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  1. Would things be all that different if Dave were in charge?
  2. You also need to bear in mind that tax on your French profits will be calculated at the rate you would pay if your husband's income had actually been taxed in France. Thats because there is no separation of husband and wife's income . So even though your husband will pay his  tax in the UK the percentage starting rate for your deductions will be higher than you might have assumed. PS If your husband has a high level of income I think you may find that you are excluded from the autoentrepreneur system  
  3. We have a customer who is going to use us The court will examine their position. If they are unable to pay the property will be taken over by the lender. They will not be evicted before Easter. As the costs are high with all the fees involved they are unlikely to be able to retrieve the situation once the process gets underway. Unless they had a large deposit when the property was purchased they are unlikely to get anything back, as seized properties are usually sold at auction, often at knock-down prices. Incidentally what are you going to do for them? Are you expecting to be paid?
  4. The MAFF habitation policy specifically excludes vehicles but makes an exception for mowers, mini-tractors & toy cars etc with a maximum speed of 9Kph http://www.maaf.fr/assurances/fr/c_5835/mon-habitation-assurance-habitation-garanties-completes I assume that other similar policies would have similar conditions.    
  5. VEHICULE TERRESTRE A MOTEUR : Tout véhicule terrestre à moteur est soumis à l'obligation d'assurance. Il est donc essentiel d'en connaître la définition: il s'agit de "tout engin destiné au transport de personnes ou de choses circulant sur le sol mû par une force motrice quelconque". Vous noterez que la notion d'immatriculation est sans incidence sur cette obligation ATTENTION donc car la jurisprudence considère comme véhicule terrestre à moteur (donc soumis à l'obligation d'assurance R.C): une tondeuse à gazon auto porteuse (!), un modèle réduit mû par une batterie sur lequel monte les enfants. Vérifiez donc que votre contrat habitation prévoit ce type d'assurance.
  6. So it does beg the question of why you have an Edf supply already on your land. Does the supply 3 metres from your property only supply you or is it a "through route"? Was it previously supplying your property, or it's predecessor? Is there an alternative supply nearer the proposed Edf box at the edge of the property?    
  7. Somethings a bit odd. The Edf supply to your main connection box should be in the public domain, hence they have to do the digging. The main connection and fuse also has to be at the edge of the private land. From there to the meter ( which will be inside your house) you can arrange the digging and laying of a duct with drawrope. They then bring the supply to the box at the edge of your property and pull a cable through from there to reach the fuse board and meter inside your property. They also run a wire the other way from the meter  back to a device at the box on the roadside which allows them to read the meter without entering the property It's unlikely that the feed will be going from near your house, to the road, and then back again. I suspect that you have some sort of temporary overhead feed, but that the permanent supply will come from elsewhere, probably at the other end of your existing temporary supply! I think you will find that the 2500 euros is to connect from the edge of your property to wherever the nearest supply is available, not for the work within your land. they will quote for doing the digging on your land, but as others have said its usually cheaper to arrange this part yourself. the bit outside your land is their monopoly.      
  8. Have you contacted whoever installed the system, or failing that a local specialist. For instance 5 minute looking on the net found....... APSM Distribution est une entreprise du lot et garonne spécialisée dans l'installation de climatiseurs, pompes à chaleur et panneaux solaires. Nous pouvons intervenir dans toutle lot et garonne, de Agen à Marmande et de Villeneuve sur Lot à Nérac. Nous pouvons vous pr Vous pouvez nous contacter par téléphone au 06 72 32 07 09. ou remplir ce formulaire, nous vous contacterons le plus rapidement possible.oposer des appareils de marque DAIKIN ou ATLANTIC, comme des produits d' importation. They are based at  Port Sainte Marie probably 20 miles way. If you look you will no doubt find others. You could also type Geothermie and your post code (ticking the "A cote de box") on Yellow Pages. http://www.pagesjaunes.fr/trouverlesprofessionnels/index.do
  9. This sounds like part of the E Borders programme. Its a database to record every person's travel history. http://www.ukba.homeoffice.gov.uk/managingborders/technology/eborders/timetable/ I suspect that they are rolling it out to individual airline/carriers one at a time. Jet2 are probably a smaller bite of the elephant than Ryanair. I suppose Mr O'L will add another handling charge for gathering the data when it's Ryanair's turn
  10. An explanation / description of the system   http://www.nationwide.co.uk/rca/Introduction/why.htm Why have I been selected for Card Reader Security? Because you are a FlexAccount Visa debit card customer and you're registered for our Internet Banking service.  
  11. But that doesn't work if the building is bigger than 170 square metres. Hence the OP's problem.
  12. Its only the Delacroix 100s that must be changed this month, Cezanne 100s have until 2012 http://www.banque-france.fr/fr/instit/discours/2008/cp_20081205.htm and the list of Bank of France branches http://www.banque-france.fr/fr/instit/telechar/discours/liste_s_echange_billets.pdf    
  13. BT Broadband have recently changed their protection package from Norton to Macafee. Existing users will be contacted to swop over in the near future.
  14. The statement All our prices are in pounds sterling and include VAT  for orders within the UK and the European Community is correct if they are selling to a non-registered trader, which  for many businesses is all they ever encounter. However Albert guessed where I was going, and the law is that if you supply all the necessary proof then they should zero rate the sale. You would then pay the appropriate VAT in France and subsequently / simultaneously reclaim the appropriate amount. Some companies don't know how to handle this, or don't want the aggravation / risk of being held liable if the sale turns out to be a phony export. You mayt wish to use an alternative supplier better versed in the accounting rules. See http://www.hmrc.gov.uk/vat/int-exports.htm#1
  15. I assume that you are VAT registered in France.
  16. Try http://www.my-onetouch.com/ Then Customer assistance Then User guides Then you will be able to download the guide for your particular model as a .pdf file      
  17. By claiming JSA an unemployed person would build up a contribution record. This would entitle them to IB if they were later struck down by ill health.
  18. From the DWP Fact-sheet Q Why don’t you move people off IB and onto ESA straight away?  A  There are 2.6 million people on existing incapacity benefits and it would be operationally impossible to move them all on to ESA at once. We plan to move them over time and complete the process by 2013. So perhaps not quite so imminent. However anyone who is hoping that an election would significantly modify this policy should bear in mind that when there was talk of a back bench revolt by Labour MPs Gordon was promised support from Dave Cameron  to get the measure through.
  19. French chat rooms concerned with Nantes are saying that it is a real blow Ryanair withdrawing the Stansted flight from the local airport. a double blow as it has come soon after Easyjet's withdrawl of the Gatwick flight.... Edited for Clarity
  20. I suspect that the two bills taken together are about right. Three points: 1)If you visit any of the UK water company's Websites you will find calculators which allow you to estimate how much water you would use if you were to choose a water meter. This is one of the easiest to use..........  http://www.unitedutilities.com/CalcUnmeteredChecklist.htm 300 cubic metres isn't an impossible amount for a family of four using a washing machine every day. In fact its lower than most would suggest if you use a washing machine every day. 2) Are you sure that your first bill really was based on readings? Most French water meters are only ready once a year. 3) If you take your recent readings that would indicate usage of about 116 metres per year. Winter usage is usually lower, fewer showers, less washing etc etc, and also fewer guests. Its amazing how much water people get through with twice daily bath and showers especially if it's not their water! Incidentally the fact that your current usage pattern is higher than the usage implied bythe first bill also suggests that the summer bill was an estimate and would mean an amount was carried forward to the second bill.
  21. Baux as in DHCP leases Plage as in DHCP range (numbering range in telephony etc)
  22. Services gratuits à partir de votre mobile en France métropolitaine 123 : messagerie vocale 950 : info conso (par voix ou SMS) 732 : rechargement également gratuit depuis l’international
  23. Its all on their website So if you take a typical return cost of £250 including cabins that would earn 2500 points. An off peak return needs 8500 points plus 7500 points for the cabin (one day 7 one night) so that means one free trip for every six/seven paid.
  24. The 19.80 offer from Budget Telecom is mainly applicable to the major built up areas. If you live in the countryside you will have to pay more, and it doesn't include the line rental. 
  25. Like most Notaire's fees they aren't fees in the UK sense more like stamp duties, in other words tax. If you terminate a mortgage early you have to pay one tax (roughly 0.6%) , if you take out another mortgage that's another tax(roughly 2.0%)  That's why people in France have traditionally taken a mortgage at a fixed rate, and then stayed with it for the duration.
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