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  1. You mean in the same way as car Grand Prix races perhaps?
  2. So Messi wins again! Personally I don't think he deserves it this year. What I didn't know is that the competition for Ballon d'Or is organised by the French!!!!!! I'm sure that Messi being at PSG has nothing to do with him winning though!
  3. Too late!! Panic is the starting point these days. Mass hysteria encouraged by the press is the norm! I read the comment by the doctor some days ago, it was way down on the pages of newspapers and just a couple of lines, not even reported in others.
  4. There is conflicting information concerning this new variant. Just as there was from the start of this two years ago. I read that this new variant is super contagious in one newspaper and in anther it isn't something to worry about! Often it is the way the 'news' is presented that frightens the life out of people. As of this moment, for example, hospitalisations, and deaths are as before; more or less yet the reporting of it has been, as usual, panic inducing!! Having had my three jabs I feel reasonably secure and happy to try and live 'normally'. Even went to dinner last night at a friends where there were several others; Even cuddled the host when I left, or rather she cuddled me I should say. It did seem strange after nearly two years that someone should 'touch me' Paranoid? Probably, If I start sneezing anytime soon I shall think it's the end!!!!
  5. Ken


    Now, for something a bit lighter! Despite the torrential rain over the last few days I managed to get the job finished, well the laying of the stone anyway. What remains are the joints. If it ever stops raining I can start! I estimate a couple of weeks at least to fill the joints but once done I can turn to getting the garden back in shape!! It has been a couple of months hard work but then again I always enjoy a 'project' of some sort. I think, after Christmas I shall start repainting the interior of the house!!!! At least that won't cripple me in the way laying tons of Celt has!!!
  6. Well I'm not an illegal immigrant to France but these people are illegal immigrants to the u.K. and whilst their lives may be just as valuable as mine the difference is that I live here legally. Anyone who cannot differentiate between right and wrong deliberately or for some wokish reason has another agenda!. To pontificate about a subject yet to avoid the truth is a disgrace.
  7. The French will blame the Brits; the Brits will blame the French but the people trafficking will continue. For my pennyworth there are several points of blame. The E.U. for not policing its borders properly and not offering the sort of help to countries in the front line i.e. Italy, Greece and Spain to stop the illegals from landing and not having a solid plan to repatriate those that do. France is patently culpable as it is doing little or nothing to stop the illegal traffic across the Channel. All the N.G.Os who offer succour to the legal immigrants and sustain them whilst they try and get into Britain are contributing to this misery. Back to the E.U. : open borders between countries, it has been shown many times it is a bad policy. Finally Britain. A masterclass in attracting every freeloader on the planet. It's policies concerning welfare are far too generous across the board. Will it all change though, I doubt it. I'm afraid the woke world we live in today forbids any sort of real discipline regarding law and order so, everyone just has to put up with it!!!!
  8. Natacha Bouchart, the mayor of Calais said: "This is the fault of Boris Johnson who is forcing our country to endure this set-up because he doesn't have the courage himself to assume responsibilities in his country." No doubt someone believes her!! When in doubt blame the Brits!
  9. Success! I have pressed and repressed and pressed everything again! I started from scratch a thousand times following your guidance. Whatever I was Doing, and I must have been doing it wrong, I eventually succeeded. Thanks for the explanation I wouldn't have been able to transfer it to my phone without it. Can I now go back to playing with my hair!!! Thanks again.
  10. Incidently, never saw any reference to 'Health pass' or 'open my wallet'!
  11. Perhaps we should try for a 4 year old!! I typed in play store, got the 'tousanticovid' Downloaded it and it is installed. This is where it doesn't go as planned! The next window that opened says'Welcome' and at the bottom says "I'm in'. I pressed that and at the top it says It's easy" and at the bottom "continue". If I then press that is goes on about being informed if I have been in contact with someone contaminated. In other words it seems I have 'logged' into the alert system!! I wasn't playing with my hair, honest!!
  12. Slightly off topic I know but it is Covid related! I have just had my third jab. Up to now I have carried the paper certificate around. Now I would like to 'put' it on my phone. Can I just take a photograph of it or do I have to download anything either to my computer or telephone? My computer expertise is limited to writing here and sending emails so if anyone is kind enough to tell me how to do it then please, "as if you are talking to a six year old"!! I promise not to be offended.
  13. Grow up! He/she or they were wrong. You trying to defend him/her or them (make your mind up!) is what is embarrassing.
  14. Wriggle all you want to; waffling on about asylum seekers. You have been embarrassed with your nonsense.
  15. Moved on! Have you been asleep? It has never been about anything else despite your smart assed comments!
  16. It's all very well trying to be a smart **** but the debate is about illegal immigrants, not legal ones. Not refugees, asylum seekers or migrants. Illegal is illegal. Yes it is black and white. You may not like it but tough.
  17. Well, the reason they are referred to as 'illegal' immigrants is that is precisely what they are. You can be an illegal immigrant or a legal one there isn't an in between. Asylum seekers or refugees are still immigrants. Their status depends on how they arrive in the country, legally or illegally. It may be sickening that the term is offensive but then reality is always difficult for some!
  18. The sea isn't a motorway or street. 'Blocking' a boat is a ridiculous concept. If it were possible, which it isn't, just how long do you 'block' it for; an hour, a day; week perhaps! In the mean time several other rubber boats move in. Perhaps you would have a whole line of gunboats stretching for miles along the coast all tied together to form a barrage! Utter nonsense I'm afraid. As is the suggestion the people of Kent will take the law into their own hands. Brits don't do that sort of thing. Sure a few idiots may cause some trouble, at some point but I doubt even that in the case of illegal immigrants. I can just see the people of Kent making war on women and children suffering from the wet and cold!!!!! There is no practical solution. It has to be political and as France and the U.K. don't exactly see eye to eye on anything that is a remote hope!
  19. You are saying that Britain should build a fleet of gun boats, patrol offshore and stop the immigrants, is that right? I wonder how they would stop them! Run them down, I don't think so. Machine gun them , even worse. How about just whizzing by them and cause them to capsize perhaps? Tie a rope and tow them back into French waters ? I think the French would have something to say about illegal entry into their territorial waters. In short your suggestion is a non starter. Almost certainly every method would involve people in the water and some drowning. That would be unacceptable not only internationally but to the people of Britain themselves. Quite clearly Hitler's rubber boats could be machine gunned. Illegal immigrants, women and children can't. The government is facing tremendous pressure to do something about this problem and all I ever read are rather silly and unworkable 'solutions' Try again, I'm sure the authorities would be pleased to find a solution. Incidentally I have no idea how to stop it either!
  20. I wonder just how the military, if deployed in Britain, to stop illegal immigration would actually operate? I haven't read either of any military intervention regarding illegal immigrants and perhaps the reason is that it would be absolutely pointless to do so. What would they do, machine gun the immigrants as they landed? People make all sorts off suggestions without thinking it through. There is no way to stop illegal immigration other than making it unattractive in terms of the largesse Britain offers. I would be interested in ideas as to just what the military could do that the civil forces are are not doing!
  21. It is frustrating but also a little unfair , I think, to compare the two. if British forces can help the E.U. stop illegal entries in to the E.U. then that must help stop those same people eventually washing up on Britain's shores. Of course it should be the E.U,s problem but the reality is it is also ours. With regard the problem on the British coast. I doubt anyone would want illegal immigrants forcibly turned around in the channel with the almost certain results being of people drowning! Sitting in our comfortable armchairs it may well seem the solution but again the reality is that Britain would be seen as killing these people and that it can't do. I think ALBFs suggestion is about the best and it may have been discussed by the two countries, who knows! Shame it won't come to pass though. Britain and France working together!!! Not whilst Macron is President anyway.
  22. Sounds like a good idea Until you reflect on the bit about France and the U.K. working together! In any event Utopia is just across the channel for these illegal immigrants. The rest of the E.U. doesn't want them either. Still your idea is the best I have seen so far. Shame it won't come to pass. As for Macron; the French are not going to vote for either Le Pen or Zemmour in the final round so I'm afraid another dose of Jupiter is in the offing!!
  23. To state that illegal immigrants are not entitled to state aid is disingenuous. Anyone washing up on Britains shores, if they are destitute, will be given accommodation and certain welfare benefits such as food and medical care. They cannot 'claim' benefits in the same way as a legal immigrant but they do, in any event, receive state aid which is funded by the tax payer and paid to private companies to provide aid for illegal immigrants. A rose by any other name!
  24. Indeed! Why don't they shut up when they don't know what they are talking about!! Economics isn't your strong point that's for sure!!
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