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  1. Go along next Thursday 17th at 10am French Tax authorities are holding a seminar in English at Civray Dont know exactly where I think its in the Marie
  2. Bank of Scotland telephone banking is just a simple phone call to transfer money
  3. Next Thursday 17th March the impots are running an advice session on how to complete your French tax return It will be conducted in English 1500 hrs at the Salle de Marriage in the Marie at Ruffec (charente) No need to book just turn up They are also holding one in Civray but I dont know the details
  4. [quote]That's my point though QUillan. This woman is definitely here permanently, you see her here all over the place - and has been for a lot more than 3 months. Her kids go to school here and she even ha...[/quote] Saw in Spanish paper the other day local police in Spain are noting UK registered cars arriving at the local schools with the children and then checking how long the pupils have been attending school If over 3 months then the Spanish police impound the car as it is a requirement that car has to be reregistered within 3 months of arrival and they can presume if children have been going to school for more than three months then car has been in Spain for more than  3 months. Maybe the gendarmes will take this idea up     
  5. [quote]Sounds lovely can't wait enjoy that warmer weather, if we do definately decide to make the move. We are realising now just how large the charente area is which is making it very difficult to know whic...[/quote] The region Poitou Charente consists of the following departments Charente,Charente Maritime,Deux Sevres and Vienne all of which are different  
  6. [quote]Sad, SAD?? Hey Froggie, Some of us may not choose to take the name of the person who we married. I very much doubt whether any men could be included in this 'we'. You may find it 'sad', but for m...[/quote] You have got the wrong end of the stick If you care to read the original post again you will realise I was refering to the fact that the people had put Mr and Mrs rather than M and Mme which I found sad
  7. Boiling a frog


    Tell me, Mr BIF, is there any point in your wife having her own carte vitale IF the validity period is the same as yours?  Wouldn't she get exactly the same cover on your card as a dependent or do you have no choice if your wife paid full NI rather than B rate?   There are 2 seperate issues here If a person is entitles to an E106 by way of NI contributions then Newcastle issues an E106 to that person If the dependant does not have sufficient NI contributions then they go on the spouses E106 There is no choice Second A carte vitale is issued on an individual basis A wife cannot use her husbands carte vitale she is issued with her own with a seperate social security number. Husband/wife may have different entitlement to reembursement  It is only children under 16 who do not have a personal carte vitale  
  8. [quote]Now you are resident in France are you known as Mr and Mrs on your postbox or M et Mme.... I ask purely out of nosiness and amusement as we have a new English couple in the village and on passing by ...[/quote] Sad people
  9. [quote]If that is true its sounds quite unfair. Surley either the status of AC is Terminated or its not. I still can't see how the Government can legislate for a particular profession and not across the...[/quote] It is very rare for any new legislation to be retrospective in any democratic country.
  10. I just wonder why anyone wants to put anything on a stone floor We have a flagstone floor and just wash it every so often or am I missing something
  11. You are probably talking nearer the 10000 euro mark if not more The boilers are very expensive
  12. Boiling a frog


    [quote]There is something odd here, why have you submitted an E106 to CPAM that is no longer valid? If you paid NI in the UK in the last three years, you get up to two years on CPAM after registration, that...[/quote] If you actually read the query you will realise that the E106 was submitted to CPAM while it was still valid.Also it takes at least 3 months if not longer for Newcastle to issue the E106 and there is a "valid from" date on the E106 so CPAM can establish if you are entitled to refunds As for claiming yes you can claim we did this for medical treatment received prior to receiving the E106 Newcastle has a habit of making mistakes,in our case my wife was told after the expiry of the initial E106 that she was not entitled to another for a further year altho I received mine We had both worked and paid NI contributions for exactly the same period On querying this Newcastle firstly said that she did not have sufficient NI contributions but after pointing out that she had the agreed to investigate and the next day telephoned to say they had made a mistake and she duly received her E106 The original poster did not say whether his wife was on the E106 as a dependant but I think that she should have received a seperate social security number and attestation from CPAM and now that the E106 has run out he needs to apply for cover under CMU rules if he is not working
  13. [quote]Very strange as I have been with CA for over 15 years and have always had instant renewals throughthe post even before we moved here over ten years ago. I also get instant renewals with CMB, Caisse d'...[/quote] Maybe they dont like me Is that what you are saying
  14. [quote]I don't understand why you have not received new cheque books, normally a bank will automatically renew a carnet as soon as a certain cheque has been reached. You should call in the bank in the next f...[/quote] Not with Credit Agricole Charente You have to ask for a new cheque book which takes about a week to arrive
  15. As the majority of French are Roman catholics shouldnt be a problem in finding people to share with Just ask your neighbour or go to the local church on Sunday
  16. This is the official site with full explaination http://www.ces.urssaf.fr/
  17. [quote]Hello If everyone went down the cheque d'emploi route the French economy would collapse. I was discussing this with my business partner and he just laughed, and he has been in France a lot longer tha...[/quote] It apppears that your busness partner despite having been in France for many years does not know that the cheque system is not for "everyone".  It is only for gardners,domestic work,child minders,people who look after elderly or ill people, Can hardly see how the french economy would collapse with these limited numbers using the system but of course you will know better
  18. I wonder just how financially sound this organisation is From my reading of their conditions they hold the deposit and final payment and it is only when the client has had the holiday that you ask for payment.By that time perhaps 6 or 7 months after having the deposit (in our case 25%) which is an nice little earner in itself and then the final payment (in our case 8 weeks before holiday)   are they still in existance or have they disapeared with lots of money.Is it a scam or am I being cynical.  
  19. A very rough translation o you recruit un(e) employé(e) of house? Instead of avoiding the steps while paying it to the black, know that a simple tool exists to remunerate it legally:  the check use service.    The check use service dispenses l.employeur of the administrative formalities (declaration to l.Urssaf, registration of the salaried employee to the social Security), of the calculation of the overheads and the monthly bulletins of wage. But attention:  s.il benefits from l.Aged for the care of his/her/its children, he cannot use the check use service and must do the described above usual formalities therefore. Ask for the checkbook L.employeur must ask free for this checkbook in his/her/its bank. The file includes a d.adhésion demand with authorization of withdrawal of the social contributions and a model of work contract. The check use service serves of work contract for an occasional work of less than eight hours per week or four consecutive weeks per year. In all others cases, the contract is obligatory. The Fepem elaborated a model simplified easy to fill. A simple procedure The checkbook includes twenty formulas of check come with d.enveloppes preprinted. Every check s.accompagne d.un social shutter, that contains all information administrative d.ordre. Every time l.employeur pays its salaried employee, he hands him a check of the amount of the net income increased of 10% for the paid holidays. In the fifteen days, he/it sends the shutter social correspondent to l.Urssaf of Saint-Étienne that manages the device. L.employeur must write down the d.heures number of work there done, the clean amount of l.heure of work, the total paid to the salaried employee. He/it must also indicate if the salary is calculated on an inclusive or real basis. The contributions are appropriated automatically on the banking account of l.employeur. In the ten days following the receipt of the social shutter, l.Urssaf sends to the salaried employee an attestation of salary that is worth bulletin of salary. Article actualized February 15, 2004     
  20. [quote]This previous topic might be of interest. http://forums.livingfrance.com/shwmessage.aspx?forumid=12&messageid=3295#bm33502 If you look towards the end, you will see that there is apparently so...[/quote] Le chèque emploi service permet de rémunérer de façon simplifiée une personne occupant : >un emploi à domicile >ouvrant droit aux réduction d’impôts Il peut donc être utilisé pour les emplois tels que les tâches ménagères ou familiales exécutées au domicile : >ménage >aide à domicile >garde malade >garde d’enfants >aide aux personnes âgées… >soutien scolaire >jardinage et plus généralement les activités relevant de la convention collective des employés de maison   Appears it only covers domestic type work and gardening
  21. [quote]If you need to go to the doctor you can and just pay his fee of €20. However, I wouldn't hold my breath for getting anything out of CPAM retrospectively. Others on the forum who've been in your positi...[/quote] Yes hold your breath; Was in exactly this position 2 years ago waiting for E106 needed urgent operation had operation paid up then when E106 arrived went to CPAM with E106 and all the receipts CPAM refunded us in 7 days  
  22. You did ask for guidance but it appears that you are not willing to accept the guidance given so take up your points with the roofer who I suspect will stick to his guns and will want paid. What you do then is up to you .
  23. Your dog should be registered If it gets lost being registered on the French database is the only way that it will be traced back to you
  24. It is perfectly normal for travelling time/time spent getting material etc to be charged ,and I know that when equipment has to be hired it is also charged for.If you had received a devis then these charges may or may have not been hidden depending on the artisan Some devis are fairly simple ie so many square meters of tiles,wood for roofing and an overall labour charge with a total price other artisans may spell out every single item and an hourly rate but it is the same in the end the final price is the final price.However in your case you did not receive a devis because it was impossible for the roofers to estimate prior to starting work You are now in dispute The best of luck but at the end of the day remember you may become known as someone who does not pay up and you may  find it impossible to get anyone else to do work on your property.Word spreads very quickly. 
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