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  1. Barclays account holders can download (via an online banking link) kaspersky antivirus package for free, full program and updates

  2. In our case

    Toilet seat broken

    2 internet routers broken within a week (they say due to storm!), have asked for half payment towards one

    cleaning charges

  3. Hi

    A difficult one for me but maybe straight forward for others

    We rented a property out long (ish) term and took a deposit.

    They have now left and we although tidy it wasn't 'clean' and took a good couple of days to clean (not continuously) ready for next arrivals.

    Also a couple of things electrical broke, they say as a result of storms.

    Apart from cleaning charges we have asked for half towards replacing the electical items.

    They are not happy about this and to be honest I am not either but why should I have to pay everytime something is broken, I have not included everything damaged.

    What are you thoughts

  4. Sorry but no way do I accept that France is good for the food.

    England is better, mainly down to the fact there is more choice, same could be said for Italy.

    Here, in most villages people open a restaurant because they think they can cook, its rediculous
    Yes we have had good meals but I reckon in the 5 years here (in various areas of France) 80% of the food we have had in so called restaurants has been unbelievably poor

    I hate it when people say the food is good, they don't say where the food is good

    French food consists of uncooked meat, lack of veg and no flavour, my other half is a veggie and finds it difficult to get anything decent

    Sory, but eating a birds head with a blanket over my head isn't my cup of tea

    We came to france for cheap big houses in the countryside and a bit of peace, not for the food.

  5. No offense meant here, i'm sure the OP means well and is very optimistic but

    why would this so called top indian chef give it all up and move to France where they don't eat this stuff much and take a gamble

    if he's any good he'll be opening more places in England

    what needs to be done is for someone to go to a curry mile somewhere, marry into them and get them over here and open a place
  6. Ah, at last, well done Clair , back on subject [:)] (rather than some of the drivel thats been added)
  7. Or

    This is a wind-up because everyone loves a moan (negativity) and will get a response!

    Time this post was put to bed.

  8. [quote user="sweet 17"]

    Dear Wooly, nice of you to post. 

    Want to know what's wrong with where I am?

    Well, there's lots the problem at Chateau Sweet, I can tell you.

    The house itself has been renovated by some Brit DIY-er and I do think it's gross to replace the marble fireplaces with gaz instant heaters, don't you?

    The flagstone floor kitchen with the original stone sink is now a state-of-the-art pi├Ęce de resistance with fitted units from Hygena.  The old Godin cast iron range has been ripped out and we now have a gleaming stainless steel electric oven.

    All our old shutters have been replaced with maintenance free Upvc ones and the old windows and doors are also Upvc.

    The old oak floorboards are now laminate and wipe-clean.

    As for the bathrooms (all 13 of them)

    The swimming pool too; what good is an Olympic sized affair when I can just about do half a length without getting out of breadth and having to cling on to the sides!

    The tennis court?  Andy Murray did say he'd like to practise on it but I think Andy Murray is all mouth and brag and, if he thinks he can come to my house to practise his brattish behaviour, he's got another think coming.


    And you replied to mine -

    I accept the fact that you have every right to your opinion of my post.  More than that, I will defend your absolute right to rubbish what I say.  But, PLEASE, if you have to call my post "ridiculous", have the grace to spell the word correctly.

    So, you slag me for my spelling, yet you buy what seems to be a chateau (13 bathrooms) with laminate flooring and upvc windows and a Hygena kitchen
    I don't need telling for my spelling, you need telling for your eyesight!

    All that aside, I wish you all the best selling it


    And, whats all this about -

    The tennis court?  Andy Murray did say he'd like to practise on it but I think Andy Murray is all mouth and brag and, if he thinks he can come to my house to practise his brattish behaviour, he's got another think coming.

    Heres a tip -
    when posting, make sure you can remember how many glasses of wine you have had or BRAG somewhere else.
    And, once you have corrected someone elses spelling, do not make any mistakes thereafter

    Also, we have a property with a smaller pool you might be able to swim from one side to the other, no reasonable offer refused.

  9. [quote user="sweet 17"]

    Still looking at houses to buy and cannot work out why prices are falling fastest in Dordogneshire?

    Had some friends over from the UK today and they have said the same to me.

    Anyone got any theories or inside info?

    I'm not sure I want to live in the Dordogne but, if a real bargain comes up, what the hell, I'm not going to turn up my nose!



    The Dordogne is prettier than the Charente Maritime
    You say Dordogneshire, there are just as many brits in the Dordogne than in CM, or Charente or Languedoc

    Ask yourself why the Dordogne is known as Dordogneshire, you say its because lots of brits are there, then ask why
    its because its beautiful, I have lived all over France so I can say this
    The Charente Maritime may be on the coast but its flat, bland and boring
    Rediculous post

  10. [quote user="babcock"][quote user="Hoddy"]

    I'm with Gardengirl on this one. I don't talk about house prices to my friends and neighbours in England or the Dordogne.

    Incidentally, does anyone have figures for where the highest proportion of British immigrants is ? The Dordogne is often mentioned, but I have the impression that there many more in other areas. We are the only English in our village.



    Firstly one speakes about 'property' in the UK rather than homes and I have noticed this for about 20 years. Secondarly - we used to live in the Charente and one of the reasons we left was the level of UK immigrants. I defy anyone to go into Leclerc in Ruffec and not hear English spoken at any time, any day. Horses for courses.



    Meaning what?

  11. Well, if I could get up at 8.30 everyday, to stop it ruining my life i'd get up at 7.30, happy days
  12. 18k a year to me sounds good, I don't have any deffinate income and I get by but I suspect your home here will be your only home

    you have to adjust when moving to France especially financially, everyone will adjust so it doesn't cost as much to live here so 18K will be plenty I reckon

  13. awful exchange
    But whose fault is it?
    with Brits buying up and renovating properties that they themselves did not want?
    So who has burst the bubble?
    And who stands to lose most by it?


  14. Hi and happy new year to all

    Have to say i'm suprised by the OP post, 1 - they want to know the best place, 2 - they dont want to be near english, 2b - there on here, 3 they have friends in Provence, 4 - French born family

    Bloody hell if you can't get info from them then I suspect you're not well liked.

    For me, 300k, Provence or somewhere in Italy

  15. ISPs usually limit speeds of the P2P download ports anyway

    everytime I download a 'movie' ;-) I get disconnected for a bit, no a prob tho, I entertain myself in other ways until it comes back on

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