable 12 months after planning permission was granted, and the other €2400 12 months after that. No-one at any point in the 9 months we were requesting planning permission mentioned this tax. Not the architect; the notaire; SAFER who were buying through; or the immobiliers..... no-one. Having just gotten over the shock of this huge bill; we have now had the coup de grâce. We have now been sent a further Avis D'Impositon (a bill) this one is for 'Redevance d'archéologie préventive' and is for a further €4800 and must be paid in the next 4 weeks!!!!! I have looked this up, and apparently it is a separate tax payable if your planning permission is accepted, for any construction that includes excavation? at least that it how I translated it... and is payable on any planning permission over 1000m2. This is unbelievable. I now have a tax bill for €12.500, for a group of rundown barns, and a house with no toilet or heating. And this was supposed to be a planning process with no costs. I can't afford to start work on the place as I am too busy trying to pay taxes on plans that may or may not ever come to fruition! I have no idea if this is the last of the taxes that I have to pay..... I thought the T.L.E. was the final cost, until this new one came through. I don't know if there is anything else we will have to pay, just because they said yes to our plans.... I sincerely hope not. But for those people looking into buying an old place to renovate and hopefully set up a couple of gites to bring in a bit of income - I think the phrase 'Buyer Beware' is appropriate. Set aside a big chunk for taxes, even though everyone tells you there is no cost to getting planning.... its just not true
  7. I thought that it might be a salamander originally Araucaria - it sounds much more exotic than a newt and the colours looked similar. But the thin red stripe along his back is exactly what the marbled newts have (I had a look on google images). Washed my hands anyway though!
  8. Not sure why the link won't work? Previewed it first and the photo showed up, but now its not working. Can't delete the post either as I'm out of time! Any ideas anyone?
  9. Found this little guy under the roof tiles we had stored on pallets.. [IMG]http://thumb2.webshots.net/t/82/482/9/43/0/2211943000107323202dyMOoZ_th.jpg[/IMG]  Seen here on the seat of the quad bike which was nice and warm in the sun, he seemed to be enjoying the heat. I've never seen one before and had to look him up on google. Apparently he's a marbled newt and quite common in France..... he looked much too handsome to be a 'newt' - I thought he would at least be something exotic like a salamander! Image link repaired by a mod.
  10. We are in the process of a large renovation project near Villereal and can recommend David Besse as an architect. He is french; registered; and local to the area (born and bought up here in the Dordogne) so very sympathetic to the local style, and knows the important officials. He was also very good value, compared to a number of other english architect firms in the area. If you want a contact then pm me.
  11. I have been given a Declaration l'Ouverture de Chantier, to complete, as I have now received my permis de construire for 5 gites. As I am only starting the renovation of one of the small houses now - and this will take us 8-12 months, before we start any of the other renovations.....I am unsure which answer to put on the form.... (i) Pour la totalité des travaux, or: (ii) Pour une tranche des travaux? If I state that I am starting the total works, would that kick off the planning taxes on the whole project, or tax foncier being charged for all the buildings? Not sure what difference the answer to this question makes......but I definitely don't want to put the wrong thing and then find I have a whole load more taxes coming in. The planning permission tax was a big surprise and I really don't want any more of those. However, if I complete part (ii) and just state a part of the work is starting, do I need to put in additional forms every time I start another building? Any help from you guys that have been through this process would be gratefully received.
  12. Does anyone have a digger for hire for 2 days. We have got a JCB 3C coming down from England, but its been delayed and we need to get our fosse dug asap. We wouldn't need an operator, just the actual digger. Any help gratefully received - desperate now - no pun intended
  13. Thanks Betoulle, I have been in touch with your friend, and hopefully we can sort something out with them.
  14. We are buying a new property in Sainte Sabine Born and need to rent a gite from 23 April 2011 for 1 or 2 weeks until we have got the new house habitable. It would need to be in the vicinity of Sainte Sabine Born - so anywhere at Villereal; Issigeac; Monpazier; or Beaumont de Perigord would be ideal. We only need a small gite as we are a couple with no children or pets. We do need WIFI and a would prefer a bath if possible, rather than just a shower and english TV. We would need a space to park one car. We do not need access to swimming pool. We are trying to keep the cost down as much as possible, as we are just preparing for a major and costly renovation project - so we are happy with a 1-2 bedroom gite. If you have anything available, could you let me know. Many thanks
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