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  1. Hi Menthe, Not sure when you bought the machine, but this link may be relevant for you........ https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/help/customer/display.html?nodeId=GQ37ZCNECJKTFYQV Good luck in any event.
  2. You've all maybe seen this one, but worth a re-visit
  3. Yes Anotherbanana, it appears that they walk amongst us in various guises, but Trump.................words fail me!😄
  4. Hi Menthe, I am not sure how my body would react taking my beta blockers in the evening as opposed to the morning, which I have done for over 20 years............😉 Had a quick look online and there does seem to be evidence that evenings can be best.............too afraid to change, but thank you.👍
  5. Hi all, Worth pointing out that if you take any tablets for high blood pressure at all, take the first reading of the day before breakfast or taking any of said médicaments. That lets you and the doctor know that the tablets are working as they should.
  6. You're more than welcome Menthe. Yes, the French doctors do seem to knock off the last zero with treize/huit being somewhere near ideal for us oldies😉.............it's quicker to say I guess.
  7. Hi all with blood pressure issues. We understand "white coat syndrome", our doctor said that the French are just as bad. I get "blue overall syndrome" when the car has its CT😉 Anyhow, if you want a chart as recommended by our doctor for the best times to take your blood pressure and pulse, open the pdf with this message and print it out. We bought an basic Omron which is one recommended by the French health authorities. Sadly had to buy from Amazon - what can you do when they beat everyone elses price? Hope it helps. Have a good weekend. BP.pdf
  8. Hi Lynda, You're welcome, let's hope it works.................. To ease your pressure, I've just spotted this on the French news - the deadline has been extended to 31 July due to the influx of declarations. https://www.francebleu.fr/infos/economie-social/declaration-de-biens-immobiliers-le-delai-rallonge-est-au-31-juillet-9967318 Sit back and relax 😉
  9. Hi, Maybe apply again for access to the impôts website? https://www.impots.gouv.fr/formulaire-de-creation-dacces-lespace-particulier-non-residents Hope it helps.
  10. Hi Menthe, If you log in to the impôts site and click on documents on the top menu line, you should see a list of all the info that you have so diligently put into the system. Then tap or click, "afficher les documents liés" you should see " déclaration en ligne 2023 par un résident d'un compte bancaire etc............................. click "visualiser PDF". Once you see the PDF come up simply save it somewhere you won't forget it on your PC/MAC or indeed print it. Even using Adobe acrobat you should be able to copy/paste the details next year into the Impôts site. Of course this supposes that they haven't changed the damned forms (which is an annoying habit of theirs) or you forgot where you put the PDF's 😉 Hope it helps, Cheers !
  11. 😁 My full screen name in English would be the Kingfisher, I do some fishing and a little sinning I guess from time to time but nothing serious 😉
  12. If it helps, when you are logged in to the impôts website take a look along the top menu and there is a link to "biens immobiliers". That should........take you to the relevant page to view any property that you have in France and edit anything that is not correct, then, from memory, there is déclarer button to click and it's done.
  13. Glad you spotted the error Menthe, thank you. More like the exchange rate many moons ago when we first came over to France. Strangely enough, I don't support Wrexham -or any football team - but we lived for around 9 years in a small village in the hills above the Vale of Llangollen before coming to France, which put us around 8 miles from Wrexham. Maybe it has improved but back then..........shall we say, it was a work in progress. There was a great café though in a department store that did a superb UK breakfast for £1,99 !!!! Our Saturday morning treat sometimes. That was in 2003 though😉 Thanks again and I shall start my tax return today using the correct figure.
  14. Oops, so sorry about that! Too many beers perhaps. The figure should have been 1,15794 Apologies to all. Please ignore my last message, which I can't edit now.
  15. Hi menthe, I believe it is 1,5794. Figure from a French lady who does tax returns for a living. By all means check though, I wouldn't want to be the person who gave everyone the wrong rate 🙄
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