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  1. I ride regularly and have two bikes which I use for triathlons. There is no question but that cyclists are vulnerable and when I'm out Im very much aware that drivers are not to be trusted!!! Funny though I have never needed to ride in the nude to highlight that! Any riders not aware of their vulnerability must be idiots! Many cyclists, and I see them when I'm out driving and riding, almost ask to have an accident. The solo cyclist isn't a problem but as soon as it becomes multiple the risk of an accident increases incredibly. Just why riders feel that bunching in the road or even a couple riding side by side think it's acceptable is beyond me. The arrogance shown by many riders in this fashion is astounding. It will always be the car drivers fault in an accident, the Police have even said so!!! The frustration that inconsiderate riders cause leads to accidents and of course the driver is to blame when he/she overtakes 'recklessly'. No answer to it I'm afraid. I never ride with my club in a bunch. On the rare occasion I'm out with someone and I always leave a very large gap for a car to overtake.
  2. Isn't it at least a little odd that people want to publicly display their naked body? Public in the sense of openly displaying themselves to the general public rather that on a nudist beach or in a nudist colony. What lies behind this compulsion to expose themselves in this fashion?
  3. So, keeping an intelligent conversation going: You are referring to me, are you not? Are you saying, or suggesting that in the past there have never been snide remarks directed at me because the person I have been 'arguing' with hasn't liked what I have said and the only recourse has been a snide remark. You suggest that I read 'every post' but you are being quite selective. May I ask you to read every post and perhaps you would see some 'snide' remarks and understand why I would make such an accusation. Even, Mr. Lister you have contributed in a mild way to the same thing, look back at posts and check, you have agreed with certain posters who have made 'innocent' but attempted demeaning remarks to things I have posted. As for the 'sensitive' remark, of course it is pointed. Time and again once a discussion has started, and invariably degenerated because of a dislike to the argument the 'sensitive' poster cries foul!!! It's all very well being respectful and considerate and I would much prefer it stayed that way but some here have a habit of making , yes, snide remarks and, I might add supported by others because of a dislike for what has been said. At least I can say that is not my style at all. I will always be direct and consider anyone who attempts to denigrate me or anyone else with remarks that they then claim are 'innocent' to be quite contemptible. I thoroughly enjoy debate and have never instigated a discussion that warranted a 'snide' or insulting response. I have posted controversial posts on various subjects knowing that the response would be 'hostile' some respond very well with a counter argument but some simply make an 'observation'. usually insulting. I always respond to anyone, insulting or otherwise. The difference being I don't insult unless attacked in the first instance. Hopefully those whom I do know are guilty of such behaviour will take note of your comments.
  4. O.k; so trying to keep it intelligent and moderate not to mention polite. The arbiter , obviously you, gets to decide what is intelligent debate or not. If you don't like it then it will be censored. Perhaps you could clarify just what you don't like? Perhaps it's controversy, a view contrary to yours or someone else's? Upholding someones complaint perhaps; any number of things but the bottom line is you are going to censor posts that you don't agree with, that you don't consider to be 'intelligent' debate. Ever read 1984 by George Orwell by any chance?
  5. Now here's a thought: There are sections for most topics, most of them not frequented often! It would seem there are some who find it distasteful when an argument becomes a little personal, though why they then read it and often add their own comments is beyond me! Why not have a section for 'argument' instead of trying to impose censorship? Then the people can avoid it!
  6. Then you don't know many people, try expanding your social circle!! What is worrying is that you are probably passing on your prejudices to your children, either consciously or inadvertently. Either way it is bad news for your children. You really should reflect on the nonsense you spout. You won't, but you should. Before you then try and play the victim and accuse me of telling you how to look after your kids, you raised the subject!!!
  7. Yes I did say you must live in a 'cess pit'. From the way you continually keep carping on about how bad France is how could I, or anyone else, think otherwise? In the same context I said you should move if it was that bad! Subsequently you said you live in a nice area and are satisfied, no need to move! As for your latest diatribe, Crime and violence does exist everywhere, of course it does but to what level? Would someone be stupid enough to compare Marseille to Calais ? Generalising is stupid! Is Bayonne as bad as Marseille I doubt it very much only an idiot would generalise in such a fashion! Judgemental? Certainly but not( again) as you suggest. I have said I wouldn't live in certain regions because of certain factors, if that is judgemental then so be it. I haven't condemned anyone for living where they live, which is what you are suggesting That people want to live where they will is entirely for them. You are good at accusations without supplying anything substantial, other than some 'today crime topic' to support your childish rants about 'everywhere' in France. Perhaps if someone were to say that the fete in Bayonne was , as usual, a huge success, without mentioning that there was trouble you would be dim enough to simply believe that many thousands of people behaved impeccably? That is what you are doing by suggesting that everywhere in France Crime and violence is getting worse, and expect people to take your word! It isn't! Knowledge of the country! You appear to have no knowledge of France other than reading crime reports!!!
  8. You may be right, in a general sense. However, I have never said I live in the best area in France and I don't even think of it in those terms. So no, 'all of us' do not think like that. I have said the Pays Basque is one of the most attractive regions you could find anywhere in France, even the world and no one could dispute that. I have aIso said that I am perfectly happy living here; To say; I live in the 'best' area in France would be a rather stupid thing to say. People have their own preferences and likes. ALBF is rather dim in that he 'quotes' me incorrectly. He tries to score points with his nonsense and continuously makes a fool of himself. I have lived here for 24 years and from day one I knew there were 'bad' bits!!! This is Basque Country don't forget!!! No rose tinted glasses I can assure you.
  9. You are confused, as usual! It is you continuously whinging about France that is repetitive. Not me saying I live in the best area in France, more of your childish nonsense. Trying to score points on the back of someone being killed and others being raped isn't exactly commendable. The Bayonne Fete produces, every year, some serious crime. That is nothing new. I'm surprised you didn't drag up past newspaper reports to 'substantiate' your childish comment. At any mass gathering there will be crime, no matter where or in which country. Fortunately many thousands enjoyed the Fete, without whinging!!
  10. My take on it is that they simply emulate others. In the past sportsmen and women would simply raise an arm, footballers would give a jump after scoring, but now!!!! Just like children copy others so do the modern sports people copy each other. Star players are always trying to think up some new gimmick! M'Bappi with his crossed arms is a case in point. Tennis players giving the 'clenched fist' as if they have just one a world title! Footballers grotesque face pulling, all of it is a relatively modern thing; and of course people playing sport further down the food chain copy these clowns. Even kids do it it now on the sports field; all very sad! Me, I'm too knackered at the end of an event to even smile!!!!
  11. Yes, I can see why you like trains!!!! Well cheap trains anyway; not the Orient Express!
  12. As I said , it's how you travel! I am fairly regularly in the USA, no problems at all. Of course if you travel like a bum then you will be down there with the dregs and not want to go back. Enjoy your train trip, that's if they are running of course!!!
  13. Have you tried counselling? Personally I think you have to be mad to be counselled or see a psychiatrist!!! I'm off to the USA in a couple of weeks; Business class to London, posh hotel, First class to New York, (doesn't everybody?) see a show, on to San Francisco, First class again of course. do a competition and then a car down the West Coast, Sampling the small towns with their cuisine and wines, Disneyland, Universal studios I'm still a kid at heart!) On the way back, Death Valley, Yosemite National Park, maybe pop in to Las Vegas , And you want to go on holiday in October!!! Of course, if you travel zoo class and are dragging children around and have to stay on (God forbid!) a camp site or one of those Gite things I can understand holidays being a drag and needing to get away in October when everything is cheap (and nasty!)!!! I have found being comfortable on my travels a sublime pleasure, it's how you do it, anyone can slum it!!!!!!
  14. Have you tried counselling? Personally I think you have to be mad to be counselled or see a psychiatrist!!! I'm off to the USA in a couple of weeks; Business class to London, posh hotel, First class to New York, (doesn't everybody?) see a show, on to San Francisco, First again of course. do a competition and then a car down the East Coast, Disneyland, Universal studios I'm still a kid at heart!) On the way back, Death Valley, Yosemite National Park, maybe pop in to Las Vegas , And you want to goon holiday in October!!! Of course, if you travel zoo class and are dragging children around and have to stay on (God forbid!) a camp site I can understand holidays being a drag and needing to get away in October!!! I have found being comfortable on my travels a sublime pleasure, it's how you do it, anyone can slum it!!!!!!
  15. With regard a 'Guaranteed Bank Cheque' I seem to recall that a way around that for fraudsters was to open a bank account and at some point ask the bank for a ''Guaranteed Cheque' to pay someone. Once the cheque was issued the account would be quickly closed but the fraudster still had the 'Guaranteed cheque to give to someone for a car or whatever. Of course once presented it wouldn't have been cashed. I don't know if this practice could still be carried out but that is why even guaranteed cheques have to be confirmed with a phone call.
  16. The world is a 'dodgy' place that's for sure. Most of the time it is a 'judgement' call. I have refused several buyers for items. Some wanted to use systems like the Bureau de Post which I'm not familiar with. I always ask for either cash or a cheque, any cheque, I don't care if it is a current account cheque as long as the buyer accepts they will have too wait for it to be cleared!!! I have had 'angry' buyers as a result and one even threatened legal action but of course was all bluster. Anyway I have never lost a 'penny'.
  17. I'm sure you were right in everything you did. Personally I would have taken the cash, and maybe paid the price!!! The fly in the ointment was that they were from Spain so transferring wasn't, at first, straight forward. A lesson I'm sure is that in such a transaction it should be made clear to the purchaser that the vehicle (bike) is looked at and the sale agreed. they then leave and return with verified bank cheque, or virement is made, before letting the bike go. Your experience does sound unnecessarily complicated. I have sold two vehicles since being here and purchased one from Spain all with no problems.
  18. A rainy day and i'm sitting here browsing! It is July and I have read through all the posts. I don't know how far you have got with your travels but I hope you managed to differentiate between the SW and the SE!! Every thing written was about the SE but you started by saying you were going to the SW? Doesn't really matter, I'm bored and just browsing!!
  19. I hate telephones and hardly ever use them. Unfortunately the world won't let me live without one! I have a Samsung galaxy and it is absolutely perfect for the little use I do with it. Some banking, confirmation of purchases, camera etc. I t even makes and receives phone calls!!!
  20. Crème Anglaise!!! Perish the thought! I love custard and can eat it (or drink it!!)by the pint but it isn't in gateau Basque. It is simply creme, to a recipe of course. It is almond that gives the gateau its distinctive taste and of course it comes in two varieties, crème and cerise. The pastry, if from a patisserie and not a mass produced gateau, is out of this world!!! Relatively they are quite expensive too!! The mass produced gateau Basque found in supermarkets is o.k. but for a gateau that is really superb it should be bought from a local patisserie which it makes on site. Gateau bought this way will almost certainly have the distinctive almond aroma of that particular patisserie, in other words they vary ever so slightly from patisserie to patisserie. Personally I prefer the cerise but have never been known to refuse a crème. There is also a gateau Basque museum just outside Sare which gives , not only the history and way of producing the gateau, but usually lots of 'samples' at the end! I first eat a gateau Basque some 25 years ago when I walked across the Pyrenees. A cold, wet very early morning breakfast from a little patisserie in Bidarray, kept me going for days!!! I have eaten a few since!!!
  21. You really shouldn't try and equate your I.Q with that of others!!! The restaurants are cheaper I said, not that the food is cheap!!! A chicken in Spain I would suggest is not so different to a chicken in France neither in protein, fat or carbohydrates; probably not in price either!! I go to the Spanish frontier for economic reasons, the restaurants are cheaper as are many other products. Even someone with a low I.Q. could understand that! I also buy fuel there, am I therefore contributing to global warming or am I taking advantage of the economic difference? No you are wrong on most counts: People are stupid, they eat too much and get fat; having a degree in Medicine doesn't give you wisdom! A heart attack and continuing in the same lifestyle, isn't that stupid? And finally, of course, it's the government to blame isn't it? Personal responsibility isn't even a consideration; always someone else's fault!!
  22. Here in the Pays Basque, living so close to the frontier with Spain, I take advantage of it. Spanish prices are invariably cheaper, from meat through to petrol and other everyday items. Restaurants at the frontier are incredibly cheap and usually I go across, perhaps, once a month for lunch, filling up my gas guzzling car at the same time. Throughout the year the restaurants are usually well attended by locals, French locals that is with the clientele very much Basque. Short stocky people, reasonably dressed and convivial. Today off I went to the frontier and had a very reasonable 3-course lunch; a huge platter of calamar, Chicken with the inevitable chips, and gateau Basque and cream for pudding and bread rolls all for a grand sum of 11 euros!! The pleasant surprise? Well I think it's well documented here of my love for fat, scruffy Brits and their manners. The pleasant surprise is that their are many Frenchmen in the same category! Fat seems to be the norm and scruffy enters a new dimension! It is now the tourist season down here and these apparitions descend for their annual holiday. The attraction of the frontier restaurants is as I have said above, incredibly cheap but the food is very good and plenty of it. I usually avoid the frontier during the season as it is extremely busy and confine myself to a cheap lunch or two during the rest of the year. As I sat munching my squid I simply cannot understand how people, Brits or French have so little respect for themselves that they present themselves in public with huge guts bulging, tattoos everywhere and 'popping' out for a fag between courses. That was the women!! The men were worse!!! My imagination runs riot when I think that these 'people' get undressed and go to bed together, what a sight that must be!!!!!!
  23. Incorrigible I'm afraid!! The banks will, like many institutions and individuals, eventually get their 'comeuppance'! The British government has already promised to redress the situation. A disgusting state of affairs but think about it; are not the average persons thoughts these days too 'liberal'? This leads to encouragement by the Banks and other institutions to act the way they do. Your second point: Nothing wrong in your belief. Whether it is correct or not is something else! 'The State', who is or what is 'The State'? You blame some invisible, unaccountable ghost like apparatus for failure. A very easy direction to point blame. It's as if the thread of what you suggest is that should 'The State' be replaced by another 'State then all would be hunky dory! I much prefer to zero in on individuals. Blame those that deserve the blame. Government officials; and don't get me wrong, I think most are a waste of tax payers money, can't do 'the detail' to oversee things like welding in nuclear reactors it's simply not possible. Accountability is at all levels not just 'The State' The easy option, blame the government but never a suggestion as to how to fix the problem. To refer back to the 'banking situation' The Chairman of the Bank concerned is now under tremendous pressure to resign and the banking system is about to be overhauled. In effect 'people power' has forced this out into the open. I'm no revolutionary by the way. I'm just to the right of Ghengis khan!!
  24. The fault of 'The State'! That amorphous being with no one responsible. I prefer to blame individuals; finding them though is one thing, penalising them yet another!!!In the meantime we blame 'The State'! The bottom line is that nuclear power stations are off the run for maintenance and gas is being used to keep us supplied with electricity, hence the increase in price. Those moaning about the increase would perhaps prefer that 'The State' does nothing to maintain supplies whilst the power stations are inactive and thus keep the price down? Of course it would mean no power to keep our mobil phones, computers, electric cars, washing machines etc. going but presumably they would be happy with that? I doubt it, blame 'The State' it's easier!!!
  25. You are probably right, the Unions are very powerful. I think though to put a little perspective on things it has to be said that electricity in France is generated primarily by nuclear. Unfortunately (for us) the nuclear plants, or at least several of them, are off line needing maintenance. This means electricity has to be generated by gas. So, instead, perhaps, of blaming the French government it is Putin who is responsible given that is where it used to be the majority of gas came from. Another point is that whilst some are moaning about the price of electricity France supplies just about the cheapest in Europe!!! In other words it is much more expensive elsewhere!! As for perks!!! I was astounded to find out many years ago that a small percentage of each electricity bill I pay goes towards subsidising holiday camps etc for workers of the industry!
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