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  1. Can anyone tell me if my old nokia phone charged up with an Orange mobicarte will work in the uk? And if I run out of time or euros can I recharge from my phone? I normally only go to the UK for a couple of days and don't take my phone but this time it will be for a month to take care of my mother. Thanks for your help.
  2. And how about..... avec mes amis, on a passé deux heures à Bordeaux.........
  3. I have several boxes of my late dads WW2 related books (biographies and campaign stuff  - he was a Desert Rat) and would love them to go to a happy home.   I'm in the Gironde if anyone is interested.
  4. Do sports personalities cound?I once lived near Christine Trueman and knew David Hemery.
  5. [quote user="Russethouse"][quote user="jon"]brolloi being a very close friend to broccoli .[/quote] The guy who made the Bond films ?[:)] [/quote] I thought he was eating umbrellas[Www]
  6. [quote user="Cat"]You think I'd give away my best recipes for free? [;-)] Whites, that's what I was trying to say, whites. [/quote] I thought (only briefly) that my mereingues had always been a disaster because I'd only used whites[Www] To be honest, ALL my puds are a disaster, especially the charlotte au chocolate at christmas - it bounced!
  7. Yurts are Mongol tents and rather cute.  The daughter of a friend has one in the Pyrenees (65) and lives in it all year round.  She has a wood burning stove to heat it in the winter and its really cosy.  The sheep wool lining makes it smell a bit but after a while I guess you get used to it. Not for me, though - no hot and cold running water and windows facing the sea[;-)]
  8. [quote user="Cat"]For 4 egg yolks and 250 g sugar I add 2 teaspoons cornflour and 1 teaspoon vinegar, works every time.   [/quote] Egg YOLKS!!!!!!![:-))]
  9. [quote user="cooperlola"]Sounds far too veggie for me, Clair.  We must be careful though, we will make Gemonimo hungry!  Although I admit to the occasional DH fix myself. Must go - dinner beckons![:P] [/quote] You did all make me very hungry and I have promised myself a real dinner tomorrow night now that I'm DH'd out.  And I LOVE braised endives.  Not too sure about the tofu, though.  Sounds much too healthy for me. I did think of opening a bottle to go with the cereal but couldn't decided between red or rosé so had neither.  Some decisions are just too hard to make.[;-)]
  10. [quote user="cooperlola"]Ah, well, Gluey.  To my mind, Shepherd's pie is made with lamb (well, mutton - if you're a real traditionalist) mince and also contains carrots.  Although I'm sure that Mrs Stick's creation tastes fab. EDIT: I type this whilst the smell of Mr Lola's cooking wafts from the kitchen (it is his turn.) JE [/quote] Don't keep us un suspense Mrs Lola - what's he cooking for you? I'm having a bowl of cereal watching series three of Desperate Housewives on a loop.  C'est la classe chez moi![:D]
  11. [quote user="sweet 17"]Apart from stuff from Ikea, have bought ONE piece of French furniture.  The price made my eyes water, but then it is lovely, tactile, oak, BEAUTIFUL. What I have found is that, where I live, there aren't many "life-style" shops, so no nice cushions, vases, bits and pieces except at stupidly high prices. Good thing is, I am back in good old Blighty (for the first time since coming here last April) and I can't wait to get a new vacuum cleaner, plants and loads of stuff to bring back.  Problem is, where shall I put the husband and the dog whilst I fill up the car with goodies? [/quote] Sweet, why are you bringing a vacuum cleaner back? My Miele of 10 years died recently and I replaced it with a Morphy Richards for the grand sum of €69 from SuperU.  It's fantastic, light and 'sucks' brilliantly and I'm thinking of getting another one for upstairs. If you buy a vacuum here, you will have space to bring back the dog....[:D] Jen
  12. The first time I invited neighbours and friends for 'aperos', there was no problem about what was served, more about where it was served.  I had set up the drinks in the sitting room and my guest stood around looking a bit lost.  Here, the aperos are taken sitting around the kitchen table.  I'm used to it now and find it a lot easier but it took a while to understand having 'porto' as an aperitif.  But as everyone has said, Rose, do what makes you feel most comfortable and I'm sure it will be a wow. Jen
  13. If you can't use a barbecue, Simon, how about a plancha?  Not quite the same I know, but you can use it all year round.
  14. Your situation really sounds awful Pate and I certainly hope you find a solution. If you bought your flat in order to rent it out, surely you could claim compensation for loss of earnings. And why does your lawyer say you shouldn't come to France until the problem is resolved? I'm not sure that I follow that line of thinking. But Nick Trolloppe is right, the legal sysem in France is very slow. It took me twelve years to get divorced and I'm still waiting for the 'separation de biens' to take place, four years after the divorce. But don't give up and please keep us posted. Jen
  15. Sweet 17 I know exactly what you mean abut your barn feeling 'vacant'. Perhaps it's to do with the space and high ceilings. I work away from home one week out of two and each time I walk into my big family room I feel lost and it takes a couple of days to 'reapropriate' the space - it just doesn't smell like home or feel like home. Your house will come to feel like home but sometimes it just takes time and new experiences to invade the space. A warm fire in the winter and lots of flowers in the summer certainly help. Jen
  16. We were looking for a stone cottage in a state of ruin and we weren't disappointed. Our house had the required stone walls, canal tiles and inside were three stone fireplaces, original terracotta tiles and a stone 'evier'.  Every summer we did another chunk of work and eventually we had a little cottage with one functioning bedroom and bathroom but with an attic dormitory for the offspring.  It was situated at the end of a little lane in a hamlet of five old houses and the children could bike outside without risk of being squashed.  There were also two children of the same age as mine in the hamlet which made summer holidays moan-free.  Eventually we moved out and that's when things went pear shaped (actually they went pear shaped which is why we moved out!) but we still loved our little cottage and made improvements as and when we could.  Then the house burned down and we were left with three walls, no roof, two chimneys and the remnants of terracotta tiling. As there was no way the insurers would 'put it back together again' we added a new modern 72M² 'great room'  an enormous open fireplace and french windows and doors on all sides so we have perpetual light.  Do I regret the passing of my little cottage?  Yes, in a way, but do I love my new house?  You bet! Jen
  17. Worse than the moans on a friday night was the TON of laundry that arrived with them. But hey, Cathy, this morning is Saturday and the sun is shining and I bet they are in great humour.  IMHO girls are worse than boys in the friday night moan department and it doesn't last[:)]
  18. My twisted willow has little leaves and my mimosa smells divine.  As for the cranes, well I didn't notice them leaving[:D]
  19. Quite agree with you WB.  My very old fashioned portable is taken out with me when I am in the car in case I break down and need to call a garage and no-one other than my children know the #.  If anyone wants me, I have a landline with a repondeur. Jen
  20. Hey, Ab...... did you know that the newer range of dw's are more ecological and certainly more water friendly than hand washing with the added bonus that you don't get dish pan hands[Www]
  21. And why are things taken 'off' people not 'from' them?
  22. Marry in haste, regret at leisure. Can't help feeling it will all end in tears. Bus whose?
  23. One of my daughters took the option international bac at the Lycéé Magendie in Bordeaux. At the time the school was in a run down state (actually quite dangerous) but it has since been rebuilt and apparently is marvellous. Jen
  24. Gemonimo

    IVF treatment

    I'd like to add my good wishes to you all. The road may be long but it will be worth every minute and as Geordie Girl said we look forward to happy announcements. Jen
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