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  1. Ah, that might explain things, had not thought of checking for anything like that. I have in fact started the process of changing to Bouyguestel after the appalling customer non - service of the girl we tried to speak with online at Free.fr. She was just not interested at all, kept saying she couldn't understand either of us and my wife's french is pretty good!! Will see how this pans out then. Johnnyboy.
  2. Afternoon All, Is anyone else having any problems with free.fr at the moment? I changed over to them a while back and all has been great until just recently. Normally I was seeing 25 to 30 Mbs, but this has dropped to just hundreds of KBs download. The signal strength is good ( 5 Bars), but mu connection has dropped from 4G to 3G with consequent drop in download speed. Wondered if my connection has been altered by them or something of that nature? Johnnyboy
  3. Quick update, have solved my problem by changing suppliers. Moved to free.fr and now have 150 Gbts per month instead of 70 Gbts for the same price, no brainer in the end. JB
  4. That's where the problem lies Sue, I can't follow the line of instructions that you have. Oh well, I do have another line of investigation to follow when time permits. Am also thinking of moving to another operator and get a much better allowance than the one I'm on at the moment. JB
  5. Ooops, should have re read my message before posting! What I was looking for is the ability to extend the ring time , before the answerphone cuts in. I read further back in this discussion that it is possible to do if you access the "equipment" on the SOSH website. Still not able to find that. JB
  6. Hi All, does anyone know how to access the equipment page on the SOSH website please? Have tried everything I can, but no joy so far. JB
  7. Me too Idun, I even feel dreadfully guilty about taking them to an uncertain future at the SPA. Have to think about our old cat and eldest dog though. They were rather upset at the arrival of Nougat (not my choice of name!!) Things have settled down now though and hopefully will remain that way. JB PS anybody help with posting a photo of them please?
  8. Yes I agree, we probably would have been tempted by some of them ourselves. However, we now have another waif to accompany Togs, so coud not really take on any more. Was trying to attach photo of them, but can't seem to do that at the moment.
  9. Wifely was taking our dogs for their usual morning walk through the woods and thought she was going to be attacked by a pack of dogs. The biggest was barking like crazy, but then she saw some others behind him. Turns out that there were two puppies and two adults, the biggest just trying to protect the others. The puppies were about two months old apparently Sadly they must have been dumped sometime over Sunday night. When I got home we went over to see if they were still there. I sat on the ground and eventually the largest came to me and allowed me to pet him. Cannot be much more than a year old, the black one was a female, but we don't think the puppies were hers as their colouring is completely different. We eventually persuaded the SPA at Limoges to take them in by late afternoon. We then took them down ourselves, nearly two hour round trip! Who on earth could just dump four lovely little dogs like that without food or water eh? Johnnyboy
  10. Good morning All, Went down this route a while ago, search for the thread. However, if you look at "cartoradio" website, it gives the position of the masts in the area and also who/what is broadcast. Very handy for me as the "orange" technician who came to try and fix our landline gave me completely the wrong info!! If you need to work and stream/game etc, you will probably need a lot more than 50Go /month which is currently on offer. That may mean setting up two routers with different SIM cards, for different needs. In my case I needed an external aerial to get the best signal, have now put the whole assembly up in the loft space. (Works a treat!) There are masts all around the Civray area, just depends on your precise location as to which you choose. Bouygtel, Free, Orange(SOSH) and SFR all available apparently. Ideally, you would need a friend with similar equipment to verify the signal, or your mobile with the relevant SIM card. Johnnyboy
  11. Thanks for that Martin, Castaway sent me some info from a French forum on that subject. Have not been able to get to that yet as SWMBO has lots of other jobs for me to do, which are far more important!! (until she remembers about the lack of caller ID of course) Johnnyboy
  12. Hi All, I am fairly satisfied with our new system via SOSH now and have ditched the Livebox. We do however have a couple of slight hitches as follows: 1) We do not seem to be able to find our voicemail messages, any ideas please? 2) We also cannot see the number calling in any more, any ideas on that one please? No regrets, in spite of these, as the service is soooooo much better and faster too, whilst being roughly half the price!! Regards, Johnnyboy.
  13. Well done Castaway, your map did the trick for me too. Have now installed my equipment in the attic at the opposite end of the house to original position. (line of sight to nearest mast!! Which I was told by an orange technician was an orange 4G mast) Hmmmmmmm! I am now getting a fairly constant 21Mbps, even saw nearly 30Mbps late on Saturday evening! At times it can drop to 5 or 6Mbps, when there is lots of contention on system. Still miles better than the 150Kbps to 1.2Mbps at best on the orange live box. When I spoke with the helpline, I got into quite an argument with the guy as he could/would not understand that paying €36.90 per month for a patchy service was not my idea of customer service. Tried to offer me a deal of both systems together, for €49.00 per month instead. At which point I lost it and told him exactly where he could stick it!! Especially as there is a fault on the telephone line to our hamlet, which they cannot repair as it is under the autoroute. Hey ho, see how we get on from here, with SOSH then. Cheers, Johnnyboy
  14. thanks Martin, have set the wheels in motion already, especially after my conversation with the help?line the other day. Explained the situation as to why we were changing supplier (orange France unwilling/unable to repair our line into the village) and then the guy went into a real strop as to why they still want to charge us €50.00 for déconnexion! Net result, we have to write to them and ask for that to be repaid. According to him, it is now a standard fee for all networks for having the temerity to leave their wonderful company!! Will update as and when we get a reply. Johnnyboy
  15. Hi All, I have already taken out a contract with SOSH and am happy with the service over the last few months. (Internet via 4G in my router) Was going to cancel my Orange contract today and spoke to the English helpline, was told that it would be better to combine the contracts and pay €12.00 less per month. Do not use my live box now as its too slow and flaky a connection. It was only a backup until the SOSH system had proved itself. So what would be the point of continuing with both? I then decided to try and cancel the Orange via the SOSH website, cannot see method of doing this though, as I already have the SOSH contract in place. Anyone have any pointers to help me please? Thanks in advance, Johnnyboy
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