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  1. Have a look on the CNIL website, http://www.declaration-videosurveillance.com/R-GLEMENTATION.html Ces caméras ne doivent pas permettre de visualiser l’intérieur des immeubles d’habitation ni, de façon spécifique, celles de leurs entrées. Des procédés de masquage irréversible de ces zones doivent être mis en oeuvre. and a lot more.
  2. My multi weed and grass patch is left to the charge of my Robot mower. Several times a week it exits its 'kennel', bumbles around the lawn for the day, pausing only to recharge itself. At the end of the work time it reverses back into its charge station to await another day. The only real mowing I do is our awkward front lawn with a lightweight battery hand pushed job.
  3. If it is not too late- our Panasonic set has behaved very well for some years. Recommended.
  4. have a look at this picture, extracted from a long article in Charente Libre regarding overpricing energy renovations...note prices for windows. http://images.charentelibre.fr/2017/03/09/58c10ac57971bba33d975822/default/1000/photovoltaique-sweetcom-se-defend.jpg
  5. Frinton used to be 'posh', does it still hold that title?
  6. With ADMR I have had holiday replacements that are chômeurs, again all paperwork is taken care of, just a signature needed to certify things. I do remember, long ago, one lady we employed did not take her full entitlement to holidays - she had an Official Call at 8AM from assorted foncs and was told to take her days off immediately!
  7. There are contract forms to download on the CESU website, with details of where needed You do not have to go to the PE to register as an employer. A possible simpler route for regular help is to go via your local ADMR who do all the paperwork. The only thing I do is to pay our 'lady who does' every month by cheque. Pay rates are similar, i.e. 8 hours - E66.72 plus E45.24 charges.
  8. If you are a UK resident you cannot legally drive a French registered car in UK...
  9. Mikew


    Try this: http://www.plugsocketmuseum.nl/Italian1.html
  10. The dealer will normally do everything - he will possibly quote a package price for 'clé en main'. Assurance co will do it over the Phone and do paperwork later. It will just carry on at the new price.
  11. Might be worth clearing all your cookies before accessing the site again. A lot of the on line selling sites seem to play silly b's if you keep accessing them looking for different prices etc. Even better - try another computer...!
  12. Find yourself an English speaking notaire, You do not have to use the same one as the purchaser, the charges are split so no more expensive.
  13. With our recent move the Notaire asked for his part of the charges with no deposit being asked for, BUT the 10% was included in the compromis.
  14. Buy one of the two major camping mags, there are numerous insurers advertising, my CC is insured with Nexx, good service when I had breakdown problems last year.
  15. They are specially shaped ( like a < ) circular silicon and are used where one pipe slides into another. Heat and CO make a proper replacement necessary!
  16. Don't talk about gaskets to me! Our pellet stove had it's yearly check etc early December. We smelt smoke shortly after - it took two visits to discover that one of the flue gaskets had been split. So far - it is still on order...importer out of stock... time of year ...etc !!!!
  17. Bit late now, but useful site to change address for local and income tax purposes etc http://www.impots.gouv.fr/portal/dgi/public/particuliers.impot?espId=1&pageId=part_logement&sfid=1220 used it - works ok
  18. Test for eligibility - www.degrouptest.com input location etc..
  19. If the TV has built in 'Freeview' it should work on the French digital TNT system with an external aerial. SECAM is virtually superseded in France now. Some UK TVs have built-in 'Freesat', this should pick up the free to air Sky channels with a suitable dish.
  20. Buy a 'Clickfree' external drive - needs no thought, just plug it in and it automatically searches for any personal data - photos, word files, emails +++ and saves them. You can restore to any computer as well, handy for changing to a new computer. Can be used with multiple computers allowing exchange of files. Satisfied user, no connection with co.
  21. Try 'www.Pixmania.fr', enter qwerty into their search engine - they have a large selection of 'version anglaise' computers in stock. I bought an Acer there a few months ago - service OK and quick, no problems etc. They take UK cards.
  22. For us - P60s requested first time refund, not requested for later refunds.
  23. It is all very well setting up the system for the first time - one has to request interest on tax to be refunded every year. The office at Nottingham is easy to talk to, but hugely overworked, about 3 months to get a refund for part of my tax paid. And it has to be done twice a year, as banks send out tax certs at different times. I claim by letter, sending copies of tax certs, as advised after Nottingham 'lost' everything the other year!
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