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  1. [quote user="Barbel Bob"] [:'(] I have just spent 7 days clearing two large flower borders of a weed i have since found to be called lesser celandine, it has totally invaded my garden growing also in my grass!!!! I have removed them by hand getting rid of the roots also...I have chosen not to use weed killer this time in the borders but do not want to repeat the last 7 days EVER AGAIN! so want to hear about your experiences of this weed!!![/quote] I hate to tell you this but unless you have cleared the ground of every miniscule bulblet that lesser celandine reproduce from you are going to have an on going problem with this weed. Removing the weeds by hand dislodges the bulblets and also digging over the area brings dormant bulblets closer to the surface where they then germinate.  The only solution I found was to use a good weedkiller over a 2 year period.  Ist year treat with weed killer, then cover with weed suppressant, 2nd year uncover and treat new growth with weed killer.  After that I still had the odd ones coming up that I removed with a border trowel complete with the ball of soil. Don't put any of the weed on the compost heap you will just spread the problem when you use the compost.  
  2. Most Pharmacies sell the purple spray, ask for Duphacyline spray.
  3. Pleased to say I think I have found a new home for Hugo,  if it doesn't work out OH has agreed we will foster him until a new forever home can be found for him. Cockerel is now happily enjoying his new life with his harem of 10 girls.  
  4. No reply to e-mail, I have had the offer of another cockerel but it is further away but I have promised I will let the other people know by lunchtime today if I want it.  Pity because I was going to have a talk about Hugo (the dog) to see if either he would fit in with my 2 dogs or I could help find a home for him.
  5. E-mail sent earlier this morning,  I could come and collect cockerel tomorrow afternoon (Tues 3rd)
  6. Why are some threads showing the last post date as being as far back as 2005?  Or is it just my computer?
  7. [quote user="DanT"]Thats very trusting of you![/quote] Well the philosophy has worked for over 30 years.
  8. Not sure if this of any use, just over the border in Haute Vienne. Samedi 15 et dimanche 16 novembre Journées des pépiniéristes à Châlus Les deux jours : exposition-vente arbres, arbustes, plantes vivaces, outillage de jardin, artisanats, métiers de bouche, automobile... Vente de câtaignes blanchies et de cidre. Some friends bought all their fruit trees from one of the stalls last year and they have grown really well.  
  9. Also tried them on Wednesday when the van was at Nexon.  The were hoping to also have Chalus as another pitch but the Mairie has refused them permission, giving the reason that there were already too many of these types of things in the town  - where/when?
  10. I don't very often post but come on to the Forum most days to read what everyone is up to and was pleased to see Chris posting again the other day. So sorry to hear he fell off the wagon but at least he has the sense to know when he needs help, I wish him well and hope to see him back here soon. Do you know what sort of books he is looking for.  I have about 1000 up in the attic so am sure I could find something for him.
  11. My mum told me to remember that it doesn't matter where he gets his appetite as long as he comes home for his dinner[;-)][:D]
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