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  1. We have owned our house near Montbron in Dept 16 for five years and now need help in completing the renovations. We have been let down by four different builders in the past year ( two french and two british ) and have reached the stage where we need a reliable artisan . The main project is the instalatation of stairs and flooring . Can  anybody recommend an artisan who can finish the work and is reliable.

  2. Many thanks for your reply. We are over in France next week and will look them up. Did they install your windows or just make them ?

  3.     Does anybody know of or can recommend a Carpenter in Dpt 16 near Montbron ? We have now been let down for a third time ( French and British ) for stairs to be fitted and a window to be installed.

      Any help would be great and if a personel recomendation, even better.

  4. I am not sure if this is the correct place for this subject but can anybody recommend a builder near Montbron ? We have used one but he has decided that he cannot fit in any more work on our house as he is far too busy. I promise you it was nothing we said.
  5. The £25 each way deal bookable for the next 12 months has been extended for a further two days.

    Fill your boots and book those trips for next year.!!


  6. We have now reached that stage where we spend most of our holiday in either Brico Depot /Mr Bricolage. We normally pay cash but having a French Bank Account , should pay by cheque. For those of you that spend even more time at these places , do you know if the cheque is printed or do you need to write the amount out ? My french needs to be improved.

    Have any of you had any problems in using you British Visa Debit card in France ? I have yet to try and would like somebody else to have theirs rejected first.

  7. Speedferries have a £25 each way deal on for the next seven days. Book now for the next twelve months.
  8. We are "close" to completing the renovations on our small house near Montbron and are now thinking about furniture.

      I have seen in other parts of France , warehouses which sell secondhand french beds etc.

    Does anybody know of any such warehouses or the like in Dept 16 ?

    Any help would be great as we are over at the end of May.




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