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  1. I have cloudy ( milky looking ) water not to bad, but normally its crystal clear All my readings look ok Can anyone help ?
  2. Travelling from the north to the south of France with 2 dogs,will need to stop about half way near   Bourges. Looking for somewhere that takes dogs anyone know anywhere or a website to check out.    
  3. looking for a manaul in English for a Alcatel 630 telephone
  4. Please can anyone tell me what time do the banks close on a weekday in France ?
  5. many thanks for that  will try them in the morning.  
  6. tried google no joy Scholtes web site only in French (my French is still poor ,but still learning)
  7. Trying to obtain an English manual for our French  oven Scholtes FG 636   Can any one help please    
  8. This site shows where speed traps are   http://www.securiteroutiere.equipement.gouv.fr/data/radars/index.html
  9. Still a good show but a lot missing this year [:)] The balcony was empty no one up there [:(] Lots of open space down stairs [:(] The property side was good [:D]
  10. Coming over for the weekend is Saturday Armistice Day ? Will the shops be open  ?
  11. Just received my  Tax D'Habitation for 2006 [:(]  including TV licence The date it as to be paid by is November 15th . Before it was January for payment. Just check the date on yours when it comes so not to be late paying it.
  12. Let hope the monies made it in to your account when you want to take it out
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