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  1. Just incase anyone else ever has the same question I took the plunge and purchased a UK version Netgear D6220 Modem router which supports both ADSL and VDSL took it to France and found this worked absolutely fine on Orange France ADSL, in fact the setup wizard had Orange FR setting available so just popped in the ADSL username and password and it worked.
  2. Another person is reporting problems connecting to some sites today found this from the French version of Down Detector. Scroll down to Orange Reports and you will see someone else is having problems getting to sites like Google and Amazon. Some parts of the site translate to English in Google Chrome and some parts don't. http://touteslespannes.fr/statut/orange Hope this helps
  3. @An0ther I have googled it but all the answers refer to the UK versions of the livebox which will probably differ from the French Livebox.
  4. Thank you for this Danny Looks just what I am looking for I will see if I can translate this to English as my French is very poor and see if I can figure this out. Thanks Again
  5. Ok from the lack of answers to my question about remotely controlling the livebox from the UK I guess this is not possible, so I am back to needing non livebox modem router, does anyone out there use a non livebox modem router on Orange if so what do you use and is it reliable. Thanks in advance
  6. Ok so the general consensus is that the Livebox Ian the way to go, but can anyone tell me how I can remotely manage the Livebox from he UK. This facility on the old Netgear has proved to be very useful when my friend has said that his internet has gone off or gone slow (this happens quite often) or when he has bought something new for the villa and he needed some ports forward I have been able to check how he internet connection has been performing or forwarded ports for him from the UK
  7. Thanks for all your replies but Livebox is really not an option as this is a holiday home, which he also rents out so we are looking a purchasing two routers so that if the router is fried during an electrial storm (which I think has happened to the DG2200, he has a spare that any guest could quickly swap over.
  8. Can you configure the livebox to remotely administer it, the problem is that I am administering the router for a friend who has a holiday home in France and in the past if they have needed me to check the connection speed or do some port forwarding I can do that remotely with the Netgear. I have tried to find out which is the best router for Orange France weak lines but can only find that Netgear Dg834g v3 is the best but this is even older than the Dg2200 v4 that I want to replace. I want to move away from from the Netgear DG2200 as the last one I bought only lasted about a year and a half. So if anyone can let me know if they are using a router they have brought in from the UK that would be great. Thanks in advance
  9. I am looking to replace a Netgear DG2200 v4 N300 router that has died. Unfortunately this router has been discontinued I am looking to purchase the router in the UK and take the router out to France and setup on Orange. I am looking for something that works well on a line that has always been slow and problematic. I am not too keen on getting a livebox I don't speak French and I need to be able to setup port forwarding and remote management. Can anyone recommend a router I can purchase in the UK that would suit. Thanks in advance
  10. Thanks for that, the Netgear we have already is an old UK netgear, I have just fitted a French ADSL filter to the end of the cable, just wondering if anyone had any problems with compatibility with the Netgear DGN2200 on Orange France.
  11. I am looking at replacing a Netgear DG834G which Orange say is causing the internet to drop out, I don't really want to go with a livebox, but was looking at Purchasing a Netgear DGN2200 N-300 in the UK and bringing it over to France to use, has anyone on this forum tried setting one of these up with Orange France, if so did they have any problems with speed and internet dropping. Thanks in advance
  12. Thanks to everyone for their input on this we purchased a new phone and ADSL filter but still could not get a dial tone, strangely the internet still worked (all be bit very slow). We contacted France telecom on the english speaking line who ran some tests and confirmed the fault to be outside the property they are sending an engineer on the 15th June.
  13. Hi We have found that we have no dialtone on the phone line, is there an English speaking support number we can contact at France Telecom to get this problem resolved. Also does anyone know if France Telecom have a similar policy to BT where any cabling after the Master socket is the bill payers responsibility. Do French telephone systems have a master socket, if so how can we identify them? Thanks in advance Chris
  14. Thats just what I wanted thank you. Orange say we should be getting 3.7mbs which from what I can work out is the maximum we can expect, we are actually getting 0.6mbs (608 kbps) does anyone have any idea where we can make a start on trying to get the speed issue resolved. For your information We have a Netgear DG834G router, only have 1 telephone socket in the property.
  15. Thanks for your quick reply, unfortunately this website give your current broadband speed which I know already, I am trying to find out what speed I should be expecting from my line.
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