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  1. Hi We will need to travel from north Deux-Sevres up to central Paris to go to the Chinese embassy to get visas.  I realise that we can easily get a TGV from Poitiers but we are also considering driving up and leaving the car near a metro station in the south west of Paris - can anyone suggest a station with nearby parking? Thanks in advance Su
  2. We have been in the system for years but the Hotel des Impôts asked to see the S1/E121 last year for the first time. Luckily we had kept a copy.
  3. It's certainly not good practice.  What do the rental conditions say?
  4. When we sent off my "France Individual" form four years ago it was dealt with as per the form - however we have just submitted my husband's form and it was dealt with as above.  We received it completed by the local tax office and so we copied it and sent one copy to Cardiff and another to Paris.   We're still waiting to see what the outcome will be........
  5. Why not buy online?   When my husband smoked a pipe he bought on line for years. http://www.e-tobaccos.com/buy-cigars/amber-leaf-50g-bags-p-75447.html
  6. I never met Debs but have been following her posts on here for years.  She was an amazing lady.  Our thoughts are with you at this awful time.
  7. This was our first on-line one after 9 paper ones, but they did ask for a copy of our S1 about 6 weeks ago - maybe that has delayed ours. I looked at our account on-line a few days ago and nothing was showing.  I know in the past, before we had an S1 and were paying contributions to CPAM we rarely had our Avis when CPAM asked for it in mid-September. I think if we haven't had ours by the end of September I will chase it.
  8. We haven't had ours yet, although friends living nearby have.
  9. Have you looked at the Special Offers page on cheznous.com - plenty of bargains to be had there.
  10. We are going to Thailand in October and are using staysure.co.uk - they specialise in expat insurance and appear to cover what we want.
  11. Have a look at staysure.co.uk - I've never used them but have bought their insurance for a trip later this year.  It looks as if they may cover your situation.
  12. Their fees are probably cheaper because they are on-line/ on the phone only.   As for changing banks - it's easier said than done when you have a number of direct debits set up on an account.  If we become unsatisfied with Britline we would certainly change - but we presently have no reason to (hopefully I'm not tempting fate!).  We have been with our bank in the UK since 1970 so obviously are not the kind of people who switch banks regularly!
  13. We have been with them for over ten years.  The whole point of having an account with them is the "English speaking" aspect - but ten years down the line I would be quite happy without it - have only spoken to them once and then it was half in French!. Changing bank accounts is never easy but hey - bring it on!   They are purely on-line and on the phone - you can't pop in to see them - so how dare they charge extra for something which is probably the only reason they have any customers at all...
  14. And Cabernet d'Anjou is even sweeter and very pleasant as a light summer drink.
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