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  1. Cheers Theiere... luckily I had all winter to contemplate
  2. Okay.. so solved with an iron bar and a bit of force. Put some wd40 on the screw part and put it back on...
  3. Hi All How do I get the cover off the sand filter, if it is stuck. In stuck I mean it turns freely to open position... there is a lot of give... but it wont lift off... The filter has been winterised.. and so has no water and the tap at the bottom is open. Im guessiing the turning of the lock on the top of the cover somehow allows air to pass between the cover and the body and although the lock turns easily, it does not create the gap needed. I have had this happen before and the last time I had to call a guy out, so I am hoping I can resolve it myself. Cheers Oz
  4. Until half way through I was eager to write absolutley right... its what I have done ever since first educated by thiere many years ago. And my pool has always been impecable due to following those rules... Then, the other half... you completely lost me... but hey... for now I am worryless. Glad you are still posting great stuff!!
  5. Requirement 1: What on earth is happening up there.... --------------- Sorry to say this but the benefits for using this forum has just been wiped away... It is a shame that valuable content can be made unusable by front end incompetence.  Good bye from me unless someone does a requirements assessment from the users(us). --------------
  6. Sorry to say this but the benefits for using this forum has just been wiped away... It is a shame that valuable content can be made unusable by front end incompetence.  Good bye from me unless someone does a requirements assessment from the users(us).
  7. Hi All What do you do about frogs in the pool... and all the other little insects... I found this which via amazon.com will ship to france. http://shop.critterskimmer.com/Round-Critter-Skimmer-9-in-RO-002.htm The problem is that they do a 9inch or 10inch and my pool is a 7.5inches inside/ 8.5inchs outside. I did find this also on amazon.com which might do the trick but is less descret. Swimline Froglog Tm Oz
  8. I agree that booking.com is good for our advertising too.  They offer a good friendly and knowledgable service and their extranet is well designed. We get lots of reservations via them and lots too (especially the French) that find us there but choose to book direct; some of our French clients being socialists have a grudge about a big company taking from the poor and keeping for themselves.  In contrary, we get lots of brits/US that trawl our website and then book via booking.com because it is in their nature to(a little bit less thought for the individual): Generalising a bit... My one qualm is that their is a higher percentage of miserable clients that we get from them.  I attribute this to the fact that they dont do the reseach, just click a button to book and then turn up a bit bewildered.  Our direct clients have done the reseach, know what to expect and generally turn up more that happy. I would reccommend that accommodations that use booking.com make as much contact with the client as possible... so break the ice before they arrive. You can get onto tripadvisor by using the site hotelettings.  You adverise there and it will but added automatically to tripadvisor.  It costs 3% commission.  So, free if you dont get bookings.
  9. So.. in the end I went for a Netgear WN3000RP-200FRS.  It works perfectly fine and very easy set up. My personal problem is that it will not reach from 1 building to another(20 metres of outside space in between), and in the building where it does work the original router signal is as strong(3 stories up). So, for the moment I dont have a viable use for it but I am sure I will find one. Btw: It can not only connect to the router wifi but also to any of my devolo cpl extenders. All the cpl extenders are large distances appart in different builiding and generally work really really well.
  10. Should that not read 'welcome to our L'
  11. Our store has already changed.. since Jan this year.  exactly the same but yellow. I like the store.. bit like arkwrights ...open all hours. Everything you need but bit of a ripoff.
  12. oddly enough I have it open already in c discount.   good reviews and promo.   So all good news. 
  13. There seems to be a bit of confusion on the net what is what... For my simple terms, externder (signal travels through the wiring), repeater (travels through the air). The situation: I have 4 wifi extenders (devolo) which work very well except in the unusual case when edf play with the wiring.. such as last week. I would like to add to all this a wifi repeater, becuase; 1) If the wiring has problems I still have an extended wifi signal. 2) So that it can all work together, 4 extra different ssid's with the main router that has an extended wifi signal. My questions are, 1) Can I have a mixture of extenders and repeaters 2) How does a repeater work.. does it attach with a long wire to the router or is it just plugged in with 50% wifi range and will extend the signal. 3) What one would you recmmend. Thanks in advance Osie
  14. I have a very similar setup.... department 46(or extremely close), humax, 90cm dish.  All HD and other signals were and are working fine.
  15. Just noticed that the stuff I mentioned above is on the watco.co.uk site at 70% off... I would buy a load more but for transport problems.
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