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  1. You could be right. They do look very similar to me. I think there’s a possibility when they recorded his detail on the VOC ship, they may have misinterpreted it as “Moiitrou”.
  2. Interesting, I never thought of that – being a historical site I imagine there has to be a record of it somewhere, perhaps in Archives Nationales?
  3. Hi, I am doing some research into one of my ancestors who I believe is French. His name is Louis Michaux and he listed (in the Dutch VOC records) as being from Moitirou. I tried looking up Moitirou in Google maps but it doesn’t seem to exist. Could anyone advise if this is place in France? I’ve included a copy of the original records just in case I have misspelt it: Record 1 Record 2 Thanks in advance, Dwain
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