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  1. I've loitered around here for around twenty years, and it has always been the case that confrontation attracts all comers and rubber neckers, which translates into high viewing figures. Your post proves the point. Given that the forum can appear like a morgue these days, your question has attracted 3 replies within an hour. ?
  2. The significance of these statistics to residents of France would be??
  3. It is not so much that Macron won the election but more a case of the voters, who bothered to vote, rejected Le Penn by voting for the only available alternative.
  4. I might hazard a guess that it could be because the topic appears to have been deleted.
  5. This is not meant to teach your grandma how to suck eggs, but for assisting anyone struggling to create and submit a post Members need to be signed in to create a post. Select and click 'Create' - can be found in the forum header, to the left of the 'notification' bell. This will reveal 'Topic' - click on 'Topic'. This will reveal 'Select Forum'' - click the 'v' in the 'Select' box. This will reveal the 'Forum' list - click on the > of the forum topic you want and click on 'Continue'. This will reveal a sub-list of forums within that topic - click on the forum you want to post on. This will reveal the page where you are able to compose, edit, review and 'Submit Topic'. After selecting 'Submit Topic' it is always prudent to wait, can sometimes seem like a lifetime, until the submitted topic is viewable as a forum post.
  6. Must be enough to give you the Bird!
  7. Ha. I'll see your one dog and raise you two dogs and a cat. Actually, it's a result for us. Every year we are harangued, for five months during the late autumn, winter and early spring, as their biological clocks remain permanently fixed on summertime. From Sunday onwards, life should return to some sort of normality. Yeah, right!
  8. ....... don't forget to change your timepieces. A good mnemonic is, Spring FORWARD ---> Fall BACK <---.
  9. A regular mine of information on powering the UK, aren't we. However, all these figures and stats. will be of benefit to we residents of France, how? ?
  10. I don't suppose the union cautioned the employees, following the sale of the company to DP World in 2019, that by signing a Jersey based offshore 'maritime' employment contract that the inevitable could happen. They too, the unions, should accept a certain amount of culpability in this unfortunate situation.
  11. You wish Mr. 'always turned out like a tailor's dummy' Macron. How adolescent is that?
  12. I'll be with you at about 12.30, ok.
  13. Check out http://carburants.org before filling up. Enter your city or postcode in the box below the header.
  14. A global hero who has been democratically elected president of a sovereign state that is under siege by a communist led regime attempting to expand its power and rule within the west of Europe, has chosen to deliver a live address to the seat of government of one of the oldest democratic countries in the world, this afternoon. To me, that sends out a clear message to all comers and the rest of the world, and I'm not even British.
  15. The prime ministers of Holland and Canada apparently think otherwise.
  16. What sort of moron takes photos of soil, dirt or grime and posts them on an Anglo/French forum, or am I missing something here?
  17. Really? Macron had his audience with Putin on the 7th February. Putin invaded Ukraine on 24th February. The invasion is now in its eleventh day, with no sign of abating. Would you say that initiative you refer to, by Macron, is going well and to plan? If you believe that Putin could have been persuaded by anyone, let alone Macron, to scrap his invasion ambitions, you are seriously deluded. The way I read it was that Macron seized an opportunity to bolster his re-election chances here in France, particularly now as he has thrown his 'chapeau' into the ring. It would seem he was completely out manoeuvred and humiliated by Putin at that initiative bearing meeting. You armchair pundits should be assessing what direction and to which nation he will have in his sights, following the flattening of Ukraine, to enable some sort of resistance to be implemented for the well-being of the rest of us.
  18. Hello Mint, I've never used the message service here. However, having looked at it and if I wanted to send a message, my first shot would be to create a document, type the message into the document, save it to desktop, documents or wherever. Then I would open the message area on here and, as required, drag the message document from wherever I had saved it to into the message box and send it. I stand corrected if that is not a feasible method.
  19. Dear Norman, As it is Wednesday today, should I not therefore be panicking? Confused of Côte d'Azur
  20. I would say that's an accurate summary of him. Short of a good slap, he needs to concentrate as president of the EU council on organising the nation states of the EU, via NATO, in securing the eastern border of the EU against any insurgence into the west by this megalomaniac else it will cease to feel like 1938 but more like 1939.
  21. Browsing their site, it would appear that Batiland require your location/postcode to be entered first to determine the depot. Once they determine your depot they then require you to jump through all sorts of hoops as to your status, eg professional, private etc, your name, address, email and telephone number. For obvious reasons, I didn't fill out this information and would imagine you will gain access to prices once you have followed these requirements. I would give Chausson a once over where they display their prices to all comers. Good luck with all that.
  22. Yep. The software assumed it was a sex organ and asterisked me, hence the 2 c's in his name.
  23. Thanks, but no thanks I'll pass (not a Bowie fan), and just stick with my popcorn for this one.? Somehow, I don't think this one will really fly. Where are 'Miki' and 'Dicck Smith' when we need them?? ?
  24. Huh? Finding an excuse not to indulge in exercise is easier than falling off a bicycle. If they don't happen to reside on the 1st floor, just using the stairs on a regular basis is an excellent form of exercise.
  25. You reckon? You may well be correct. I would, however, attribute the behaviour to bad parenting, poor education, lack of intelligence and not forgetting pure thuggery and vandalism.
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