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  1. Have you seen this? If it is a small hamet or such then it might not come up on maps. Near Bordeaux. https://www.geni.com/people/Louis-Michaux/734555
  2. "The world is run by idiots" I would say mis-managed by idiots.
  3. When you are selling you are required to have the diagnostics done and also,separately, a control of the fosse septique.  These have to be available to the buyer. If the fosse does not conform, the purchaser has a year to correct this.  This can obviously be a bargaining point. We have just accepted an offer on the house and, pleased to say, the fosse conformed.
  4. Regarding the issue of the S1 (E121) being automatic, it might well depend on his situation when he came to France.  Not definitive but I believe, if he claimed his pension before coming to France, he would not automatically receive an S1 and would have to apply for it separately. If he claimed his UK pension after coming to France issue of the S1 would be automatic. Might have affected his situation  vis a vis Ameli.
  5. Weegie

    S1 form

    Definitely keep a copy.  In my experience, getting a copy from UK isn't easy.
  6. He is apparently standing as an independent: " Xavier Bertrand, cavalier solitaireLe patron des Républicains a également appelé les différents candidats de son parti et ceux qui n'en sont pas (ou plus) membres "à la responsabilité" et à se "mettre d’accord". Il "ne peut pas y avoir deux candidats de la droite et du centre", a-t-il martelé.  Le message était notamment destiné à Xavier Bertrand, réélu fin juin à la tête de la région des Hauts-de-France et candidat déclaré à la présidentielle, mais plus membre des Républicains. Sur TF1 mardi soir, Xavier Bertrand a pourtant assuré qu'il ne sera "pas candidat une primaire" de la droite. "La primaire n’a pas laissé que des bons souvenirs à droite et a été source de divisions", a-t-il argué, "à chaque fois, vous avez les différences qui deviennent, des divisions et pour beaucoup de nos concitoyens, pour beaucoup d’électeurs de la droite et du centre, on voit bien que ce sont bien plus souvent des machines à perdre". Il a également assuré n'être candidat qu'à "un mandat unique pour vraiment redresser le pays sans contraintes et sans calculs".
  7. Ignore the last post. I have moved it to the correct thread.[8-)]
  8. My problem with the original post is that it smacks of triumphalism which does nothing to heal divisions.
  9. "For those who refuse to criticise the wonderful eu - just what has to be done by the eu before there is any criticism from the eu fanatics.  And why do those who cannot criticise the eu resort to insults and personal abuse.   Isn't there a saying about that............... !!"   If I were an "EU fanatic" I think I might find that a bit insulting. 
  10. I don't do social media because, rightly or wrongly, I do not trust them.  My choice. In relation to getting information about exchange of Uk driving licences, I can get it from official sites should I need to.  However, I have no need for it as I have had a French driving licence for the past 15 years.
  11. Both countries allow dual nationality and, in the legal sense you refer to, you are both British and French, if you acquire French citizenship. You do not surrender your British citizenship. 
  12. Weegie


    Had some thunder a bit of wind and some rain.  Was mostly to the southof us.  More in your direction, Mint.
  13. Obviously a very good player but a lot of gameship puts me off him.[:)]
  14. It won't do any harm to put it on the 3916.  Even with money lodged with them I wouldn't see it as a bank account as you are not getting interest on the money. It was just a point of view.[:)] Wish I had a few thousand.[:(]
  15. If you are using it merely for money exchange and transfer then I would look on it as any other purchase (your buying euros) and wouldn't see it as something for 3916. My view.[:)]
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