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  1. [quote user="Gardian"]As usual when you're caramelising onions, be brave and don't bottle out of getting them really brown, but not burned.  Also, a fair bit of seasoning required, for our taste at least. [/quote] and be very patient, it can take half an hour easily to caramelise the onions
  2. I put some of the oak wood ash on the chicken's dust bath, the rest goes on the compost.
  3. I will give it a go today but might have to wash with shampoo tomorrow as I've got the Voeux du Conseil in front of the whole village [blink]
  4. I wonder if it'll be repeated?  My son would want to watch that.
  5. It sounds great but I really don't think I could go 3-4 weeks of iffy hair waiting for the natural process to level out.  I have shoulder length hair that although relatively thick is very fine (blonde) and if I don't wash it everyday then it looks like *** by mid-morning.  I am very particular about my hair and if it doesn't look good then I don't feel good, 3-4 weeks would be living hell for me.
  6. I've always had problems getting the gas to flow after changing the bottle.  I use the small Malice bottles, and I think I've finally sussed it the last time I changed over.  Putting the d├ętendeur on is straightforward but I had previously not purged it by pressing the button on the side, without doing that there is an air bloackage. Which type of bottle are you using?
  7. Suze01

    Get out of my bed.

    Ours does that too!
  8. [quote user="Gardian"]Actually, our neighbour Michel who knows ............ well, about everything, said to me this morning that this cold winter means that we're going to fry this summer. [/quote] Quite possible.  We arrived September 2002 and had a freezing winter down to -15 really bad for a week, what followed:  the canicule of 2003.
  9. www.totalfrance.com/france/forum/viewtopic.php?t=56845 might be of interest.
  10. [quote user="tenniswitch"]That is a good idea for those who are comfortable using a French keyboard. For those that aren't, and use Windows (especially if you have bits and pieces of Office 2003 or later), I find that using spellcheck in French (occasionally augmented by the "insert character" icon) works quite efficiently, and I change from English to French and back without missing a beat.  Word and Outlook automatically detect the language and start correcting as I type. [/quote] I used to plug a French keyboard into my laptop before I changed to a desktop PC.  To change between the two I had a shortcut on my tool bar at the bottom of the screen to flick between the two at one click of the mouse.  It's a good solution especially if your laptop is sat on your desk all the time.
  11. Some friends of our's (she's a beautician with her own 'institut') and he's a DJ on local radio but a Boulanger by 1st trade are in the process of making the move to Aus.  I always knew they were trend setters [:)]
  12. My chicken's eggs fall in to category 1. I often have a surplus if anyone wants to buy some, you can come & see my happy chickens  [;-)]
  13. [quote user="Shivy"]how wonderfull, we are picking up our new baby today, it has taken us 2 weeks to think of a name! so good luck......[/quote] Tell us more, with photos please!!!
  14. He's gorgeous.  If he was mine I'd call him Bruno - it's French, it has a Boxing link (Frank), he's brown, and I like the name (I know 3 human Brunos).
  15. I've been keeping chickens for a few years now.  For Christmas I bought myself [url=http://www.amazon.co.uk/Keeping-Poultry-Rabbits-Scraps-Handbook/dp/0141038624/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1230405898&sr=1-1]this[/url] book.  It is a reprint of a 1941 book and has a lot of good info in it particularly on diseases.
  16. [quote user="Dick Smith"][quote user="seb47"]Chilled I should think, so that you could throw it into the blender with the margarine or butter until it looks like breadcrumbs, then add 1 teaspoon of cold water for every 25g flour - using say 250g flour and 125 g combined fats. (The Home Ec teacher in me coming out here). You should add the water gradually as it's easy to use too much.[/quote] Blender! My mother taught me to rub in the fats the proper way - no flour above the second knuckle or it was a whack with the rolling pin! Hands run under the cold tap before beginning. That was why I was asking, the warmth in the pastry would worry me. I recently made some pastry using Trex, and it was OK, but very like commercial stuff, very crumbly and hard to roll neatly. Back to half butter, I suspect! [/quote] Funny, I was going to say exactly the same Dick.  I always rub the butter in by hand.  I made a quiche yesterday and my daughter was saying how light and delicious my pastry was! [:D]
  17. Suze01


    [quote user="cooperlola"][quote user="Lisleoise"]We have wooden volets.  The upstairs are louvred and downstairs are solid - I presume for security. [/quote]I think it's more likely to be that the solid ones are virtually impossible to pin back if upstairs thus persiennes are the only sensible option.  Lapeyre sell metal and wooden persiennes also, btw.[/quote] The upstairs ones are not persiennes - they're just louvred wooden solid ones.
  18. [quote user="Evianers"]Interesting reading everyone's experience and should I venture to say....... happy that everyone agrees....... or not? If we lived in an ancient old French farmhouse or cottage, then it would all be understandable. But we don't; we live in a newish villa built in 1992. Don't they possess plumblines here in France? [/quote] Not every Brit has bought an old, wonky house.  Like you we live in a relatively modern house and tiling is easy, I've done loads in our house, no problems!
  19. Suze01


    We have wooden volets.  The upstairs are louvred and downstairs are solid - I presume for security.
  20. I've bookmarked the first one.  They're very odd timings - are they repeats do you know?
  21. Something that I've noticed whilst keeping an eye on morning temperatures: why does the temperature fall  by 1 to 2 degrees as dawn rises.  When I checked this morning when it was still dark it was -5 by the time it was light it was-6 then started to rise - why does this happen then?
  22. Down here we've got our coldest morning so far this winter.  My digi thermometre at the back of the house (NE slope) it's -5.0 however at the front of the house (SW aspect) the digi on the apple tree says it's -3.7. It's pitch black still so I can't see what the weather's doing but I suspect clear skies. Will give the chickens some hot mash this morning [:)]
  23. [quote user="Hagar"]For my money though the best curry restaurant in UK is the "Brilliant" in Southall. [/quote] My recommendation too.  Superb (though it's been a very long time since I've been there).
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