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  1. Not sure that we will be watching either of them again, having watched the first ones, particularly the first pathetic offering, followed by an egotistical name dropper for the second program..........just our opinion of course.😉
  2. copy/paste into google http://domainesale.weebly.com if the link doesn't work
  3. Excellent job!!! From another player of these instruments...........
  4. Another idea............once logged in save the address that appears in your navigation bar as a favourite link, then next time, just click the saved link. It should look something like this https://forum.completefrance.com/index.php?/discover/&view=expanded No need to click various links on the new site then. Works with Chrome and Firefox - so far;-) Hope this helps . Tony
  5. A good French friend of ours once mentioned the MMS joke to us many years ago.................it relates to lovemaking as the years go by.

    At first it is Matin, Midi et Soir, then Mardi, Mercredi et Samedi, then Mars, Mai et Septembre, after that it is Mes Meilleurs Souvenirs - voilà!
  6. Chessie, you couldn't make it up could you........ Bless you and we'll raise a glass to you this evening. Let's hope tomorrow is better.

  7. I could happily choke these people who prey on everybody with their scam e-mails. They are filth!! I have had similar messages wanting payment in bitcoin or my parents would be sent my webcam porn footage............duh!!! no webcam and no parents for the last 30 years! Not just these, but I regularly receive e-mails from various banks that I have no account with asking me to update my details - of course this is why we (the decent people) have to jump through hoops just to log in these days. Sickening!!!!
  8. Hi,

    Try https://www.travaux.com

    I've never used the service, so can't pass comment, but could be worth a try............
  9. As an aside, albeit academic now, looking at the final referendum results, I wonder why 17.9% did not vote...........complacency as in it will never happen, did not care either way, or just couldn't be bothered...... your thoughts ladies and gentlemen please............

    The 17,9% may have made a massive difference, we'll never know.

    Voted remain by the way.
  10. Hi NormanH,

    Thanks for making the link live and thank you for the Meteoblue link - superb!
  11. Very windy here last night in the Haute-Vienne, but no damage thankfully.

    A great link for tracking storms in real time is:


    Sorry cannot make the link live, but copy/paste into your browser.

    We work online, so can stay connected until a few minutes before any thunderstorms arrive - very useful.

  12. Excellent, thank you very much!! All done in less than a minute or two.
  13. At least here they shoot the b*****ds who commit these crimes!!!!!!!
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