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  1. +1 for HERE. Good in the car and also for walking in unfamiliar towns. Biggest bonus is it works offline once you have downloaded the map for the country you are in
  2. Not so good if you don't have a data forfait on your phone. We are already in the habit of checking the bill before we leave.
  3. Try this https://www.bbc.co.uk/food/recipes/chocolate_olive_oil_cake_44817 easy (according to my wife) and delicious. I like it with fresh raspberries and crème liquide
  4. Has anyone used this company for buying British food recently i.e. since the new Brexit rules? They are offering a pickup in Cognac which would suit us. Thanks,
  5. Had one done on Tuesday by local infirmière. Brief discomfort only. Negative result received by email today.
  6. Thanks for the replies. I'll pop into the pharmacy tomorrow and ask if they are doing them. In the meantime, I'll check online from time to time. I don't feel like driving an excessive distance so I'll just be patient.
  7. Thanks for the link nomoss. It tells me that I qualify for vaccination at a pharmacy from 15th March. The question is, how do I make an appointment? Does anyone know please? It is not mentioned on santé.fr. I have been on there daily looking for an appointment but every centre de vaccination in Charente says none are available
  8. Success! Intermarché Jarnac came up trumps
  9. Sadly our SuperU doesn't. Perhaps there's more demand for it in Indre!
  10. Thanks for that, very interesting but perhaps a step too far for us.
  11. My wife likes it on her pilchards on toast - much as one would have it on fish & chips. So, you can now see that it is essential we find some!
  12. I have looked for this on the "English shelves" of several supermarkets without success. Has anyone come across it please or do you know of a French equivalent? Thanks,
  13. Saw a large group here in Charente on 8th October and a small group yesterday
  14. Here we go is great, it is free, it works offline if you haven't got a data package. It is also useful in towns when on foot. I wouldn't be without this app!!
  15. Thanks for the reply. I understand about family income. However, the question is specifically about the treatment of pension reporting on form 2047, where it is split between the type taxed in France e.g. private pension and that which is taxed in England e.g. retired teachers.
  16. I have completed this for the first time for my wife's Teacher's Pension. I have completed section 1 and then under section 7 I have put the amount before and after tax as the same. There was no tax to pay as the personal allowance was greater than the pension amount. I assume and hope that as no tax was paid in the UK there will still be no French tax to pay (in effect the tax due was offset by the personal allowance). Am I correct in this assumption please? Thanks,
  17. Another card arrived today, posted in Romford on 13/12 !
  18. One Christmas card from the UK yesterday & another today[:(]
  19. I have searched for information on the French tax treatment of maturing life policies, with mixed results. It is often mentioned that policies taken out before 1983 are exempt. If this is the case, can anyone tell me where confirmation of this can be found please? Thanks,
  20. We have an agence in our small village which we use as much as possible on a "use it or lose  it " basis. In the nearest town there is a quite large La Poste but without a cash machine. When I asked why, I was told it would make the counter service un-viable. I thought but didn't say "what about when the Poste is closed?" Obviously I don't know if what she said was the real reason but it makes you wonder.
  21. I use bi-carb bought from ebay @ £14.99 for 10kg delivered free to a friend in the UK. It is very much cheaper than using a branded product from the pool shop & it does the job!
  22. I suggest you have a look at Google.fr. I had a brief look & there seem to be a few links worth exploring.
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