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  1. Hi, Randy here. Didnt Mr Glitter say he wanted to buy a house in France somewhere. I am sure he mentioned the Dordogne.
  2. Many people are moaning about the increase in the price of fruit and veg this year so one is not surprised that folks are beginning to steal. It is a form of protest really. Eg: melons locally are a glut on the market at the moment but the price has only just slipped down to €0.68. They always used to be 1ff at the height of the season or less. TV programmes this week are suggesting that the average French shopping basket may be as much as 30% cheaper in Germany. Why? The Government has only scratched the surface so far in its attempt to reform the retail sector. They need to go much further.
  3. I sit on me brother's shoulders and we wear a dishdash. Wow do the ladies jump when they see his nose. He has the biggest nose you ever saw.[6]
  4. they go red and erect at exciting moments. But then so does my tailfeather[6]
  5. Well, when it comes to women's beach volleyball, even I feel a flutter of interest, a soupçon of blood rushing etc.
  6. And the only two Brits in the country flashed their car headlights at each other and stopped for a chat and it turned out one was Carruthers from the Foreign office and the other was Willoughby from the Colonial, and wasnt China a problem? Of course France was great for holidays, everything cost nothing. Hang on though, didnt we have petrol coupons and werent we restricted to £25 per person. And the bullys on the block were the Germans in their big Mercedes who everybody hated because of the way they flashed their dosh?
  7. Thus all that glitters is not brown[6]
  8. Well, he is in HK by now and there used to be a great tradition there of using a Chinese chopper to slice off offending body parts. Thus .....[6]
  9. Yes, the question of suspending the guarantee during the break down and repair period is often overlooked. Basically Clair is right, you stop it and start it again. And they should be prepared to put their money where their mouths are and give it fully.  
  10. Yes Clair, as I suspected, there is a difference between the page to which you linked and the dépliant which I have printed. Your page is much more detailed and, it seems, useful. But it does give the supplier a hell of a get out clause.
  11. You have loads or rights as it is under guarantee. Basically if it is a simple fault (to be defined but I would guess something like a switch,) they have the right to repair it but if it is complex you should have the option to insist on all your money back. I think, as it is so new, you need to find out what is wrong with it and then decide accordingly. At no expense to yourself. You are right, it is a hell of a lot of money to pay for a top brand TV which breaks down so quickly.
  12. Clair, which leaflet do you have? The second part of the paragraph does not exist in mine which I downloaded from the site. Can we check their dates please too? I just have a general statement about what is possible and reasonable.
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