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  1. Thanks for your reply. Did you get a towbar fitted in France? and was it costly?  Can you tell me what to look out for when buying one? Many thanks again
  2. I am thinking about buying a pop up caravan? They seem reasonably priced, fold down very low for storage and would be perfect for a few trips here and there. I am wondering if anyone has any tips on buying them and what to look out for, are they prone to rust or weakness in any particular areas? And if anyone knows of one that might be up for sale I'd be interested as well!!! many thanks
  3. Hello I have an association (1901) and am teaching yoga, it's not for profit, and I would like to know how to keep the books for it, if someone can tell me if there is some information about that I could refer to please?  I think I can put expenses through it, but don't know more about that, i would rather use my own bank account than pay expenses for another, but is that possible? Many thanks
  4. Yes it's the repatriation part that's the problem if living overseas. Thanks very much for all the company names will give these a try. I am going with a group Yoga in Daily Life, who are all flying from London to Delhi first then to Haridwar for the Kumbha Mehla Hindu festival then staying in Rajasthan anyone with experience travelling in India I'm interested to hear.   We have to take insurance, its' compulsory - which in itself is a bit worrying!!
  5. Hello I am going to India and I need to have some comprehensive travel insurance. As I live in France I can't buy holiday insurance from the UK, as far as I can tell. Does anyone know where, as a French resident with limited French, I can buy insurance to cover me in India? I am flying from the UK after flying from France back to London Many thanks Carol 
  6. Hi By UK personal allowances, do you mean the amount you can earn before you become liable for tax ? I think it used to be about £4,200 ??  Is it still the same regulation if you live abroad ? I'm just wondering because the from says you must not expect to be liable for tax on your UK property I think, in order to be able to fill out a self assessment form - In fact I see you must fulfill one of three possible requirements, one being not liable for tax on the income from the property. Thank you
  7. Thanks for all your answers it's pretty encouraging !
  8. I dont know if anyone will have been in this situation but if so, or if someone can shed some light on this, i would appreciate it. Thank you for all comments. I usually fill in a tax form in the UK for a property there which is let, but as I have now been working very part-time in France but on a contract (about 30 hrs a month) I have I think become officially resident here. In which case, I am told that tax has to be deducted from rental income at source at 20%.  Now I looked on the government tax pages and it seems to suggest that there is an alternative to fill out a self assessment tax form (which is what I did in the past, in the UK). However can someone confirm this, because at present I dont know what forms I need to fill in to do so, or who to speak to, or how to avoid paying tax in the UK and in France, and in effect thinking I wonder why I didn't do this before...........so, well you know how it is, with all the many things there are to learn about so thank you for any advice or suggestions !!
  9. I guess I could just turn up at a class that's already a going concern and ask them if I could work within their association ? I can't see the yoga class wanting anyone else that might take away their students ? But yes, I like the speaking French bit. thanks
  10. When I went to the Mairie I was put in touch with the chap who is in charge of the Sports and Dance sections and he said he has about seventy associations on his books. He asked me for details of an association. I don't know any that are bilingual that I can work within so I thought I will have to set up my own. If there is another way, then I'm very happy to hear about it ! Thank you
  11. Hello Can you explain a little more please - what regime you are going to work under ? Is this how I charge or collect payments - as I don't know how to do that either. If everything has to go through the accounts, then that would seem like some straightforward book keeping. Although if there are other factors like, buying -mats - ie use of capital, then that might come under something else ? whew. Thanks for your help, I appreciate it a lot.
  12. Thanks, I am getting confused again. It is a not for profit association, but I would get paid for the classes that I teach, so maybe someone else has to 'run it' for me, on my behalf ? The qualification is with a centre based in France and there are others (French) people who are teaching with this qualification, so I hope that that wouldnt be a problem.   I need to hire a room, so I dont know that I can do it on the quiet.  
  13. Thanks I will give it a go. I would join  another association if I knew one that was for English and French people !  I will have a look at this website first. I guess you have set one up before now then ?
  14. Hello I would like some information please, if someone has some experience in this area, can you give me some guidance. I would like to teach a yoga class and I have to, I have been told, set up an association, with a minimum of three members. I have got the papers from the Mairie and I dont know where to start.  Thanks for all suggestions !
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