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  1. We have a customer who is going to use us , they have financial problems, they are behind with their hypotech, nearly 8 months, the bank have given them 8 days to pay the arrears before starting legal proceedings. ( they dont have anything to pay at the moment )These customers dont speak much french and have asked my advice but I dont know the system here well enough. 1 - is there an equivelient to the citezens advice in france, preferably one that speaks english ( if not they will have to get an interpreteur ) 2 - Presumably after the 8 days legal proceedings will start, how long is it likley to be before reposesion of their house and is there any way of going back, say for exaple after proceedings had started they found the money to pay off the arrears.   Any advice is welcome to pass on ; I have done lots of searches on the matter for them and have never come accros this situation before Many thanks
  2. Ben has now found a home Thanks Nina  
  3. We( foster home) are looking for a permanent home for Ben. He is a German Shepherd Dog, uncastrated ( though castration can be arranged ) He is 6, very good with children and cats but needs to go to a home with no other male dogs. He is fine with females. Ben had to leave his original owner at the begining of this year due to ill health, since then he has stayed with me at Sunfleurs Holidays for Dogs , we re homed Ben with a great family but unfortunately their existing dog didn't take to another dog in its territory so Ben came back to us. we then re homed him with a lady who new GSD's well, but unfortunately after a month of having Ben she put him into kennels - Le Chenil de le Bois. Ben has now been here for over 3 months. His existing owner cannot take him back, she has moved to the uk and has asked if Ben cannot be found a home within the next to weeks to have him put down. I know Ben very well, he has a typical GSD nature, idealy he would go to a family who know the breed well. Please if you interested get in touch with Sharon at le Chenil de le bois 05 53 60 73 11 [email protected] Bens tattoo number is 2CND379 He is up to date with all his vaccines but doesn't have a passport. We have all his pedigree papers. Bens origal owner can be contacted for references as well as my self, Nina and Sharon who is now looking after Ben Please help us give Ben a happy ending to 2008 Regards Nina Sunfleurs Holidays for Dogs
  4. Hi Do you know of a company Thanks
  5. Does anyone have any idea how much it costs to have your oil tank emptied, cleaned then the filtered oil put back. Or of a company based near Angouleme that does this service Thanks jimbob
  6. Does anyone have any idea how much it costs to have your oil tank emptied, cleaned then the filtered oil put back. Or of a company based near Angoulemethat does this service Thanks jimbob
  7. Hi I have lived near Angouleme for nearly 7 years, as far as I know there are no such schools here.  I have 3 children that have been and are at different colleges/lycées in Angouleme, If I can help in any way I would be pleased. Regards Nina
  8. Sorry to keep you all waiting so long Fold the towel in half widthways - making sure the wrong side of the towel is inside. Fold in half again, the edges of the towel should all be together. Fold in half again to make a square, if its a bath sheet then fold into 3. Store so that you can see the one rounded edge towards you. Once done like this you will always have to fold towels like this Good luck
  9. Now I have got you all wondering, but its late so you will have to wait untill tomorrow. Full written demo in the morning Nina
  10. Hi No its not the same, my way is much better!! no edges of the towels are visible when they are stored on display or in the linnen cupboard. Perhaps I should make a video. I cant believe I am finding time in my busy day to talk about this, its nice to know I am not the only one though. Nina
  11. Haven't seen the video, I will have a look now and let you all know!! Nina
  12. Many years ago I worked in Marks and Spencer, I was tought how to fold towels there, I have folded them at home like this ever since, my family think I am mad but I just think they look neat and tidy Nina
  13. Can someone point me in the right direction for a printable copy of french accents etc on an english keyboard. Thanks
  14. Hi My friend Isabelle is an ex university teacher, she is french but is fluent in English.  She knows the system very well over her and I am sure she can answer your question. Please PM or email me for her email address. Regards jimbob   Post edited by a moderator.  Please do not post personal contact details on the forum.
  15. jimbob

    lost dog

    Hi Thanks very much, my friend hasn't found him yet, she is so worried, he has never left home x
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