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  1. [quote user="Jane and Danny"][quote user="Rob Roy"]We've got a Free-sat box [/quote] What is the make and model number of the box? Genuine 'freesat' decoders are automatically retuned following any changes of frequency on the satellite. If you have a Free to air decoder and not an actual 'freesat' box, then you will have to manually retune. That is the most likely problem if it not a 'freesat' box. Danny [/quote] I'm pretty sure it's only a cheapy decoder - tt is a Fortec Star FS-4200  I've been looking this morning at the rather basic User's Manual and can't see how I manually retune a single channel. I'm a bit wary aboout doing too much in case I muck up all the other channels we do have - my husband would kill me! 
  2. I know it doesn't start until the evening - that's when we can't get it![;-)] Thanks Clair, but we had the same problem before all the digital changes in the UK, and none of our other channels are affected. We can get BBC 3, but who wants it!
  3. Do you mean press 601 on the remote? It comes up as 'No such channel'.
  4. We've got a Free-sat box on which we can received all the ITV channels, Channel 4, Channel 5, plus various others and all BBC apart from BBC 4. Does anyone know why we can't get this, or how I can find it? When we try it comes up 'no signal' which seems rather strange as we get all the other terrestrial channels without problems. 
  5. I would have no problem negotiating prices for building materials etc in the UK and expecting a result, but not so sure it works over here, or am I wrong?
  6. Our mayor also approved our application to build another house (for my brother) on some of our land, but it was turned down higher up. We went back to the mayor, who was not impressed with the refusal and asked us to submit a new application and he would liaise with the planners. True to his word we got permission second time around, so I would suggest if your mayor did not object go and see him and ask for his support. 
  7. I could hardly bear to watch the end of the race - fantastic effort by Team GB and another brilliant win by the Manx Rocket.[:D]  I also said he must be in the running for Sports Personality.
  8. My OH uses a hole saw for making holes in the plasterboard - similar to the picture above but with serated edge all the way round.
  9. [quote user="Mrs Trellis"]When the laptop was ruined by accident I went to my insurance agent. As I suspected, computers are not covered for accidental damage. I was surprised to be told nothing is! Apparently we are only insured if we can blame someone - e.g. theft, if reported to the police. Any other loss or damage is not covered. And if we should accidentally leave the house unlocked, we are not insured for theft. As OH says, we aren't insured for much. I haven't tried to compare with UK premiums but French ones should be way cheaper as they won't get many fraudulent claims,.[/quote] We had exactly the same response from our insurance agent regarding my old laptop - if it had happened in someone else's house then we could claim from their insurance! I also checked recently whether I could claim for my glasses that the dog chewed up, but glasses (specs) aren't covered and I started checking what is.  It looks as though we need to revise our cover as I'm not at all sure about jewellery (not that I have a lot!) and stamps are another thing not covered and my husband has quite a valuable collection. However our dogs and the donkeys are covered if they cause a problem.[:)]
  10. If you press 2 for the 'Menu Principal' I think you should get an option to listen to saved messages.
  11. I agree with you Sweet. When we lived in the UK we weren't always rushing off to 'do things' and I don't understand either why some people seem to feel there should be more happening in France than in the UK. There is plenty going on in France if you want to go and find it, but don't expect it to come to you - any more than it would in the UK. My guess is that quite a few of the people who move over here to country areas have come from city or urban areas in the UK so are used to a busier life with more hustle and bustle going on around them. They experience a relaxing holiday in France and think they would like to live like that all the time. The reality is that they get bored with country living and then complain nothing ever happens in rural France. Of course I'm not suggesting that anyone on this Forum is at all like that![Www]
  12. [quote user="idun"] Yes, as we always thought the manque of little birdies was because the indiginous people had eaten them. [:(] [/quote] Surely the quail mentioned are captive reared birds, not wild ones, so you wouldn't have seen them anyway.
  13. Our village (Pop.about 600 ) has a very active fete committee. We have a big plant fair at the end of May, then in July there is an annual Foire au Pain when they fire up as many complete bread ovens in the area as possible (this year I think there were 12) and all sorts of traditional breads are made ready for an evening buffet in the village. With the breads are every sort of pate, cold meats, quiches etc you can think of, and another huge table of  cheeses, flans, tarts and cakes for dessert. You take your own wine/beer etc and pay 5 euros if you haven't contribulted a dish towards the buffet, it is a great evening. Last weekend we had the summer fete - Saturday afternoon was concours de petenque, entrainement ball-trap, tennis tournament followed in the evening by a steak and chips supper and a dance. Sunday started with concours de peche, randonnee and chasse aux tresors, randonnee equestre, local radio broadcast, music 'Bandas', more ball-trap, procession and judging of bicycles and lawnmowers decorated with flowers and the day finished with a torchlight procession and a fantastic firework display. There were also some funfair sideshows and dodgems going on all weekend.. We also have two other Concours de peche, a big Lotto evening, a Christmas fair and an annual exposition on a different theme each year.
  14. No worries, Coops. I Googled to come up with that result,  but there were lots of ideas.
  15. It may have something to do ith the very hot spring/early summer we had that has affected the crop. I know my onions were very slow to start and they are not a big this year as they were last year due to lack of water.
  16. Rob Roy

    eye test

    Just to add I received my new specs 10 days after ordering them, and I'm very pleased with them - although having varifocals for the first time in my life is taking some getting used to! I also received a payment into my bank account from CPAM of 14.80€ which I presume is for the eye test; the paperwork always comes much later I find.
  17. Something like this? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/ikea-varde-kitchen-corner-unit-cooker-unit-sink-unit-/140600869689?pt=UK_Home_Garden_Kitchen_KitchenFurniture_EH&hash=item20bc770339
  18. There was a case near us where a French electirican was called in to repair a fault on a house that had been re-wired the English way; the electrician didn't know this and was killed as he electrocuted himself, with the result that the house owner was prosecuted and jailed. Why risk it?
  19. The English tell jokes about the Irish; the Irish tell the same jokes but the people come from Kerry from what I remember. The French do the same about the Belgians etc etc. I can't see anything wrong with it, sometimes the PC card can go too far IMO. Loved the jokes Sweet, will be sending them to my Irish relatives [:)]
  20. [quote user="cooperlola"] ............You really to help to keep my spirits up by giving me somebody to sound off to other than the long suffering Mr C and this large orange heap of fur that is upside-down on my bed as I try to type with the netbook propped on his stomach.[:D] [/quote] [:-))]  I got quite a shock for a moment - I thought you were referring to Mr C as having orange fur on his stomach - toooo much information!![;-)] Very best wishes to you; being such a positive and remarkable lady I'm sure everything will get sorted out positively very soon. Best wishes to Mr C too, as the partners often feel so helpless in these situations, and I know he's been there for you all the way.
  21. When we bought our first house here we were able to insure after the completion, having promised (almost sworn on a bible!) the notaire we would do so. Second time around, which was three years ago, the notaire (a different one) would not proceed until we had put the insurance in place as we had forgotten to do it  - therefore a mad dash up the road to the agent's office, luckily he's the father of our immobilier, for immediate insurance and back to the notaires for the completion [:'(]. In the UK we were never asked about insurance, even though we moved 4 times.
  22. I found the slide show of pictures really annoying, sorry! I would much prefer to see thumbnails and be able to select pictures as I want to by clicking on them to enlarge them. I would also prefer to see the information on the 'Key Facts' page changed so all that is listed at the top of the first page so that I could decide whether this particular house is what I might be looking for (especially including the price). As others have said the rooms look dark; if you could get someone to take some new pictures for you of the new, lighter decor it might well be worth arranging. Good luck with the sale, you must be fed up trying to do it all from a distance.
  23. Maybe people are using the 'search' facility more - over the years many of the questions regarding moving, living, working, renovating, educating etc etc have already been asked and answered on this (and other) forums.
  24. That sums it up really Sweet, and very eloquently too.[:D]
  25. [quote user="Keni"]It's 40+ here, never seen cats sit in front of a fan before- they must be hot! x[/quote] My cats are sitting panting like the dogs!
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