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  1. They'll be running on the school ground so why worry about the helf and sefty one  [:D]
  2. To find the VAT element in a total amount of the facture you do : Total amount of facture divided by 1.196 if the VAT is at 19.6% or 1.150 if at 15% or 1.055% if VAT at 5.5% What ever the result of this will be the net amount of the facture, then multiply this net amount by 0.196 (19.6%) or 0.115 (15%) or 0.055 (5%) which will show the actual VAT amount.  
  3. Et peut-être que demain serait le cas de la grenouille qui veut être plus grosse que le boeuf ?  [;-)] 
  4. Looks like Wooly was right  after all ...   From the France Inter/Info website >>> Les syndicats confirment l’action du 19 mars Les huit fédérations syndicales ont donc décidé de poursuivre la lancée sociale du 29 janvier. Elles jugent les mesures du sommet social insuffisantes et appellent à des manifestations et des grèves. Comme le disait les leaders syndicaux au soir du sommet social, "le compte n’y est pas". Réunies ce matin au siège de la CFTC, les huit confédérations syndicales ont donc décidé de signer un nouvel appel pour une journée de mobilisation interprofessionnelle le 19 mars avec "grèves et manifestations dans tout le pays". Elles espèrent que le mouvement sera encore "plus fort" que le 29 janvier. Entre un et deux millions et demi de personnes avaient défilé dans les rues ce jour là lors de cette première grande mobilisation. CGT, CFDT, FO, CFTC, CFE-CGC, FSU, Unsa (autonomes) et Solidaires (dont les syndicats Sud) estiment que les mesures du sommet social du 18 février "sont trop parcellaires pour modifier le cap économique". Les syndicats estiment qu’il n’y a qu’une légère inflexion du gouvernement. Ils critiquent aussi l’ "attitude dogmatique du patronat". Le refus d’augmentation du Smic, de revenir sur la défiscalisation des heures supplémentaires et sur les 30.000 suppressions de postes dans la Fonction publique sont leurs principales récriminations. Une nouvelle réunion intersyndicale est prévue le 20 mars, au lendemain de la journée de mobilisation. Les syndicats estiment que les rendez vous sociaux ne sont pas assez préparés et ils se sont félicités de leur unité.<<< Ah well....  one should always listen to our elders [:D]
  5. No! Wooly's getting ready as he thinks the boche is by the Maginot line ready to invade [;-)]
  6. [quote user="NormanH"]Frankly I don't care and I don't see any reason to post this on a Forum about France. [/quote]   What's got your goat? It may be a forum about France but it doesn't mean that contributors can't think of other issues as well, especially as this one is in the English language that some of you seem to be wailing hi and lo to not being able to speak with the natives !  
  7. About 18months to 2 years ago I watched a TV program about this family. The woman was actually pregnant with their latest when they were explaining their case. The program finished on the woman saying that they were off to Ireland to have this new baby to 'protect' it and themselves from the various court cases against them ... 
  8. [quote user="giantpanda"]   ...  remember that in the past countries have also had negative interest .... [/quote]   Remember ?...  When ?... Where?... Unless it was in a corrupt african country or a country from behind the iron curtain, then I don't remember about negative interest this side of 1958. Innocently yours [:$] 
  9. No we don't ! Most of the work I do for this British company is to do with retail outlets that are situated in France.  Most of the work is dealt with Email/phonecall/internet but some of it (about 30%) relies on both countries postal systems and both are just as SSSSLOOOOOOWWWW as each other to the point that over the Xmas period (certainly since the beginning of December - ruddy Xmas cards!) mail that would have taken at the most one week to reach UK or to reach France at any other normal time, has taken well over 3 weeks in the hands of these 'governements bodies'. But the same mailings with any other private consortium channels went quicker whether I sent things over to France or things came from France. So I say : Privatise the British and the French postal system and let them get their behinds roasted by the like of TNT or UP and things might move a little faster...    
  10. >>FROM: John Benson.( Acting Human Resources Director ) TO: All Employees DATE: 26th October 2008 RE: Pauline Lewis and Holiday Party I'm sure I speak for all of us in wishing Pauline a speedy recovery, and I'll continue to forward your cards to her. In the meantime, the Management has decided to cancel our Holiday Party and instead, give everyone the afternoon of the 23rd December off with full pay. John Benson.<<   From : Missy (Trainee Financial Accoutant) To : ALL Date : what's the date today!? I didn't register this morning [Www] Re : Holiday Party I suggest that every one endowed with the Xmas voucher from the company is to spend the afternoon off on full pay at the Dogs and everyone should be happy. No laws in any creed against betting (or watching the dogs running) is there .... If someone could pass a hat round that we get Pauline some flowers to wish her well. [:D]        
  11. [:D][:D][:D]   It's all brown in the end anyway ...
  12. [quote user="Puzzled"] "It's not discrimination. ......     I love that bit, do you think the zoo were worried that they may have to answer to Peter Tatchell ?[:D] [/quote]  Mandy Mendelsohn would empathise with that lot, he was casted away but came back in later ... and again ... and again .... 
  13. Iach y da !   (phonetically : yar ri dah)  in the interest of good translation [;-)]  This one too : http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/wales/south_east/4794753.stm If you need the bog your need to watch out for the sign: cyfleusterau . Taught my father to pronounce it phonetically as 'sifflotière à eau' which (if you know your french) it is the 'posh slang' for the pissoir  [:D]   
  14. Cat ask : Yes, but where does it end?   Do you think that he will have a stamp made with his ugly head on, in the same kind of format to the british stamp where the Queen's head makes it legal tender. Can't imagine half of the french population licking the backside of it [+o(]     >>More worryingly, once Sarko wins responsibility for choosing and appointing the heads of France TV <<  Isn't that how the big wig at the Beeb gets his job? ... through government ?... 
  15. [quote user="Megan le Fey"]   did Missy's OH's Ianto come home?   [/quote] Sorry I am answering to a VERY old post!! Can't remember if I did reply to that so forgive me 'pour radotter' I am just getting senile in my old age ... Just wanted to say that yes Ianto did come back a week later. He had been stolen by someone staying in the caravan park a couple of miles up the valley from us.  OH was still frantically searching for him a week on !! Anyway he saw this dog tied up by a caravan and both beast and master recognised each other and a heck of a hullaballoo ensued with the fat lady from the caravan!! No way it was our dog! it was HERS!! etc... A couple of hours later she turns up at our door with her little girl in floods of tears and the dog. Would we consider selling the dog as the little girl has fallen head over heels in love with it. No was the answer and nothing in the worl would make OH change his mind. Anyway reluctantly the woman leaves the dog and goes away with little girl still in tears. All is well that ends well ! .... Not quite ... The fat woman and little girl on leaving our place went to the police station (they were lucky that someone was in attendance!!) and put in a complaint that OH was rude and AGGRESSIVE!! towards them ... When the copper turned up at the house with that complaint OH went bezerk and told the copper ALL about the fat woman and the dog stealing incident. Anyway Ianto resumed life at his master's side until this last summer when he became quite ill, progressively blind and incontinent and in September went to the big doggy kingdom upstairs. Mourning is still in place in the household but no other dog to replace ... as yet ...
  16. It reminds me of fumthing when we waz young! At the time of life when the testosterone and the hormones kick in, the favourite question the boys would ask to girls if they fancied them a bit was : Quelle est ta pointure ?   (What is your shoe size?)  Never understood it then or now or ever will. I can only equate it that the shoe size must be relevant to the length of the  ... foot ?[8-)]  [:-))] Shut up Missy !! Sorry [:$] to have brought on disrepute to the forum [:)]   
  17. [:D][:D][:D][:D][:D] Thanks Bugbear I so needed a laugh! [:D][:D][:D]
  18. Thanks [:D] I am very slow at catching up on news Sorry [:$]
  19. A while ago we all read the bad news about the nasty accident that Sunday Driver and his wife had in north Deux-Sevres. Does any one have news of how they are recuperating?...
  20. [quote user="cassis"]So it would be out of order to say "Beaux nichons, mon petit canard" to a gendarmette? Obviously the bloke does not know the difference between a duck and a chicken.  [IMG]http://i68.photobucket.com/albums/i26/cassiscassis/wildlife/mallards_4.jpg[/IMG] [/quote]     Les canards te disent : My a*se!   [:$]
  21. Missy


    I quite fancy a dragon on my car but I would have to splurt water at other people not at my windscreen. It would be quite fun to be at a red traffic light and squirt water at passers by [6]  Not me Sir/Madam! woops must dash light's gone green [:D]
  22. Missy


  23. May I give my impartial and considered knowledge and experience of camping sites, having run one for nigh on 25 years in the wilds of Wales (granted!! it is not France but the problems will be the same). FIRST OF ALL SEEK OUT planning permission from the local municipality or any do's and dont's that you could sensibly get away with. We were first refused to set up for being on the edge of a national park and "being a nuisance to their visual aminities" so the letter sent to us quoted... Search me as in this bit of the valley where we are, there is but not a single soul living on the national park side of the valley to whom we could have been a visual nuisance to. We appealed and were granted planning because neighbours couldn't cope with 'wild' campers all over the place so the planners thought it best to have visitors onto one dedicated site. Invest in a very good sturdy LandRover or similar 4x4 with a flat bed at the back. This to pull caravans/dormobiles and cars that are driven by townies onto grass. You will be surprised at the number of people who have taken their caravans out of their front drive for a summer hols and are incapable of setting it up on to a pitch properly i.e. without too much forward/reverse manoeuvering to the point of creating ruts and ruining your grass! Such 4x4 vehicle will be a god send gift on bin days i.e. as and when your local refuse collection is. Some bin lorries may be instructed to not go on to sites to collect refuses so you need to set a collection point for them in a way of a large shed near the entrance gate. That shed must be 'cast iron' vermin proof or you'll end up with squirrels, foxes, magpies, crows dispersing the rubbish all over the site and neighbourhood and create hell with your neighbours as well as attracting rats. Have a massive fosse sceptique installed and make sure you have it well maintained and don't be amazed that some people never flush the loos! or that they flush but not only pee/poo/paper. Ablution block to be big enough for the number you think you will cater for. Several bins well anchored and chained lids. They have a tendency to get into cars for a hol back to towny land you'll be surprised... Road access and the extra traffic created may be a nuisance to your neighbours and the general highway provisions of the local area so checked that out. If you have your own water supply from a bore hole or a stream you will have to have it checked annually for health reasons. You don't want to be shut down for ever because there is a bug in your water supply making every visitor sick possibly sueing you on medical grounds. It is best to have mains water put in.  Insurance must be carried for public liability. Have always at hand numbers for doctors/dentists/hospitals and don't worry to be woken up in the deep of the night for someone sick on site. Clear map/plan/directions to nearest doctor/dentist surgery or A&E hospital. Do not be taken in by sop stories of people beeing unemployed or whatever and they can't afford the charges that you have set up. I got taken in once by that melarky and found these very same people wooping it up in the local pub buying a round to all the local unemployed 'bretheren' and not the cheapest beer on tap either!! never again. Also make them pay ON ARRIVAL!! some are crafty enough to spend the night, use all the facilities and tell you that they need to get back into town to the cash machine and you never see them again.  Local info what's on etc... be in good communication with your local tourist office. Squatters/gypsies/new age travellers are a real risk so make sure you have a good solicitor/lawyer and help from the local constabulary to evict unwanted. Legal battles with these unwanted are protracted affairs. Arm yourself with whatever mean you can to ward them off your land! A cast iron sense of humour and own personal mental health. Some visitors could/would send you to the loony bin otherwise ! Good luck [:D] I hope I haven't frightened you 
  24. quote woolybanana'sbrother  >>>  Imagine the consequences if France wins with a song sung in English....   <<<   [:-))]   oooolala ! sûrement pas de Légion d'Honneur et déportation au bagne de Cayenne si Chirac était encore président quant à  Mitterand il est en train de tournolicoter dans son cercueil  [8-)]   Nul point de toute façon, aucune chance !!!    
  25. [quote user="Bugbear"]  Varnished shutters for us.............................   [/quote]   Nice ...  but you 're not in Deux-Sèvres are you ? [:)] in Vienne folks do wot they like [:D]
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