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  1. I wouldn't stress too much ether, Due to a c0ckup on a purchase

    that spanned dec and jan (and therefore confused the "whos liable"

    situation - who the owner was on Jan 1st 2006 was unclear) We have only just

    got our 2005 bills sorted.

    On top of this, we didn't even get a late payment fine as

    it was the authorities problem as the sent the bills to Germany and then Ireland !

    Having a friendly notaire was good too, they helped by

    writing the letter to the tax people on our behalf complete with official stamp

    and even posted it for us !

    All curcumstances are different but If you haven't got the bills, put

    the money for the taxes away and go bug the notaire :o) as long as your seen to

    be trying to pay / not trying to aviod paying you should be OK..

  2. Glad it's not just me.... most of the route to the southwest is sorted with the great new autoroute extentions but Rouen is still the one that leaves me in a cold sweat.  rubbish signs, bad roads, free visit to the rail yard with every trip... after two years of driving it I think last week was the first time we did both direction without getting totaly lost ! (Also the GPS gets really confused so dont think that will get you out of the place ether !)



  3. I think some of this has already been covered but heres my €0.02 worth..

    Just tried to order a SIM from the UK on my UK credit card and you can't do it. it asks for the bank R.I.B information which UK banks don't have. the T's & C's also say "et
    régulièrement domiciliés en France métropolitaine et en Corse." e.g you have to be "regularly domiciled in Metropolitan France and Corsica"

    No problem, I'll try with my French card tonight from home giving my French address 

    To unlock a phone the best way is to find someone with a PC and the software, I got mine done at a UK computer fair but I've seen some mobile shops in the UK that advertise this service. I think it cost me £10

  4. Guys,

    Anyone seen anything of the Paris troubles spilling over to the South West ?

    Were coming down this weekend and the wife is a little worried.

    Having lived near London for most of my adult life I tend to be very sceptical of the press headlines seen here in the last week or so. Is the trouble isolated to the cities ?

  5. Hi Susie, hope your well..

    When I broke my leg we managed to Rent a wheel chair from the Red Cross (UK), very reasonable rates, may be worth having a look in the Pages Jaunes to see if there's a Red Cross or equivalent near by ?! just a thought.


  6. Got down to the house again last week and the same problem, bisto coloured water, this time it did it every time the system reheated - conclusion it's ******ed..

    Looks like the anode that protects the chauffe eau had gone and the inner shell was rotting + the relief valve was leaking so off to Mr Bricko for a new one (Looking at it I think it was the original 1989 version from the house build so probably long overdue)

    Got a new 200L chauffe eau with super new quiet heater element, a stand, a great installation kit with flexible hoses and the pressure relief valve all for ~€170.

    Easy to fit for a competent DIY'er although the old one weighed a ton with all the scale and rust in it, had to get the wife as well as the father in law and brother in law to help lift it out.

    The best part was the instructions, to save doubt they give you a full colour picture of the underside including the wiring, great idea and really helpfull, the whole thing took a couple of hours to sort !

    Hope this helps if someone is looking to do the same, it's really not that hard.


  7. Hi All,

    Here's a good one for you..

    We hadn't been to the house for a good few months and when we got there I did the normal and got everything going.

    The problem was with the chauffe eau, When I ran the hot taps it dispensed what could only be described as oxo coloured water, the entire contents of the tank was light brown / rust coloured.

    Once the water had been flushed through all appeared fine ?!

    Is this normal if the unit has been left for a long time with water in it or is it a sign of impending failure ?

    Does anyone else have the same problem ?



  8. I had a similar problem last year, those intex type all in one filter/pumps are next to useless on anything bigger than a paddling pool + if more than 1 or 2 people use the pool or if the weather gets hot it just doesn't keep up..

    I ended up buying a sand filter / pump system from a guy in germany via ebay, brilliant bit of kit and i've not had a problem since, the filter just needs backwashing from time to time (a 3 minute job without even getting wet or covered in smelly stuff from a cartridge)

    if you use the pool more than for the odd dip I would strongly recommend the small sand filter route !


  9. if it took a few minutes to go over from Horizon to Horizon it was a satellite, there's loads up there that you can watch fly over including the int space station - most are easy to see even from London !.

    if it was a short line / flash then chances are it was a meteor, they come in all the time and most of the time you will see the just the odd one and not big groups - it's great to watch these things flying about and the software mentioned above is v good !!

    Happy Star Watching !

  10. I'm 99% sure a scart is a scart, it's the other bits that will get you like the standards that the TV supports vs what the player will output.

    French TV's use a system called SECAM where as we (UK) use PAL and the yanks use NTSC, a modern TV should be OK on all of the standards but you should check first.

    If you play PAL into a SECAM only tv the picture will be black and white.


  11. I would give it little more than 5 days, our UK ones took a couple of weeks !!

    When we applied for the Barclays.fr online usename to go with out french accounts it took about 2 weeks for all the bits to come through, not bad for a french bank and the service appears to work most of the time ..


  12. Just to add my two pennies (or should that be two €) worth - I have no problem owning a second property in France for most of the same reasons stated above.


    Our place was built and lived in by a Dutchman, left empty for a long while before being sold to a German who lived there for a year or so before moving due to work commitments, he left the place empty for a couple of years before we bought it - during all of the empty times the property was on the books of the local Immobilières and available to any takers, the price was not extortionate but as stated previously in one of the other posts, it's 4km out of town and none of the French buyers wanted it for that reason.

    We on the other hand are OK with being 4km out so managed to buy a v nice house on a great plot at a good price.


    Even if we had gone for a property in town, I still would be happy with my purchase (if not a little more skint!) as it’s a free market that the French are just as much a part of as the English – all nations have veto and opt-out for anything that may affect their national balance or profitability, as yet the French have not mentioned using ether to slow the foreign investment of overseas buyers purchasing in France.


    We are the only foreigners in our little village of about half a dozen houses, no one we have spoken to cares that we are English...


    The locals we have spoken too are happy that the house will be cared for (by a local French family company) and that we will use local shops and amenities, we do try to speak French and do try to integrate - this last point appears to be the main source of complaint amongst the locals we have spoken too - they dislike the English (Dutch/Germans etc) who only speak to the English (Dutch/Germans etc) and ignore the locals, this unfortunately does happen in our area as I have witnessed to my embarrassment. people (old and young) muttering phrases like "they should all learn bl00dy English" does nothing to keep the peace.


    Can you imagine the reception a French family would have buying a house in Brighton and refusing to try to speak English ?! Fortunately most of the French are far more polite !


    Also, the French we have got to know do on the whole work hard - may be they are not as manic as the English and Americans but who can blame them, given the chance I would slow a little  (I think that was one of the reasons we bought in France in the first place !)


    As for air travel being the source of pollution, a modern jet carrying upward of 200 people Has to be better then 200 people in cars and coaches chugging down the AutoRoute and back routes + if they didn't go to their Maison Secondaire, they would just go somewhere else anyway.. mile for mile I think you would find jets to be fairly good as transportation goes (without getting in to the expanding Airport argument)


    Anyway, I've finished my tea so I’ll be quite now and go do some work 


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