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  1. [quote user="Panda"][quote user="oldgit72"]Strange isn't it how so many people who move to France prefer the UK. Makes you wonder why they bothered in the first place.[/quote] Only about as strange as Brits feeling a strong need to run down their home country just because they've moved to another! [:)] [/quote] Your'e absolutely right of course. I should never have responded to the op's post about reasons not to go back to the UK. My opinions are completely biased and a pack of lies. As I continue my exile from paradise Britain I will continue to look on in envy at the life i've left behind. In the meantime I think I need to look for another forum, one that is dedicated to masochists like me who want to live here rather than leave here. Goodbye.
  2. Strange isn't it how so many people who move to France prefer the UK. Makes you wonder why they bothered in the first place.
  3. If it were me going back, i'd be tempted to rent somewhere rather than buy or swap. I disagree with your comments about house prices in the UK. They have to go down because there simply isn't the money to buy them at current prices and the sloppy lending practices that pushed prices up to high levels seen in recent years is now a thing of the past. I'm never sure about 'health reasons' when people give this as a reason for going back. Frankly, I don't think the NHS is the service it once was, it's all about money and targets these days. I suppose there must be circumstances when returning to the UK is neccessary but i'm not sure that getting better health treatment is a valid one. Sorry to sound negative but I say it as I see and find it.
  4. [quote user="RogerWarner"]Oh my gawd wot a load of purveyors of doom!! I guess oldgit you haven't visited some of the bad spots of any French big towns or cities? Go take a look!! France isn't all twee street cafes, even rural Brittany and Limousin has its miscreance. Oh believe me. If we wish to return Blighty then by god we will. Its the land of my birth and I'm proud to be English!! (Now Brown and Blair have Foxtrot Oscar'd)[/quote] Roger, if you're going back because Brown is no longer PM then you might have a point but why not wait a few years until house prices in the UK fall to realistic levels. You could be making a big mistake swapping now when UK house prices are still 30-40% overvalued.
  5. I don't think rural bus services in the UK will be around for much longer either. they are heavily subsidised by local governments who are having to make big cuts in spending over the next few years. IMO, the UK will finish up gettingl the bad bits of France but without any of the good bits as it has to cut it's cloth.
  6. Blimey, I think i'm on the wrong forum. Maybe they should rename it 'Leaving France' instead of Living France. The list of reasons for not returning to the UK are my personal reasons and others of course are entitled to their own opinions. All I can say is that they are based upon muy own personal experiences of living there. Media coverage of the current situation gives me no reason to think things have improved for the better and if anything are getting worse. Of course france has problems but I would no more live in an inner city in France as I would live in an inner city in England. As for blinkers, yes I do live rurale as I did in the UK. The difference in rurale here is that I can get from a to b without being stuck in traffic, my village isn't a no go area after dark and people talk to each other.
  7. [quote user="Swissie"]Perhaps because somebody is getting older and the place in France is too big with too much land - and wants to go back to UK for health and family reasons - and the 2 bed terrasse in just in the right place and just perfect. Why not? [/quote] Well as you asked: Incresing crime Congested roads Looming 25% public service cuts Neighbours from hell (possibly on 2 sides in your mid terrace) Weather Kids who have no respect Surveilance society High taxation, ang getting higher Consumer culture Value of UK property likely to fall substantially To mention just a few. Good luck to anyone who wants to return but speaking personally I cannot think of any circumstances where I would want to. I'd rather downsize to a smaller place here for half the price of one in the UK with the bonus of not having most of the above.
  8. From what I can see, you would need something with 3 or 4 bedrooms and a fair bit of land in France to get a 2 bed mid terrace back in blighty. Why would you?
  9. [quote user="pachapapa"][quote user="Sprogster"]Vesalius, you need to familiarise yourself with the French climate, as French winters are generally much colder than much of central and southern UK, not having the benfit of the Gulf stream. Even down on the Med, night time temps below freezing in Winter are the norm and it can be much wet and windier than you might imagine. If as appears to be the case a warm climate is one of your primary motivators, I am not sure France fits your criteria.[/quote] The gulf stream influences the climate on the atlantic french coast and the north coast of spain from galicia to the basque provinces. [IMG]http://www.meteo71.com/cartefrance/gulfstream.jpg[/IMG] [/quote] But for how much longer? The past 2 winters has seen the almost complete shut down of the gulf stream and as a result the UK has had 2 of it's coldest winters on record. As man continues to ignore the effrect he has on the climate, he also must ignore the former predictable weather patterns he could previously rely on.
  10. Get a copy of the latest regulations. Find an electrician who is happy to let you do the first fix and who will do the rest and apply for the certificate from the consueil. Why pay an electrician to drill holes and push cables through them? You wouldn't pay a car mechanic to change a wheel or fill up the wash wipe would you?
  11. In all probability those 900,000 have above the average cash deposit in Nationwide. 900,000 people withdrawing these deposits might give them something to think about.
  12. [quote user="AnOther"]I'm not sure what transfer method you used or what rate you got but a £267 fee to exchange £15300 is not exactly my idea of fair and equitable [:'(] Currently NW are charging £20 + 1% for a Swift transfer which on £15300 comes to £173. [/quote] My last cash transfer was for 30k and cost me £15 in telegraphic transfer charges. I also got within a few centimes of the market spot rate. I use Moneycorp, wouldn't dream of dealing with a UK bank given the rates/commission they steal from you.
  13. I suppose they have to fund the costs of the pointless and not funny 'Little Britain' adverts somehow. Anyhow [email protected]% transferred as a lump sum into a French tax free a/c more than covers any transfer charges from the UK and out of my Nationwide account.
  14. Some friends used linseed oil but it looks a bit patchy and i'm not sure I could live with the scent, does it linger? I've got some water based stain which I picked up from Aldi for a silly price, 12.99 for 5 litres. It's made by Baufix, we have tested it on some ceiling beams and it looks fine. I wasnt sure however about it's hardwearing properties on floors.
  15. I am shortly going to be painting some old oak floorboards and would like to know of peoples experience of products on the market. I am looking for something hardwearing that leaves the character of the original wood, not too bothered about covering knocks and scratches as I think this enhances old boards. Any recommendations please?
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