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  1. [quote user="Mel"]Christmas in Steeple Bumpstead in Essex... New Year's Eve in the Murderer's pub in Norwich...[/quote]   Seems to me that is the worse hit area for snow ,ice, etc.,  will keep my fingers crossed for you and hope you make it. les Favets p.s. Do take special care !!!!!!!!
  2. [quote user="Richard"]I'm not sure what I'm doing Christmas day yet. I was planning on spending it alone originally, but I think other people have different ideas. See what happens. It's ages away anyway.[/quote]   Cough !!  cough !!  It's about New years Eve/day,  we've gone past Christmas day les  Favets
  3. I party mainly because I am pleased to know that I am still around to see another New Year arrive. le Favets
  4. It is that time of the year to advise you that the 5th Am art exhibition organised by the Mairie of Montlucon is now open for persons wishing to participate:  Entries must be in by 4th January (no later ).  The Exhibition will take place in the Hotel de Ville, Montlucon from Saturday 27th March to Sunday 11th April 2010. To apply either telephone the Mairie: 04 70 02 55 53 or make contact with: Direction de la Communication, Cite Administrative, 1 rue des Conches, 03100 Montlucon.  Perhaps I will see you there.  This year I am enquiring if my 8 year old Granddaughter can exhibit also as I took her last year and it inspired her to start taking painting lessons. Regards les Favets
  5. What are you all up to this coming New Years Eve ? and can we come and join you ???????????? les Favets
  6. It's a long journey trying to find the best avenue to follow ( not because we are on this forum ) but in the past we have used Living France together with one other magazine published in the U.K. with some success.  If you have the time to sit on the web for a long time, there are many websites under the heading " Free advertising holiday web sites"  which we have also used but not many of them produced lets because as I suspect and you have found; that there are too many available to advertise on, so just as an exercise; only use free ones to see what your returns are. Regards les Favets
  7. Is there anyone, updating or due to going back to England wishing to sell their laptop or computer?  Must be in good working order , reasonable price.  WE live in the Puy de Dome bordering l'Allier region of the Auvergne, so the closer one is the better it would be for collection.  Please pm me Regards le Favets
  8. Are there any members offering a few days New years celebration party with accommodation? les Favets
  9. Once again, the French organisation: Le Club Anglais ( Montlucon ) have arranged their traditional English Christmas lunch for Saturday 12th December at " Hotel le Commerce " Marcillat en Combraille (03420 ). The realistic price of 23 euro per person includes: Drinks on arrival followed by a 4 course lunch inclusive of all wine ( red / White ) ending with mince pies Carol singing and Christmas crackers will be awaiting your arrival on your place mats.  What more could you wish for. If you wish to participate you must book via the Clubs treasurer.  For further information please contact me Regards Le Favets
  10. Being amateur artists displaying their works. would it be to sell ?? and if it was do they have to be registered to be able to do so and then would they be classified as professionals? Les Favets
  11. Never heard of it!!  you might say, that is because I have just thought it up.  As an amateur artist myself I have been able to show some of my paintings at an annual exhibition organised by the Montlucon Mairie.  I would like to be able to exhibit in other venues and if possible with the interest of other amateur artists form an association in the region, so that we can meet and exchange ideas ie; put on our own exhibitions, open up our own working galleries. Hope there are others out there of a similar mind   Regards Les Favets
  12. Not sure if this is where I am able to place a wanted message but here goes:  Wanted A Caravelair caravan Model : AMBIANCE 460 ( 4mtr 60 ) Must have doubel centre bed and cassette loo.  Year of model: freom 2005 plus.  We live in the Auvergne Puy de Dome bordering L'Allier would be prepared to viewe withing 3 hours of Montlucon l'Allier.  Obviously must be in very good condition Regards Royston
  13. We are looking for a second hand Caravelair caravan: Model Ambiance 460.  Must have a central double bed and cassette loo. Year of make 2005 plus. Obviously must be in good condition. Regards Royston
  14. Thank you Jehe,  Yes it is as old as I indicated , here before 1750 ,see:  http://genealogie.orange.fr When it come up go down the left column to " Cartes de France 1750 "  put in Ars les Favets and up come our " etang "  This web-site might be of interest to other readers to see their local areas.  Another question please:  Where did you learn the information you gave?  Is there a site which one is able to view same? Regards Royston
  15. Where does one approach to find a classification ( for fishing  ) of ones own lake.  We purchased our etang 7 hectares, some 12 years ago and a local company was already renting it from the then owners together with a building.  The  contract was built into our purchase details and we continued the let. After a short time ( for private reasons ) we had to terminate the contract.  Since then we have been selling our own private fishing cards to locals and also including the cost to fish in with our charges for the Gites we let out.  We were informed in the early days that the lake had been formed before the date of 1829 and without taking to much interest in the reason for this information discovered that it gives a rating of " casseni plan" which does not fall into any restricted classifications other then the movement of the water and polution. We now need to sell the property but don't know where to obtain an authorisation giving details of the classification.  As there is no mention in our purchase details.  We have never had any authority questioning our use of our lake and they were involved some 6 years ago when the then renting company wanted some of their fish back and partly lowered the lake. Regrads Les Favets
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