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  1. We use the old fashioned paper forms and have never ticked the box to say we don't have a TV but still don't get billed for it. Maybe a glitch in their system which will be corrected this year. Leave it alone to work itself out in my opinion, of little concern to me since I've completed all the necessary paperwork correctly.

  2. [quote user="Ken"]A Fosse septique works best when it is full. Having it emptied was probably a waste of time (and money!) unless the 'sludge' at the bottom was extremely thick and deep you needn't have bothered.

    In respect of non-conformity: More than likely it is a lack of a 'recognised' filter system. The best you can hope for is that the same 'scruffy nondescript man shows up next time![/quote]

    We had ours inspected about 10 years ago. It was working ok but did not conform because, as you say, lack of recognised filter system. It's a 5000 litre tank for 2 of us (most of the year) and has been emptied twice in the 20 years we have been here. It conformed in 1972 when it was installed so that is good enough for me.

  3. Not paid ours for a couple of years since we have not had to pay TdeH - forget it. When you have to pay they will send you the bill!
  4. Not been there but from some Google research it looks bloody awful and I agree not a place you would choose over London!

  5. chessie:

    You were criticising the "other" forum, there is absolutely no doubt about that. You say in another post "If you really want to see the rabid nutters, those who hate the

    British Brexit voters, who think France and the french are wonderful and

    cannot be criticised -there is another forum - from which I've been banned for not being leftie enough !!"

    I wonder why that post was not deleted by our wonderful moderator?

    I received a PM from Hoddy after complaining (twice) about a post on the subject of discussing other forum, here it is:

    "There are only two of us moderating the forum at the moment. And,

    contrary to what you seem to think neither of us is online 24 hours a

    day.An occasional thanks rather than a sarcastic question would be


    The post I complained about was deleted.

    That "other forum" has many more posts/members than this one and in my opinion more friendly. To get banned from that other forum you must have been just as rabid a nutter as you are on here... I wonder how long before you are banned from this one?

    I hope a few people read this post before I'm banned and Hoddy deletes it!

  6. Very interesting site. I particularly liked the bit about the 16€ compensation (overruled later by the courts) for the guy who didn't receive his parcel

    It's worth remembering you often have legal cover with your bank, ours costs about 6€ a month. We have used it twice when attending court and it's a huge relief not having to pay solicitors etc...

  7. We had the same problem after Brexit and used the Ameli site to contact them. As with previous poster we got a response saying they were updating the system. I notice this morning while trying to access the site we get the message !

    Service momentanément indisponible. Veuillez réessayer plus tard ...!

    Maybe they are updating again, check later today...

  8. We use the security code system all the time on our mobiles and have to go out in the wind and rain to get a signal, pain in the posterior.

    NatWest - if there is a problem we just use the provided card reader instead of the phone.

  9. [quote user="NickP"]The bastion of accuracy and truthfulness, not, the Connexion has put the cat among the pigeons today. it reports that two French lawyers say that the attestation for UK visitors to french residents homes, isn't actually necessary, interesting? ?? Anglo/French Facebook groups will be in meltdown tonight. ??[/quote]

    Looks like the Connexion was accurate once again:

  10. [quote user="betise"]Ah yes, the Correxion ![/quote]

    I'd be interested why you say that, have you more accurate information than the Connexion has given or why you suggest they are not always accurate? Did you actually read the Connexion article which in my opinion gives in depth discussion of the issue?

  11. I wonder how much extra that will add to the cost of a new car and the cost to people with older cars in 2024?
    Good idea as long as it doesn't become a "big brother" watching you thing. I'd place bets on the insurance companies coming into the picture at some point.

  12. [quote user="NickP"]If people stopped asking questions or seeking information on this forum it would cease to exist. I was always under the impression that helping people solve problems was the backbone of any forum, otherwise, why would anybody join a forum?[/quote]

    I totally agree that is exactly what a forum is all about however Idun questioned why I was asking for info on teachers UK pension on tax forms when the info was available if you search long enough on the Impot site. I note however she or a moderator has deleted the post.
  13. [quote user="idun"]
    I read yesterday that in India they are now unable to say exactly how many people are dying of Covid, they cannot keep up with the numbers.

    I was wondering how other countries dealt with what they considered 'covid' deaths.

    I do know a few weeks ago, that deaths in the UK for the first time in about a year had more deaths from other than Covid.

    Anyone any idea if those figures we see are correct, or just about correct?

    The information you are asking about is readily available online so there was no need to ask your question.

    That's one site of many. I seem to recall the discussion about asking questions on the forum when the answers were readily available elsewhere!
  14. [quote user="idun"]

    I could give too many other examples, but won't go on.


    Please don't.
  15. Someone as knowledgable as alittlebitfrench can't spell baguette

    The first line of idun's post certainly was baffling!

  16. [quote user="idun"]
    AND France and their destructive manifestations have always been like that, so often the gendarmes simply let them get on with it. So whinge away, you will not change it.


    Just because something has always been like that doesn't mean it is right. It is so wrong and should be changed. Just think, women didn't have the vote at one time and it was always like that until protests changed it.

  17. What they stand for is chaos! The original idea was sound reasonable protest but then it got out of control as usual. We are not allowed to burn garden waste yet the police stood by and watched as tyres were burnt in the middle of the road. We witnessed long lines of traffic at a roundabout when we going for a ferry, nearly missed it. They were letting one car at a time across the roundabout and loads of disgruntled drivers were risking their lives crossing onto the other side of a dual carriageway to escape the hold up. An ambulance with its siren and lights going was even held up. As I passed them I told them exactly what I though and sped off quickly (cowardice!)

  18. If I were paying for my kids to go to that school I would withdraw them immediately and send them to a state school. The school our grandkids go to (in the US) the teachers have all been vaccinated and even the littlest ones have to wear a mask at times.

    edit: littlest kids, not teachers
  19. Still a stupid post and no relevance to this thread. Your past life is of little interest, also not relevant to this thread.

    90% of the information discussed on this site and the other mentioned is public domain easily accessible via Google. For example "buying a used car in France", "Another terrorist attack.", "Imports to the UK from the EU",Fish name","Form 2042 Section 6 Charges Déductibles" to name but a few but all interesting to someone and the reason a forum exists.

    Are you saying that if the information exists online then people should not post a question on the forum?

    Now that is the last of the irrelevancies I will respond to on this thread.

  20. [quote user="alittlebitfrench"]On the new French forum for dummies they are arguing how long their CDS lasts. ?

    You could not make it up.


    What a stupid post which has no relevance to the serious theme of this thread.

  21. [quote user="NormanH"]
    With these chaps there is a real danger: 


    Especially when you get idiotic comments like this:


    On parle beaucoup de "guerres raciales" dans un

    sens ou l'autre. On oublie le sujet ESSENTIEL de ces derniers 12 mois.

    La fausse crise sanitaire actuelle. Désitinée en France à museler, au

    propre comme au figuré les GJ, chefs de cliniques et retraités qui

    commençaient à rouscailler trop fort. Après être passés d'une terreur

    organisée de guerre nucléaire, nous sommes dans la terreur de la guerre

    bactériologique, en attendant la suivante, la guerre cybernétique, déjà


    Wonder if he is gasping for breath he will still see it as La fausse crise sanitaire

  22. I keep getting "special offer" email adverts holidays from LeClerc who we have used in the past and been happy with. There are some very tempting offers but would anyone really pay out money to book at the moment? We were due to go on holiday last May and it was cancelled by the holiday firm in Spain, took us several months to get our money back from LeClerc.

    Same happened with Brittany Ferries. We kept pushing our booking forward a few months every time it had to be cancelled. Eventually we got fed up and claimed our money back. At least BF don't mess about, got a refund in just a few days.

  23. [quote user="BritinBretagne"]Online it still goes into 8TK.[/quote]

    Thanks, really must get round to doing it online one of these years. What Pomme wrote confirms what you have said.

  24. Thanks Pomme, that makes a lot of sense now. I just couldn't understand why they sent me the 2042C form this year. I received the pink 2047 a few days after 2042 and 2042C which added a bit to the confusion.

    I will complete as per last year!

  25. Yes that was what I have done in the past but it seems things have changed this year. From the notes:

    Salaries et pensions exonérés de source étrangère

    Si vous êtes domicilié en France et si vous percevez des salaires ou des pensions de source étrangère (notamment au Luxembourg et en Belgique) exonérés d’impôt sur le revenu en France mais retenus pour le calcul du taux effectif, remplissez les cases 1AC et suivantes (sans les indiquer en case 8TI) que vous disposiez ou non d'autres revenus de source étrangère.

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