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  1. It's a cultural 'solidarity' aspect of France, this 'stick together' thing! It will be interesting should the Constitutional Court say it is 'unlawful' to press ahead with the reforms. I think Macron would throw himself off the Eiffel Tower!! It is a way out of the impasse though and perhaps Macron would prefer that as he could then blame the court for not getting the reforms into law. Politicians are self serving and devious, it wouldn't surprise me if that happened. It also makes a change that the 'hard left' is being blamed for the troubles. In just about any situation it is the 'hard right' which usually gets the blame.
  2. As we are talking 'absurdities' I'm sure everyone is surprised , but now' informed' that the pension reforms are unpopular! who would have known that? Several weeks have now passed with it being the No.1 topic on the news channels and newspapers. Still, don't get me wrong; I'm sure there is someone who was living in a mine somewhere who has just surfaced and needed to be' brought up to date'!!!
  3. Are you kidding! I couldn't afford a bleeding pedal bike let alone a Granada! Well I did , eventually, get a Lambretta on the 'knock' of course and then I was 'jack the lad'!
  4. How do you know I'm slim and shady? I could be fat and illuminated!!! Am I on the track of the 'pond life' perhaps!!!!! (only joking, you are too 'up front' to be 'pond life'!)
  5. You may be right. Who ever is doing it must have some idea with regards 'playing with computers' I wouldn't know where to start. Someone who perhaps takes offence easily when given short shrift, there are one or two here!!!
  6. I would have been surprised if you were 'thinking of my sensibilities. Not in character at all.
  7. Well there is serious and serious I suppose, I don't take things too seriously in life and certainly not a public forum! I haven't changed my password, is there any point? The piece of dirt posting in my name has been doing it for a long time and no doubt could once again 'hack' a new password. He or she is obviously fixated in some way and is almost certainly someone with a childish mentality, or even perhaps a mental problem!!! This form of pond life probably gets some sort of 'kick' out of it. I spoke to a moderator some time ago who also suggested I change my password but said it may make no difference!!! I can only, as I said, answer any question put to me. It doesn't stop the person posting in my name of course but when ever I see it I will bring it to people's attention.
  8. Just to be clear: I did write "could equal apply to some posters here" The subsequent 'absolutely'. and 'of course' was posted in my name by some scumbag who has somehow managed to use my name, not for the first time either. This piece of low life won't come out of the shadows and there appears nothing I can do. However I will always answer a question! Yes, I do speak French though I consider it to be pretentious to do so on an English speaking website.
  9. Could equally apply to some posters here!!!!
  10. A great chap, everyone loves him but I very rarely talk to him!!!!!
  11. Not sure what you are talking about!!! Lack of English speaking probably rather than your 'odd' post! However, There are none that I know of. I can't keep away from myself now, can I?
  12. I wonder how many of the 'righteous' people here would baulk at making a 'quick buck' on drugs if they thought they could get away with it?
  13. Being naive isn't an insult. It's statement of fact. You are confused!
  14. You and your family have my sympathy . It is indeed bloody cruel but I am convinced my comments are right. I have never experienced it in my family and I hope I never have to . Mind you I seem to have outlived most of them anyway!!!! Must be my caring and considerate nature!!!!
  15. Well still compos-mentis enough to to have assessed you anyway!!!
  16. It's of no use to anyone pretending there is some sort of parallel world where everything is 'tikkity boo'! If someone should be unfortunate enough to suffer the sort of dementia implied then the reality is they wouldn't know if they were in a care home or Shanghai prison. The relatives have the problem not the sufferer. I don't know how old you are either but obviously you are naive!
  17. Apart from 'letting the younger generation decide' You get my vote! In any event should someone reach an age or a mental condition where they can't even fill in a form then perhaps it doesn't really matter if they are in a an EPHAD or In the ground, they wouldn't know the difference! Like you, I believe most of these pompous 'I'm now French' types invariably go back to the country they have castigated most of their lives!!!
  18. I quite agree. Perhaps they half heartedly mean they now have 'French Nationality' rather than being French! I would have thought than anyone with half a brain cell would understand they can never be anything other than the nationality they were born too! A piece of paper changes nothing other than the legality of nationality. I wonder if the same people would say the same thing had they changed their 'nationality' to that of, say, Rwanda or the Congo!!!!
  19. A proper French boulangerie in Camden Town!!!! Jesus Christ what has happened to my home Town!!!!
  20. So 'you are the only 'gay' in the village! Not all Brits are 'gay' are they?
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