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  1. Contention Ratio explained below http://www.getonlinebroadband.com/faqs/faq02.html
  2. The Neuf box does weird things round here. I have tele2 and measure 2mbs download but 3 of my neighbours with neuf only get 512k We plugged in a regular cegetel modem in their lines and measured 2mbs It seems the neuf box as well as being noisy is also capping bandwith. This is a bit cheeky considering they sell it as 2mbs. Whats going on? Neuf setup was faster and easier than tele2 but now I have a very reliable, silent, fast service but my neighbours don't. DON'T GET NEUF....in my opinion Jim www.sonicbrute.com
  3. There is one solution 'wengo' phone. Voip with dedicated box that connects to your generic router/adsl modem. Very very cheap! But I agree, it's annoying to be stuck with their box. However I'm saving 40Euro/month and chating to clients globally for free. Sometime when more options are available I'll change.
  4. This is one for the geeks. I have XP running on the MAC PRO under Parallels and bootcamp, but neither can see my third SATA NTFS Drive. Any clues? Jimboinlimbo PS to answer the obvious question 'why put XP on a cool MAC?' Nuendo by steinberg is my professional platform and it's not Universal binary until Q4 2007. Jim
  5. I have degroupage so tele2 bought the line. I pay 35euro/month for line and ADSL But the tele2 phone is VOIP so it must go through the tele2 box. France telecom are no longer involved. The tele2 box is ok but not open to tweeking. I'm looking for a generic router/adsl/modem with voip built in. Netgear don't do them with voip included. Weirdly enough each provider seems to buy a certain bandwidth and puts an automatic cap in the box. Tele2 runs here at a cozy 2Mbs but neuf at only 512. However the voip suffers on tele2 where it's solid with neuf. I'd like to be able to adjust things to suit my daily changing ADSL needs. Any clues?
  6. I just switched to Tele2 including line rental The ADSL is twice the speed of Orange/FT! But any techies out there know if I can use my Netgear DG834 instead? I tried the obvious settings....no password/ID required. After that I'm lost. jim
  7. It seems that there is a tendancy to complain about what is missing in a rural french life. Pubs, music, shopping etc. Well if you've lived in UK in anything bigger than a medium sized market town then move to a hamlet what do you expect? Music is great in France and well supported by the state unlike in UK. Rural life is so different from town life as to be utterly incomparable, weither in France or UK. Stop wingeing and decide what is important then move there. I ran to France and never looked back. After 2 years in France I'm going back to the UK for 2 weeks and am nervous about what I'll find. The view from here is all doom and gloom. Did anyone rate the UNICEF report?
  8. Hi Katy I got an removal from jurisdiction order  which  states that I and the mother agree to our son living in France but not outside france or england to protect her access to him. We went to the solicitor together to discuss the options then drafted a statement setting out access arrangements. Um that might have been part of the residency order. I got all three at the same time. The solicitor saved my life! You don't need these things until you need them if you see what I mean. If suddenly I got a job in Hollywood then I would have to clear it with his mother which is reasonable. If she moves to France then she wants to know that I do not oppose her access etc. It's a safe-guard for both parties. However as soon as you've been here for 6 months and your kid is registered here at school etc. then they come under french law. I would not mention this to the other parent as it's a can of worms that can only work in your favour. There have been cases where under UK law a parent had the right to demand their child return to UK for good but under french law the fact that the child was bi-lingual and had established a well integrated life in France carried more weight. A good family solicitor that deals with international custody cases is worth their weight in gold. They know exactly what you need to protect your legal issues internationally. £120 was what I paid for 2 hours of his time. Good Luck Jim
  9. [quote user="Jonzjob"] As for the Wanadooo/Orange software. You can kick it into touch and still use your Livebox just as if it was any other router....I did that as soon as I found out you could. It's a Bl00dy pain!!! [/quote] How did you do that? Can you use livebox via usb and still control it loke a normal router? What is the ip address of LB and how do you configure it? Tell me your secrets! Jim
  10. Azureus is good for bittorrent and www.torrentscan.com is a great file search for all torrents
  11. Livebox must be bad if so many customers return them. Saying it is user error in 97% of cases just shows what a bad piece of un-user-friendly kit it is. I have been helping many pals get online with live box for over a year now and every time it takes way too long and does not provide a reliable software solution. I recommend people buy a Netgear ADSL modem/router starting at 43Euro or any other modem/router rather than live box Plug it in, enter password and ID then windows does the rest. No need for all that orange software which just sucks Live box takes on average 1 hour to install and crashes often Windows sees a generic router in 13 milliseconds! I am happy with Orange ADSL but forget their hardware and customer support wow what a good way to make money, sell everone a complex box that is unreliable then charge 50 cents/minute call service Rant rant I hate live box
  12. I need a bi-lingual accountant in Bourgogne to help pals with micro enterprise mess. Can anyone recommend one locally or within 300km? Jim
  13. [quote user="Mystery tramp"]By the way, what do you think of your new computer, bigjimbishop?  After all this I imagine you feel like the man who didn't know it was loaded! [/quote] Well the Mac Pro is very fast and smooth but sadly Steinberg have yet to update Nuendo, the pro software I use to UB so I have not really been able to kick asss yet. However I did load Win XP through Bootcamp onto an IDE drive in line with the DVD drive and it worked quite well but not the greatest performance from my expensive Raptor Sata drives. Generally I feel quite future proof for the next five years with this machine. However watchout for industrial diamond terrabyte storage devices being developed by GE it's superfast low energy 3d optical storage, no moving parts. This will see off the hard disk for good.
  14. Anyone had any experience of how READSL compares to ADSL?
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