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  1. anyone know if the orange arrangement about suspending a landline still requires you to activate it at least once in a 12 month period ?

    just asking because we have not been this year due to covid (i am high risk) and wonder if i need to connect the line for a few days even though we aren`t going to be there this year.

    naturally im wanting to avoid a heavy reconnection cost if and when we are able to go.

    any info much appreciated ...
  2. ok thanks for your replies. however given that its a totally unused line for 11 months a year and the invoices have been sent to my address in england for the last 13 years make it pretty damned obvious to anyone with an ounce of common sense ! especially as i had already exchanged messages on their site in november to this effect. why didnt they ask for this in november i wonder ? is this a business or a bureacratic government department ?

    i feel sympathy for anyone trying to live and work in france.

    thanks for your replies anyway.
  3. as we are only in france for 1 holiday c 4 weeks a year in august i mailed ft to suspend the line back in early november. they have sent me another bill for rental (16e/month) which i queried via their online site. i now have the following response which i think suggests that they do not believe that my house in france is a maison secondaire. their bills are sent to the uk and there are no calls on them except for the 4 week holiday.

    "Vous nous faites part du fait que votre ligne n'est pas suspendue suite à votre demande par mail.

    Votre abonnement n'est pas reconnu comme étant une ligne de résidence secondaire mais comme un abonnement principale qui n'est pas possible de suspendre.

    Pour que votre demande de modification en Ligne Résidence Secondaire soit prise en compte, vous devez fournir une attestation d'assurance indiquant la nature de l'habitation ou une attestation de résidence à l'étranger et un document fiscal précisant l'adresse de la résidence principale (1ère page de la déclaration d'impôt sur le revenu n° 2042).

    La facturation que vous avez reçue est donc justifiée et ne pourra être corrigé qu'à réception des documents justificatifs."

    am i banging my head against the brick wall of bureaocracy here or is there some easy way of getting them to understand this very simple situation. i am close to just cancelling the line & using mobiles. anyone shed any light on this message or have any helpful suggestions please ? (my french is very much tourist bar/restaurant french)


  4. thank you for all your helpful replies. i will look into suspending my landline and follow up on local mobile suggestions as well because it would be pretty useful to have a mobile as well for use when out there to contact friends in france.
  5. i have a holiday home in france which we visit just once a year these days for about a month. currently paying france telecom 16 euros per month to keep this available (we have no computers or internet access in france). this makes it pretty expensive so i am considering cancelling this line and using mobiles for calls to uk (maybe c 10-15 calls per visit) & local calls.

    can anyone advise on what my lowest price options are and whther i will in fact save money or end up worse off ? (we use pay as you go mobiles in the uk)
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