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  1. Thanks. [:)]  I've always bought mine at the post office.  But the tabac is nearer if I'm not going into town.  
  2. Am I right in believing that tabacs sell postal stamps?  (including the blue ones needed for letters to the UK). Or did I dream that ???
  3.   Thanks everyone for your replies ... I got one and it was good news!! [:D]     (PS ... I'm not sure what anyone would do with 15 pregnancy tests! )
  4.   Can anybody tell me what this is called in French please? And can I get one from a chemist? Thanks
  5. Thank you so much [:)] I tried that and it wouldn't work, so I phoned up the Eng helpline and they sorted me out - I did it all on the internet .... Mind you, I haven't tested it worked yet! Thanks again.
  6. I have a phone with an answering machine on, which used to cut in before the orange service cut in (dial 3101 to retrieve them). Something has happened though and the orange answer service cuts in before my phone answering machine. I haven't done anything (knowingly!!)... maybe I pressed a wrong button somewhere[8-)]   Can I choose how many times the phone rings before the Orange service picks up? I've dialed 3101 to see if I can make head or tail of it.... but I'm rubbish at "press button 4"...... "now press button 2 followed by button 1" at the best of times - I don't have much of a chance when it's in French! Can anybody help? I'm an idiot I know!!
  7. Thanks for the comements  Sue and Dog - think I might just stick a sneaky door in  [:)]
  8. yes that's what I understood - that big white good could represent a fire risk. I do have smoke alarms... but there is a mighty thick stone wall between my bedroom and the kitchen!
  9. That's a good point ... I suppose it's not an out-building as it is next to the house.  It's a one storey building that was built against the house.  Like a lean-to I suppose.
  10. I have an outbuilding next to my house which is used as a storage area.  I am thinking of knocking through and putting a door in so that it  is accessible directly from the house.  Does anybody know at what point is an outbuilding considered part of a home and therefore subject to tax d'habitation? Cheers
  11. Am I right in thinking that it's inadvisable to put white goods onto a timer switch? Cheap leccy starts after I've gone to bed and stops before I get up! But I have in the back of my mind that large electrical items shouldn't really have a timer on them?
  12. I got a "holiday Euro card" from The Money Shop.... is this classed as an Electron card?  It's a pre-paid jobby.
  13. I'm uncomfortable about doing it - can any clever computer person in the know tell me if this can actually be dangerous.  Or am I just being jumpy? Thanks
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