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  1. Ours did that as well - it turned out that a water bottle had rolled underneath the seat - as soon as it was removed the light went out......
  2. Wow.....is that the Auchan near Futuroscope?
  3. so how long in a slow cooker do you think?
  4. We supply bed linen, shower mat, loo mat and tea towels - but not towels either in the house or for the pool.  We offer to provide them if people fly here but have only ever been taken up on that once in 5 years.  Our clients don't seem to have any problem at all bringing their own towels - and we already have 12 weeks booked for 2009 so we must be doing something right. Edit: we don't charge extra for what we supply - we also provide a second set for the second week of two week stays.
  5. One of our dogs came from the SPA at Cholet - and they also have kept "ownership" of the chip.  As we have now had him 6 years I hope they look after their records well as I would hate to think that if the worst happened and he ran off (although that is extremely unlikely) they wouldn't be able to trace him to us.
  6. Oddly Pages Jaunes is right in this instance - the hamlet is just round the corner from here - it's name panel says  La ViandiĆ©re but most maps say La VivandiĆ©re!!
  7. This is really heart breaking.  we already have 2 French rescue dogs and are about six hours away - so just not practical for us. but please - if you live within an hour or two, give this a serious thought.
  8. we also use a parafin heater in our kitchen - but you should be aware that it does put quite a bit of humidity into the atmosphere.  if like us your kitchen is a bit draughty it won't be a problem, however the drawback of calor gas heaters and parafin heaters is that they may cause some condensation problems.
  9. remote control car?    looks like 2 wheel tracks..........
  10. It is actually perfectly possible to teach a foreign language in a country with no knowledge of that country's language - my daughter taught English in China with initially no knowledge of Chinese.
  11. I would like to echo everyone elses good wishes - get better soon Cooperlola!
  12. Suandpete

    Any idea..?

        Our lab did exactly the same about three weeks ago - he was fast asleep and didn't appear to notice but I could hear his tummy above the noise of the television!  No after effects though and I haven't noticed it again since.
  13. Salt and pepper; tea coffee (instant and ground) and sugar (just make sure that the containers are over half full).  Coffee machine filters. Washing up liquid, dishwasher tablets Jif, bleach, floor cleaner, bin bags for kitchen and bathroom; shower cleaner, loo cleaner, air freshener for loo, 3 loo rolls, kitchen roll. Charcoal and lighter fluid (only ever bought these once, 5 seasons ago - ever since they have been replaced by guests). Plastic beakers and plates for kids in garden. Haven't so far provided plastic glasses for around pool - but maybe we should....... Edit:  Forgot the milk, butter, cheese, bread soft drink and wine that are in the welcome pack plus whatever fruit and veg's we have from the potager/orchard.  Try to offer strawberries, tomatoes etc every few days when we have them.
  14.     May have changed now I guess - but with child benefit in the UK it always used to be the mother who was the claimant and the beneficiary.   Perhaps that is the problem.
  15.  Our gite is on our property but separate from our house and they have their own bins.  However one of us empties the bins every couple of days and puts the rubbish with ours so that we can ensure it is put out on the correst days.  Only takes a few minutes and ensures that the rubbish never gets smelly.  Perhaps you don't live close enough to do that?  Lots of people just want to forget about mundane things like putting out rubbish when they are on holiday.    
  16.     We have similar - a chimney which is unused and splits into two sections - jackdaws in one half and barn owls in the other.  Like you we decided that it probably worked because of their shift systems!  Bit noisy in the bedroom and bathroom though..........
  17.     Our policy is with MMA and we added my brother in law for a couple of weeks when he was here on holiday.  It was free for "proches" (family) - he had to show his UK driving licence but he had the same cover as us.  Our daughter lives in UK but is permanently on our policy - she is named but it was free to add her.
  18.    They had them in our Super U yesterday for the first time in about three months.........
  19.     I found that Clair - thanks very much.  However I wasn't sure whether a telephone company would come under the same legislation as an ISP?
  20.     We have an FT line but all our phone calls are automatically routed through Onetel and we now wish to cancel our contract with Onetel.   Does anyone know of a consumer type web site with standard resiliation letters on it?
  21.   We had our village do last night - from 1830 until 0200!  Just a relatively small village of less than 2000 people but there were 2 sound stages and a number of impromptu areas; we followed the band and the majorettes around the village, stopping every now and again for things like the Trompes des Chasseurs, the glockenspiels for the kids from the school of Music, the village choir etc etc.   We last peeped out at the main square opposite our house at 0100 when a rock band were giving it about 200 decibels and there were at least 20 people in the audience - all clustered around the pastis bar!  When I got up at 0700 this morning everything had been cleared away - even the semi-permanent bar and the only sign that anything had happened was one empty beer bottle in our front garden......
  22.     Just found a report of the accident in the local paper - it appears that for a so far unknown reason a car was on the wrong side of the road - the car in front of Sunday Driver managed to avoid it but Sunday Driver was unable to - he, his wife and the other driver all had to be cut out of their cars.   All three were seriously injured.
  23.     Likewise - I've never met him or his wife but his advice has been very useful a number of times.  please give them both our good wishes.
  24.     There is one just outside Terves which we use - ours have been there quite a few times and seem to be fine when we get them back.  PM me if you want the details.
  25.     Maybe cardinals?   http://www.completefrance.com/cs/forums/890039/ShowPost.aspx
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