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  1. I haven't used these but might have to when my tax forms eventually arrive! I haven't PM'd you with this, as other members may be able to give some feedback on whether they are any good or not. http://www.frenchtaxonline.com    
  2. When did the economique service end?  I only moved to France last winter but I always get offered this service ( even today!) at my local post office, for parcels to the UK and USA.
  3. Can any one tell me how long (on average) it takes parcels sent from France to the UK economique to arrive? Also has anyone ever sent a letter en recommandée to the UK , the version where you pay considerably more to have a receipt sent back to you in France and ever received said receipt? Because I never have and wonder if I am wasting my money [8-)].
  4. I am aware that an official complaint has been made to the police and quite right too in my opinion for misconduct in a public office. There cannot be much worse in the way of misconduct than the Deputy PM bonking his secretary in his office during working hours! Red Ken quite rightly faced a tribunal for his comments to a Jewish reporter and a police officer recently made similar headlines for having sex in his patrol car. Surely, this man/ idiot/ right honourable gentleman/ adulterer/ Deputy PM - delete as applicable should face the music for his actions?
  5. Sorry for any mis-information in my post. I know we have a fosse of some sort and a soakaway and it's a new system. I thought my washing water was going else where, if it's not then thanks for bringing this to my attention,  it could explain why we get the odd pong ! as I hadn't been taking that much notice of the labels on my washing powders etc. I'm off to read this post now http://www.completefrance.com/cs/forums/655133/ShowPost.aspx  
  6. Thank you I will go and have a look right now ! Edit Found it [:D] http://timbres.laposte.fr/fre/    
  7. Our washing machine water, shower water etc goes into a soakaway, I believe this is the norm. Bearing in mind that a fosse needs friendly bacteria to work effectively, some biological washing powders could hinder this. That's all I can tell you but I know that Dave and Olive and  Mr Motorhead are very knowledgeable on this subject.[:D]  
  8. I was bitten about two months ago and didn't see or feel anything at the time. It made a bit of mess of my leg though as the skin around the bite went a purple-ish colour and peeled away .It has faded now but I will be glad to get some sun on it! What are the best things to use to repel insects or put on afterwards?    
  9. I send quite a few gifts to the UK and it would be helpful if I could have the 'ordinary' France to UK package / parcel postage rates to hand. I have looked at the La Poste website but I can only find the details of international chronopost which is more expensive and not what I am after. Am I just looking in the wrong place or is the information I need not on there?
  10. Well you did ask me to expand Dick. My point is that I cannot see the point of joining a new forum just to complain about another one! I just think its very petty. I'm not surprised that its closed down ( if it has) as the owners must have wondered what had hit them!
  11. [quote user="Dick Smith"]Ah. Would you care to expand on that, Beryl? [/quote] Was it not you that opened a thread about the Moderator Hell Pit forum and them proceeded to slate the new LF 'lounge' ? If I am wrong then I apologise totally.
  12. I do think it's a bit off that some LF members have joined the other forum just to slate LF, well, that's how it seems to me.       "Rudeness is a weak mans show of strength"
  13. I stayed on a French owned gite on a working farm whilst in France to finalise the buying of my property, so we weren't here for a holiday, which was just as well. I would not through choice stay on a gite on a working (dairy ) farm. Far too noisy and too smelly, exactly what one would expect on a farm but not necessarily what one wants from their holiday!
  14. Have a plod through this http://www.completefrance.com/cs/forums/544920/ShowPost.aspx I remember reading that it shouldn't be pulled up or chopped up as it can regenerate itself very easily, so I would have thought strong weed killer would be your best option and get rid of the plant when its definitely definitely dead - but I'd wait for some advice from the gardening experts on here.        
  15. If you like en tete a tete, try getting hold of "qui de nous deux", you will be singing it all day!
  16. Could it have been a hornet? The look like big wasps and they DO sting! http://www.1976design.com/blog/archive/nature/2003/09/28/hornets/
  17. I have a lot of admiration for you Big Jim, from what I have read about you, you are really living life to the fullest in France I'm sure you and the little man (?) in your avatar will get a lot of enjoyment from it. Ditto, please post a picture of the finished project.
  18. [Www]I had a look at another forum the other day out of curiosity and was surprised to see that it had many members (with the same name) that posted as regularly on that site as they do on here - nothing wrong in that of course, but how do they find the time?[Www]  
  19. Thought the grass was greener and from our point of view, it is [:D] But we are lucky not to have a mortgage and have retired with enough money to get by and I think from previous similar topics that this clearly makes a big difference to how one views France.  
  20. Thanks very much for you help Sunday Driver [:D]
  21. [quote user="Rob G"]Hi Ron, Thanks again for your comments. Yes, there will have been a small amount of interest for the month of December. What's a "double taxation indemnity", why do I need one, and how do I get it in place? Thanks again, Rob [/quote] This might be helpful Rob. http://www.hmrc.gov.uk/cnr/app_dtt.htm#5 This is my first tax year too, is there anyone out there in receipt of a UK Civil Service pension ( as these have to be taxed in the UK) who can advise me where this information needs to go on the tax form. I'd hate to be taxed twice! We still pay UK tax on the little interest our UK bank account earns as it seemed easier to let it be. Will this cause any problems ?
  22. [quote user="abim"]  Any good pork ideas? [/quote] I have done this so often but can't remember the exact quantities as I do it from memory now. Cut a whole pork fillet along the top to make a pocket, stuff with fresh spinach, pine nuts, chopped dried apricots and peices of mozzarella, then wrap parma or bayonne ham around the outside. Wrap tightly in tin foil and chill. When ready loosen foil slightly and roast in foil for about 45 mins depending on thickness of fillet, uncover for last 5-10 mins. Then cut into thickish slices.
  23. It didn't look that black, my husband thought it could have been a nightingale and having googled it, it was the right sort of size and colour( the black face could have been caused by the sun in my eyes!) Though I thought Nightingale's were supposed to sing sweetly and this was just a sharp repetitive noise. Thanks any way.
  24. Hello Chris It didn't seem to have the pointed tails of a swallow. I think it had a black face, but couldn't see it well. It was quite happy to chirp at me from on high but no other chirrup other than this sharp 'wheat' sound. I was never a big bird watcher  before but I am becoming one!  
  25. Rather Benny Hill for me( in very small doses) than Norman Wisdom, just what is funny about wearing a jacket too tight, a cap skew whiff and falling over whilst laughing uncontrollably at something no-one else can comprehend? And he's got a statue in Albania I think.
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