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  1. Yes, I have the latest version. Once downloaded it will only play back if I'm connected through Expat - which defeats the object as I could just watch it online. I have tried downloading a program from the last 2 or 3 days list as a WMV file (this option isn't offered when I search for an older file). When I first play it , it "searches" for online authentication and won't play unless I'm connected to Expat;

    I am so grateful to the OP for the link and am enjoying watching programs we have missed but am so frustrated not being able to save and playback files. Can anyone suggest where I am going wrong please? it is the same on my netbook (XP), Laptop (Win7) and PC5XP) - all connected through a Netgear router. Thanks,

  2. I can watch a missed program but if I download it using the iplayer desktop, after closing my PC & coming back later to watch the program it says there is a download error and wipes the file. Any ideas on how to fix this please (Using Win XP & Firefox)

  3. I used Assureland.com, having used it previously for house insurance quotes. I didn't find it as easy to use for healthcare but, from memory, I think they did come up with "known" providers. However, I followed it up with a visit to the broker as it is so much easier to discuss face to face.

  4. Why not get a quote from another provider? I just changed and saved €36 pm for similar cover.

  5. Can you keep your existing 'phone number? I had a quick look on the Lebara website & couldn't see anything.

  6. I don't think that there is any "ploy". I hadn't used my a/c for some time and they asked for updated security details, which I sent & then the a/c could be used again.

  7. Give them a ring and ask what the problem is. On the couple of occasions I've needed to ring I have found them helpful

  8. In case you want to translate any more terms, try this link. http://www.wordreference.com/fren/

  9. Yes CA, you can get through Angouleme OK - at the moment, although there are plans afoot for a "busway". This will keep the Greens happy but probably kill off the town centre if others are like me and prefer to put shopping in the car and not to have to carry it round all day, getting arms like a gorilla.

  10. Had a very pleasant lunch there today, 3 courses & a glass of wine €12. Sat outside, overlooking the river - used the free book swap for English books too. Cash or cheque only, no cards.

  11. Just testing to see who was awake![:D]

  12. 0845 604 6345 or 0033 845 604 6345 from France.

  13. If you do choose Leclerc and your handset is not suitable, theirs start at €27.90

  14. Our Tresorie only gives a receipt if you pay in cash, not for a cheque. (They might if you ask but it could just make it easier).

  15. The contact address quoted on our bill is


    TSA 90002

    93733 BOBIGNY CEDEX 9

    Perhaps someone who lives nearer to you can say if theirs is the same.

  16. If the ph is too low it should be corrected - full stop.

  17. If you are using LBP online it updates overnight, so I don't think you will see today's credits until tomorrow. I am not 100% sure but I don't think you will see Friday's credits until Tuesday morning.

  18. Why not just apply for a Titre de Sejour? Real French ID with a 'photo. Accepted as proof in Spain when writing cheques too. Oh, and they are free.

  19. I have had a Flex a/c for a long time. I 'phoned the number on the original letter. The lady said I couldn't upgrade but then said I could once she redid the credit ref check. Later in the conversation she also said that I had had a debit card some years ago. I vaguely remember changing to a cash card at some time as that was all I needed. Perhaps that had more influence than the credit check - I don't know.

    I recommend you 'phone the number on the letter (don't mention going into the branch) and ask to upgrade. If they say no, then ask why not.

    Good luck,
  20. The issue is that it is possible to have a Flex account with a cash card or with a Visa debit card. I had the former but, as mentioned above, requested and have now received the Visa debit card.

  21. Many thanks to Jako, the OP, for this info. I now have download of 2.05 compared with 0.52 previosly - and for less money. I have also passed on the info to my French neighbour who did not know about it.

  22. I can shed some light on this after having had a long conversation with Nationwide.

    They have credit scored all flex accounts with Experian. If yours fails, you get the letter and the " Card +". If it passes you get the upgraded or "full" Flex a/c with  a card that lets you withdraw cash. I could not believe that I would fail a credit check, knowing my past credit record, unless the French address alone is enough to tip it. However, the lady on the 'phone re - did my credit score there and then and surprise, it passed and I was upgraded. I don't know why and the lady at Nationwide cannot see any details of the creit record - they just work on the Experian rating, with no appeals procedure, even if, like me you have had a trouble free a/c for ages, their credit card and significant investments with them.

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